The Shocking Salaries These Female Powerhouse News Anchors Earn, Plus Their Net Worths

Whether we realize it or not, news anchors actually play a better big role in our lives. Think about it, sometimes they’re the first face we see in the morning or the last one we see as we drift off to sleep at night with them as our background noise.

Regardless, they appear on your television screen and break the biggest stories that are happening either in our communities, or world wide. Of course, some anchors break more serious stories than others but they all share the common ground of telling us what we need to know – when we need to know it. All of the women on this list vary in what they report. However, they’re all the top ones in their respected fields.

Each of them has earned their reputations as television reporters. One thing people often wonder is, how much do these women make exactly? We’re here to break that down for you.

Instagram; Abby smiles in the photo above while on set

Abby Huntsman wasn’t always in front of the camera. In fact, she actually started her television career working behind the scenes at Good Morning America.

Being behind the scenes was something Abby learned early on that she did not like.

Instagram; Abby is pictured above on the set of The View

While in college, she interned for Diane Sawyer. Working with Diane left a lasting impression on Abby. She has publicly spoken out about Diane saying “I always think of her as someone that I hope I can try to be like.”

Lucky for Abby, it seems that her dreams may be coming true. In August of 2018 it was announced that she would be leaving Fox News, where she was a correspondent for many years.

During her time at Fox, Abby was earning $3 million. While her salary will stay the same, Abby is joining ABC’s The View as their latest cohost.

Abby’s personal life has been very exciting as well in the past few years.

She married her college sweetheart Jeffrey Livingston in 2010, and together the two welcomed their first daughter. Abby is worth around $20 million dollars.

Facebook; Megyn Kelly sits on set in the photo above

This is a name that has been the center of a lot of controversy lately – Megyn Kelly. However, we’re not here to dive into the controversy that’s recently been created. The former anchor of Megyn Kelly Today, had a three contract with Fox News for $69 million but Megyn decided to leave Fox for NBC.

Once this announcement went public, reports began emerging trying to question how much she would make per year.

Some speculate that she will make $18 million per year now that she is with NBC and others guess that she will earn $33 million per year.

Facebook; Megyn is pictured above with her book she wrote

One thing is certain though, Megyn will not be disclosing her salary specifics to anyone. The television journalist veteran shared, “I earn every penny that is in my salary.”

No one has said she hasn’t but, Megyn is sure to point out that every penny is hers. This mother of three is truly a no BS kind of girl which causes viewers to either love her, or hate her.

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