9 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Khloe Kardashian

It’s no surprise that Khloe Kardashian is the most likable out of all of the Kardashian sisters. She’s the most down to earth, and the most outspoken. Not to mention, she’s certainly the funniest out of all of them. Khloe was born on June 27, 1984, to Robert and Kris Kardashian.

She is the youngest out of all the Kardashian girls, but she hasn’t let that stop her. Khloe is always sure to tell Kim and Kourtney when they are wrong. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Khloe has been successful in her own right, without the help of her sisters.

Instagram; Khloe smiles away in the above photo as she holds her daughter’s little hands (everything is so pink!)

One of Khloe’s latest business successes has been her clothing line called Good American. In her personal life, she recently welcomed her daughter True. However, there’s a lot more to Khloe than meets the eye, and a lot more that you might not know about her.

Instagram; Khloe is pictured above laying on top of some denim from her line called Good American, while she wears a shirt from her line

School wasn’t easy for Khloe. Socially, she had a lot of problems. Throughout the years she has been quoted telling media outlets that she always felt alone at the prestigious Marymount High School. Once her two older sisters graduated, Khloe decided she wanted to drop out of school completely.

Instagram; Khloe poses in the above photo in a neon outfit, in front of a bunch of bikes (not sure what is going on in this photo, but definitely sure Khloe is the only one who can make a fanny pack look cute)

Her parents would not stand for Khloe dropping out of high school completely. Education is important, no matter how much money your family has. Therefore, they were able to come to a compromise that Khloe and her parents would both be able to agree on.

Instagram; Khloe shows off her amazing figure in a purple outfit while posing with one of her favorite shakes in the photo above

They decided it would be best for Khloe to be homeschooled. The decision proved to be right! Khloe ended up finishing high school a year earlier than expected. She earned her GED and graduated with honors.

Instagram; Khloe poses in matching leopard print alongside her friends in the above photo

Keeping Up with the Kardashians almost didn’t include all of the Kardashians. When E! first pitched the idea of filming a reality TV show to the family, Khloe wanted nothing to do with it. She told Harper’s Bazaar “Kourtney and I didn’t want to do the show.”

The reason being? The sister had recently opened up DASH, the boutique founded by Khloe and her sisters back in 2006. Khloe was concerned they were going to have to give up their business in order to film the show. Luckily, E! promised Khloe that they would be allowed to film inside of DASH.

Instagram; Khloe smiles with an electric toothbrush in the photo above (check out those hoop earrings)

Once filming began, Khloe began almost immediately enjoying herself. She thinks that the show was such a success during season one because “we didn’t realize it was going to be so big…[so] we really didn’t care…Kourtney and I would say anything and do anything.” 

Instagram; Khloe seems to love purple! She poses in the above photo in a head to toe purple outfit

At one point Khloe hosted Kocktails With Khloe. During this show that featured her without her sisters, she talked about some pretty surprising topics. She also would occasionally reveal secrets that many people did not know about.

One secret in particular she shared on her show was her desire to get breast implants. She revealed that she never got them because her father so strongly objected to them. When Khloe was 18 she went to a “consultation and [her] dad found and got so mad.” Shortly after this incident, Khloe tragically lost her father.

Instagram; Khloe poses outside in the above photo while wearing a hot pink bodysuit as she shields her eyes from the sun

Ultimately, she decided not to get breast implants. She recently shared that she “didn’t know why [she] didn’t do it a few years after that” but, she appears to be happy she didn’t.

Instagram; Khloe poses for the camera in a bright pink top and sunglasses alongside one adorable Giraffe in the photo above

This next fact about Khloe has been a secret for many years. It’s probably a good thing this was kept a secret, because it’s actually illegal. When Khloe was just 13 years old, she learned to drive a car for the first time.

Kris thought that teaching her to drive was a good idea in case of an emergency. While most parents would just teach their children how to call 911, Kris thought teaching Khloe to drive in case one of the babysitters couldn’t was a better idea. This turned out to not to the best decision. Surprise!

Khloe explained that this only enabled her rebellious behavior. When she was between 13-14 years old, she would steal her parents car and sneak out of the house. Wow, Khloe! Where exactly did she go? She would drive to her older boyfriend’s house of course.

Instagram; Khloe sports an athletic look in the above photo

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