A 10 Year Old Girl Just Killed This 6 Month Old Baby While He Was At Daycare


There truly are no words to describe the pure insanity of this heartbreaking story. It feels as though everyone is a victim in their own right. Jaxon, a 6 month old baby who was dropped off at daycare one day – is truly the biggest victim of all.

One day at a daycare in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, something went horribly wrong. Much to everyone’s surprise, this is not a tale of the daycare provider doing something to harm a child. It’s far worse than that.

This home run daycare was fully licensed, and Jaxon’s parents loved it. They had no reason to suspect they were dropping him off into danger at daycare. They had no prior issues or problems.

However, one day Jaxon was found at the very daycare his parents adored completely unresponsive. Nate Liedl, Jaxon’s father, received a phone call that day that every parent hopes to never get.


Jaxon’s parents were not together when he was born. However, both his Mom and Dad loved and adored him – especially Nate. He had always wanted to be a father and now he finally was. Speaking to friends and family, he said that he had waited his whole life for this moment.

Sadly, for the first three months of Jaxon’s life – Nate was not able to be around his son as much as he had hope. This was due partly to Jaxon’s Mom having more custody, yet this would soon change. Nate was granted more visitation with his son. Things seemed to be moving in the right direction.

The couple was doing well co-parenting. Jaxon’s Mom included Nate in many of the decisions she’d make regarding Jaxon. One of these decisions included where they would send him for daycare while they were both a work.

Daily Mail

They decided on a small, fully certified, in-home daycare run by Amber Sweeney. Due to the small size of Amber’s daycare, Jaxon would get the love and attention his parents hoped he would have while they were working. It’s the dream of every parent for their child to have such a highly personalized daycare program.

Amber had a lot of experience with children. She was even a foster mother herself. She had been watching six children consistently at her daycare, including Jaxon, and she loved and cared for them as if they were her own.

One of Amber’s foster children was a 10 year old girl.

She had been removed from her biological parents for unbeknownst reasons. Yet, she never caused trouble in Amber’s home and seemed to get along well with the other children. One day though, this all changed.


Amber had put Jaxon down for a nap around 3 p.m. Since there were so many other children in the house, and she didn’t want Jaxon to be disturbed, she told the other children to play outside. Amber of course watched them as they played.

Around 3:40 p.m. Amber’s foster daughter arrived home from school. Amber had instructed all of the children to play outside until Jaxon woke up. Amber’s foster daughter did not listen to her. She didn’t go play outside with the other children while the six month old child napped.

Amber didn’t initially realized her foster daughter hadn’t been listening. She then noticed she was in the house sitting near the bay window in the kitchen.

This meant she had been alone in the house with Jaxon. This is when things took a shocking and tragic turn.


Authorities received a panicked call from Amber around 3:30 p.m. on October 30. She called and frantically explained into the phone that 6 month old Jaxon was hurt. He was bleeding from his face.

How could this happen? Who could have done this? Everyone was out of the house, or so Amber thought. Except for the 10 year old girl. For some reason, she had decided to pick Jaxon up and remove him from his crib while he was napping.

She then accidentally dropped Jaxon which caused him to start crying. The girl began to panic.  Jaxon had hit his head but appeared to be fine – other than being extremely upset.



The girl should have then gone and gotten Amber from outside. The girl began to panic after she dropped Jaxon. She feared that she would get in trouble for what she did.

However, a simple solution to the problem could have been offered. Had the girl gone to get Sweeney, Jaxon would have been okay. Although she shouldn’t have picked him up while he was sleeping, it could have been ok after this.

Instead, the girl decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally. This is when she grabbed the baby, threw him on down, and stomped on the 6-month-old’s head. Repeatedly.

She continued to do so until Jaxon became completely unresponsive. This is when Amber entered the house after realizing all the children were not outside playing. Amber then saw what had happened.

She immediately called authorities, and then had to make the heartbreaking phone call to Nate to let him know what had happened to his young son.


When Nate arrived at Amber’s home he was unsure of his son’s condition. He decided it would be best for him to follow the ambulance to the hospital. Jaxon was about to begin a fight for his life.

All while this was happening, Amber and the children who had been at her home during the tragic accident were interviewed by police. The 10 year old girl was quickly made the prime suspect in the case. She then was taken away in handcuffs.

Jaxon and his family were at St. Joe’s hospital. The doctors had determined that Jaxon had blunt force head trauma. They also concluded that this was “child abuse, not by accidental circumstances.”

