These 10 Moms Are Raising Their Children To Be Genderless & Here Is What Their Families Have To Say About Their Decision

When a Mom is expecting, one question she’s always asked is, “What gender will the baby be?”

It’s a pretty standard question, and an important one! The answer makes everything easier – decorating the nursery, buying clothes, selecting toys, the list goes on.

However, we’ve recently become accustom to the phrase “gender neutral.” It’s usually used by a person who is describing themselves in this way. Now though, there are Moms who have decided to raise their children without a gender.

There are a variety of reasons Moms make this decision. Perhaps, they don’t want their child to feel the need to adapt to social expectations, or it could be a more personal reason. While it’s great for Moms to be open-minded while raising their child in a way they feel is best, some of their family members might not feel this is a good decision.

Meet 10 Moms who are raising their children to be genderless and hear what their families have to say about their decision.

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