Photos That Make You Believe Farrah From Teen Mom Is Actually One Perfect Mom

Ah, Farrah. She was first made famous on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, and from there she pretty much became a household name through her role on Teen Mom.

Every since Farrah Abraham stepped into the tv spotlight, I think most fans were a little unsure of what to think of her. Initially, it was due to the death of Sophia’s Dad, and the fact that she was raising her all on her own.

From there, American pretty much decided she was going to be the most hated Mom on the show, and this was due to her rude attitude, the often terrible way she spoke to her own daughter, her public and ugly arguments with her own Mom that happened in front of Sophia: the list goes on.

Fans have also taken issue with Farrah plucking Sophia’s eyebrows, letting her wear so much makeup, and dressing her in clothing that they say isn’t really age appropriate.

I know it might be hard to believe, but there is some photo evidence that Farrah actually might be a perfect Mom. Read on to see!


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