Here’s Exactly How Much This Season’s Dancing With The Stars Cast Members Are Worth

Back in 2005, America was introduced into Dancing with the Stars. Many don’t realize that America’s favorite celebrity dance competition actually started in the UK.

It was called Strictly Come Dancing. Once producers brought it to the US though, they decided to rename it.

Dancing with the Stars is now set to enter the 27th season on the air. Each season, the cast seems to get better. We don’t mean better at dancing – we mean more famous. This season’s lineup is filled with actors, athletes, a radio host, and even a singer.

Facebook; Dancing with the Stars is on Mondays on ABC

Every contestant has their own reasons to appear on the show. For some, it’s to boost their careers and for others, it’s just for fun.

Regardless of the reason, we’re sure the $125,000 salary for joining the cast doesn’t hurt either. A few of the stars may even be hurting for a little extra cash. Here’s just how much this season’s stars are worth.

Facebook; pictured above are some of the stars on Dancing with the Stars

Making his dancing debut on Dancing with the Stars is John Schneider.

Many of us know him from his infamous role as Beauregard “Bo” Duke from the hit comedy series The Dukes of Hazzard.

In recent years though, John has run into some financial trouble.

Just this year, it was revealed that John failed to pay his ex-wife over $150,000 in alimony from their divorce.

John fessed up though, and admitted that he no longer could afford the spousal support payments.

Instagram; John poses in the above photo

This resulted in a brief thee day sentence behind bars. Sadly, his once large net worth has decreased to $200,000.

We can only assume that this Dancing with the Stars gig will be a decent source of income for him.

His partner for the season is Emma Slater.

Instagram; John wears a western style cowboy shirt in the above photo

For Nancy McKeon, this stint on Dancing with the Stars isn’t because she’s hurting for cash.

Although, many assumed that she was only competing because she needs the money.

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