All The Secrets Of What Went On Behind The Scenes Of The Jersey Shore That You Need To Know About

In 2010, the guidos and guidettes of MTV’s smash-hit Jersey Shore took the reality TV world by storm. Between their fist-pumping, crazy fights, tanning, and wild adventures, this gang brought something to TV that viewers just couldn’t look away from.

When the show first came out, the stars of the show were being paid essentially nothing, compared to what they receive now. All of them owe their fame and success to the show. It has taken them from Jersey to Miami, to Vegas, and even to Italy! However, the show isn’t exactly as it seems.

Instagram; the cast of The Jersey shore poses in the photo above (all your favorite Guidos and Guidettes!)

What do we mean? Well, there are lots of things that went on behind the scenes while making Jersey Shore that viewers don’t know about. We’re here to fill you in!

Instagram; another photo of the Jersey Shore cast, pictured above

When Jersey Shore was first pitched by creator SallyAnn Salsano, it was designed to be a competition. Not a reality TV show. In fact, the show was originally going to have a completely different name in general! Could you imagineJersey Shore not being called Jersey Shore?

Instagram; Snooki, Ronnie, and Pauly D smile for the camera in the above photos

SallyAnn’s original idea was to create a competition series called Guidos. It would feature male guidos, and it would be focused around who could live the most guido lifestyle. This would entail who was the tannest, the fittest, who had the best hair, and we’re sure tons of other factors.

Luckily, this show never came made it on the air. If it did, we wouldn’t even have Jersey Shore!

Instagram; our favorite Jersey Shore girls are pictured above, chatting with one another

Remember when the gang worked at the infamous Shore Store? Well, the shoppers in the store weren’t random people who were strolling the boardwalk. No, no, they were actually fans of the show.

Here’s how it worked. The Jersey Shore production company set up a tent outside of the Shore Store where fans would gather. Once they were inside the tent, fans had to provide I.D. to prove they were 18. Then, they would have to sign a release form allowing them to be filmed.

Instagram; some of the Jersey Shore cast together, pictured above

After this ordeal, they would then wait in another line to enter the store. All of this just to shop in the Shore Store. Can you imagine waiting on line for that?

The fans had to pretend they didn’t know the cast was famous at all. Even though they were completely aware of it.

Instagram; reunited in their famous house where it all started, the roommates pose together for a photo, above

This is one of the craziest parts about filming a reality TV show, in my opinion. When the cast of the Jersey Shore was filming, they weren’t allowed to “use cell phones, watch TV, read, or pass any notes to each other. Pretty strict, hm?

Instagram; some of the cast members hold up signs on a street in the above photo 

They were instructed to communicate with one another all day long, 24/7. If they had anything to say to another cast member of the show, it would surely be filmed. Nothing was kept private.

Snooki at one point even joked that “if the president were to die they wouldn’t have even known about it.” The roommates were kept under a close watch. This was to make sure they were following the rules.

Instagram; the boys of the Jersey Shore strike poses together on a red carpet in the photo, above

At one point fans began to wonder why all the roommates ever did was drink and party on the show. Well, that’s because there wasn’t much else to do. Seriously. I don’t think I could have made it and stuck to all the rules!

Instagram; the ladies of the Jersey Shore sit together on a couch (with The Situation and Vinny in the background) in the above photo

This aspect of filming a reality TV show shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Snooki recently revealed that during filming, the roommates weren’t ever allowed to leave the house without a film crew. This meant that every single thing they did was filmed. Inside, and outside, the house.

Even the most basic activities, like doing laundry or getting a manicure, were filmed. However, this is where the infamous “GTL” (gym, tanning, laundry) was born! Snooki shared though that having a film crew follow you everywhere wasn’t only draining, but also highly inconvenient. Before the roommates could go anywhere they had to tell the film crew.

They also couldn’t just go anywhere spur of the moment, they had to give the crew at least an hour notice before they could leave. Snooki decided filming “kind of like being in jail for two months.” Wow.

Instagram; The Situation and JWoww look like they’re having a good time out at a club, while Snooki sits passed out taking a nap next to them in the above photo

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