Check Out Just How Rich Your Favorite Southern Charm Cast Members Really Are

Charleston is the 28th most expensive city to live in, in the United States. So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the cast members of Southern Charm have quiet a bit of dough in their pockets. However, some of them definitely have less than expected.

The most important aspect of reality TV is of course having a hilarious cast, paired with all the drama they can stir up. Southern Charm has no shortage of laughs, or drama, provided by the cast.

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Whitney Sudler-Smith told Urban Daddy that the goal of the whole show is to show off, “the idea of southern aristocracy…it’s interesting that even though they’ve lived this fairy tale existence, they have real problems like everyone else in America would.”

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We took a closer look at how much money these Southern Charmers really have, and some of the numbers will shock you!

Facebook; Craig Conover models for the camera with a woman in the above photo

Craig Conover is the only cast member who isn’t originally from the south. In fact, the only reason that he even ended up in Charleston in the first place is due to the fact that he attended college and law school there.

There has been a lot of controversy in regards to Craig and law school. During the first season of the show, he was working at a law firm and preparing to take the bar. Shorty after though, he was fired for his lack of work ethic. It was later revealed that Craig didn’t even take the bar.

Instagram; Craig and Shep smile away together in the photo above in front of quite a view

In the meantime, he’s been making a living off of random entrepreneurial tasks. Apparently, Craig has been getting everything in order to actually take the bar. As of now, Craig is worth $200,000 in assets. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even have a job!

Instagram; Shep Rose poses with his Mom and Dad at a dinner table in the photo above

For a guy who has never actually worked a day in his life, Shep Rose seems to be doing okay. Although, his net worth is a lot less than anyone would have guessed. That makes sense given we never see him doing anything on the show except having a good time.

Shep does come from a family with money, so there’s not telling how much he is worth when that is factored in. Yet, the highly educated, nonworking, frat boy himself isn’t actually worth all that much. Sure, he just renovated a beach house and invests in bars, but he’s not rolling in cash.

Instagram; Shep looks serious in the above photo as he leans against a window sill on a beach home

It is estimated that Shep is worth $200,000 – the same as Craig. Honestly, we’re thinking Shep must get a little help from Mom and Dad. Ok, a lot. A lot of help.

Instagram; Cameran smiles big for the camera with her husband a young daughter

Cameran Eubanks is one of the only Southern Charmers who actually has a regular job. She’s always seen hustling around Charleston trying to grow her real estate business. This southern belle hasn’t always been in real estate though.

No, before she was busy selling homes, she was in the entertainment business. Cameran was on The Real World and Real World/Road Rules Challenges. She even hosted a few segments of Girls Gone Wild. Fast forward to 2018, Cameran recently welcomed her first child and still acts as the mom to all of the lost boys in the Southern Charm cast!

Instagram; Cameran and her husband pose together on vacation in a beautiful tropical location

We’re guessing that most of her $500,000 net worth comes from Southern Charm. Or maybe her husband. He has a job!

Instagram; Kathryn Dennis strikes a pose with a bunch of incredible Louis bags in the above photo

Contrary to popular belief, Kathryn Dennis actually has one of the higher net worths of Southern Charm. Kathryn certainly has not had the easiest past few years. That shouldn’t come as a surprise if you watch the show.

After a brief stint in rehab, Kathryn has returned to Charleston and is honestly better than ever. This mom of two is trying her very best to get her life back on the straight and narrow. She’s doing a really great job at it too. Speaking of jobs though, Kathryn doesn’t seem to have a steady one.

Instagram; Kathryn smiles away with her two children in the above photo

Therefore, it’s the all the more shocking to hear that Kathryn is worth $600,000. Although she’s had a few small modeling gigs, and worked at a retail store, most of the money comes from her family.

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