Check Out What These Winners Of The Show Survivor Did With Their Million Dollar Prize Money, Plus Some People Who Owe Their Net Worth To The Show Despite Not Winning

If you’re not familiar with Survivor, it’s a reality series that takes 20 contestant to the Island of Fiji. Upon arrival, contestants split into two separate “tribes” that are based purely on age. From there, they have to outwit, outplay, outsmart, but most importantly, outlast, one another.

The entire basis of the game is as you guessed – to survive. The contestants on the show aren’t exactly your tradition “survivalists.” On this installment, which is the shows 33rd one, the castaways range from a missionary recruiter to a police sergeant.

You’re probably asking yourself, “why would these seemingly normal people sign up for something like this?”

Facebook; pictured above is the logo from the TV show

They do it all in hopes of winning the $1 million grand prize.

Some of the winners have used their money wisely – while others weren’t the smartest with their winnings. There are also some people who didn’t win at all, but who still owe their net worth to the show.

Facebook; pictured above is the cast from the recent season of Survivor

Richard Hatch was the first ever winner of Survivor.

Winning Survivor was just the start of his television career, though.

In the coming years, Richard would compete on Celebrity Apprentice and even appeared on one season of The Biggest Loser.

He also competed on another season of Survivor: All Stars.

Things weren’t always smooth sailing for Richard after winning Survivor. 

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In 2006, he was convicted of evading taxes, and was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

He additionally had to serve another 9 month long sentence in 2011 when he violated his parole.

The once successful realty series winner is now left picking up the pieces of his life.

Instagram; Richard poses in a suit for the above photo

Had things not gone so south for Richard, perhaps he would have a much higher net worth that he does now.

Richard is currently worth only $200,000.

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