All Of These Celebs Were Raised By Single Moms & You Probably Don’t Know About It

To us, it seems like celebrities have absolutely perfect lives. In a lot of ways, they really do have it made.

They’re very financially stable, they can basically vacation anywhere they want in the world, and they’re able to enjoy the best restaurants, clubs and everything else we could only imagine.

However, many of these stars have not always had the easy, carefree life they do now. Most of them have had a very interesting and tough start to life.

Pictured above is a mother holding up her baby 

Some grew up poor, in really rough areas, and others were raised by just by their moms after their fathers decided to abandon them.

While every celebrity on this list is famous for different reasons, they all share one thing in common – they were raised by single moms!

Pictured above is a mom and baby on the beach

A lot of them even claim they wouldn’t be who they are today without the support of their moms.

Kevin Hart is arguably one of the most loved comics of our generation.

He’s won over the hearts of fans with his unique brand of comedy and his lovable personality off stage.

Perhaps, his mother is who we should be thanking for his amazing stage presence and personality.

Nancy raised both Kevin and his brother mostly by herself due to Kevin’s father’s general absence throughout his childhood.

Instagram; pictured above is Kevin Hart before one of his big comedy specials 

Kevin’s father would be present occasionally during his childhood but was never consistent at all and certainly didn’t help Nancy with all the big things that come along with raising children.

Kevin has nothing but love and respect for his mom.

He told People, “My mom was such a strong woman.”

Instagram; pictured above is Kevin Hart while traveling 

He goes on to recall her telling him, and his bother, “You’re going to do what you’re supposed to do and you’re going to grow up to be two intelligent men.”

Mama was right!

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