These WWE Divas Are Worth How Much? Check Out These Ladies’ Net Worths


Since the beginning of the WWE, women have served various roles throughout the company. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the company started to refer to them as “divas.” The women who earned this title were either mangers of the WWE Superstars, ring announcers, or wrestlers themselves.

In 2016 though, the WWE stopped referred to the women as “divas” and started calling them “women superstars” or just “superstars.” These women superstars are proving that wrestling isn’t a sport where just men can be successful. They’re making strides in the company, and are helping draw in big crowds for the live matches!

We were curious to see just how much some of the top women made. Their net worths and salaries didn’t disappoint. Some of the women have made some serious dollars throughout their career!


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