Daily Mail


When he arrived at the local hospital in Chippewa Falls, Jaxon seemed to be doing alright. Suddenly, his condition worsened. He was urgently airlifted to St. Paul, Minnesota. This is when Nate learned how seriously injured his son had truly been.

The questions started flying at Nate faster than he could wrap his head around what was happening. Doctors began to ask him “what are we going to do if his heart stops?” Nate had no idea what to do or how to handle the situation.

All he knew was that his happy baby boy had been murdered. He had just dropped him off at daycare that morning. He had been a healthy little boy.

Jaxon later that same day died of his injuries. Now, Nate is on the hunt for justice to be served to the 10 year old that killed his son.


Daily Mail

The 10 year old initially denied to police that she had any involvement in regards to what happened to Jaxon. Eventually though, she admitted her wrong doings. She is currently being held on $50,000 cash bail.

She appeared in court recently, dressed in a striped hoodie with pink sneakers. She was sobbing into her biological mother’s arms. The girl, despite being only 10, would be tried as an adult. Her name is not being released.

In essence, her life would be over before it even started – once she was found guilty of murder.

Nate sat in the court room and watched the charges being read. He told media outlets that the girl “deserved to be in handcuffs” and he didn’t see her as a 10 year old girl – he saw her as the person that killed his son.

Daily Mail

This Stay At Home Mom Of 6 Young Children Escaped Her Abusive Marriage, Only To Be Murdered By Her Ex


The Gile’s marriage stared out as any healthy one would, with love and respect for one another. Yet, two years ago everything changed. Kristin took the steps to divorce her husband Randy.

The once healthy and loving relationship had taken a turn for the worse. There were no signs that this would happen. Randy was described as caring and loving. The two had six kids together.

Even though the marriage was on the rocks, Kristin had tried to remain in the marriage for the benefit of their children. However, it started to become unsafe for Kristin to be around Randy.



Neighbors described Randy as a “very nice dude.” One even said, that whenever she had car trouble Randy would come to the rescue. Yet, this was not the real Randy. For a while only Kristin knew who he was behind closed doors.

She had been desperately been trying to escape the abusive marriage. Kristin knew that she could no longer stay with Randy, and neither could her children.

She was a stay-at-home so her funds were limited. Making it difficult for Kristin to escape.



Back in July of 2016 Kristin filed for a Protection From Abuse order against Randy. In a court document she explained the reasoning for the protection.

She told authorities that Randy “threatens [her] life, pulled a gun on [her]…threatens to hurt me.” These Protection From Abuse orders typically last for a year.

She had filed another one recently in order to keep herself, and her six children who ranged in ages 3 to 12 safe.



Despite these orders, Kristin still was not safe. She decided it was time to take action. She moved out of their family home and into a women’s shelters.

Kristin remained at the women’s shelter for a few months. Eventually, Kristin left the shelter and moved in with her parents.

Kristin was undergoing what is referred to as an emergency divorce. During this time, things with Randy where only getting worse.



On September 15, Randy had been arrested and put in jail for aggravated assault. He had threatened Kristin and pointed a gun at her.

However, he was released from jail on a bond. This was news to Kristin though. It was her belief that Randy was still in prison.

Due to her being under this impression, Kristin and her father arrived at her and Randy’s home – in order to pick up some of the kid’s furniture. That is when things went from bad, to worse.



After being release from jail, Randy violated the Protection from Abuse yet again. This one, Kristin had just filed after he chased her, and their children down, with a gun.

On October 6, Kristin and her father arrived at the home to pick up furniture. Randy had tracked Kristin down.

He went as far as to get a rental car, so that Kristin would not be able to recognize him.



Later that evening, Randy used his rental car to force Kristin and her father off the road. He had chased the two for a few miles before, forcing her SUV to spin into a barbed wire fence.

Despite his best efforts Kristin’s father, who was in the car with her, was unable to protect his daughter. Instead, Randy shot his father in law – causing minor injuries.

He then shot Kristin, killing her instantly. Randy then proceeded to turn the gun on himself.



Randy’s sister made a statement to the press claiming that Randy “was a good man and a good father before getting hooked on alcohol.” However, neighbors say differently.

Jean, a neighbor of Kristin’s told media outlets that Kristin would confine in her. She recently told Jean “you know he’s going to kill me right?”

Kristin continued with “I just know he’s coming.” The dedicated mother of six made this statement just a week before her death.



Now friends, and family members, are trying to pick up the pieces after Kristin’s death.

A GoFundMe has been set up in order to help the children.

In addition, donations for Kristin’s funeral can be made there also. Randy’s sister stated she is just “praying for healing for both families.”


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