The Cast Of Teen Mom Reveals All Their True Feelings Behind Their Unplanned Pregnancies

Unplanned teenage pregnancies have become the subject of films and reality televisions shows alike. The most popular reality television show Teen Mom showcases the lives of these young moms as they navigate through pregnancy and parenthood.

Some argue that Teen Mom glorifies teen pregnancy and also makes it seem appealing for young girls to go down that path. Others will argue that Teen Mom actually shows the reality of what it’s like to be a teen mom and just how difficult it is.

The episodes show the highs and lows of being a young mom. Most of the young moms have taken a stand and reveal just what it’s like to be a young mom.

Being a young mom can be such a challenge and a lot of the moms on Teen Mom have spoken out about the challenges they have faced

Many of the women on the show have spoken out and shared what it’s like to have an unplanned child when you’re still one yourself.

They detail their fears, difficulties throughout their pregnancy, and talk about how emotional it is.

Facebook; pictured above is the logo for the hit reality TV show Teen Mom 2

Maci Bookout is perhaps one of the most outspoken Teen Mom stars when it comes to talking about her unplanned pregnancy.

She joined the show with hopes of showing other girls just how difficult it is to be a teen mom.

When it comes to raising a child when you’re a child yourself, Maci shares that there is nothing glamorous about it.

Upon hearing people think Teen Mom glamorizes teen pregnancy, Maci sees why people say the show glamorizes it.

However, she is quick to shutdown those beliefs and stands by her statement that teen pregnancy is not glamorous at all.

Instagram; Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is pictured above with her family

Maci told Cosmopolitan:

“I read the statistics on teen pregnancy quite often, and they took a huge decline in 2009, when 16 and Pregnant first aired.”

Maci says that if fans would just look back at the first episodes from 16 and Pregnant, which is the show that led to the launch of Teen Mom, you can take a look at just how unglamorous being a teen mom is.

Instagram; Maci smiles in the above photo next to her husband Taylor

Unfortunately, teen pregnancy is still a reality to this day.

It’s estimated that 30% of girls drop out of high school due to pregnancy.

For Chelsea Houska, sharing her journey as a teen mom wasn’t always easy.

Instagram; Teen Mom Chelsea Houska is pictured above with her family

When she became pregnant with her boyfriend at the time, Adam, her desire for a fairytale life with him never developed.

Instagram; Chelsea is pictured above wearing a jean jacket that says “Mama” on the back

Chelsea was humiliated by her boyfriend on national television and if you still watch the show, to this day Adam can’t seem to stop letting Chelsea and their daughter Aubree down.

She thought that sharing her journey, although very difficult, was an important thing to do.

Chelsea told E! News about her reasoning behind sharing in her story with the world and opening her life up in such an intimate way. 

“You want to be open and honest because people are going through the same things that we’re going through and it does kind of feel nice when other people can relate to it.”

Instagram; Farrah Abrams is pictured above with her daughter Sofia

While Farrah Abraham may have her fair share of controversy that surrounds her as a whole, she does standby her message about not accidentally getting pregnant.

She loves her daughter, Sofia, but Farrah vows to never be in this same situation again.

Instagram; Farrah and Sofia are pictured above at Christmas time with Santa

An unplanned pregnancy is something that Farrah never wants to go through for a second time.

There were some rumors that Farrah was pregnant again though, but she quickly shut that down in a recent interview.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Farrah said, “I’m on a show about safe contraception and not having unplanned pregnancies.

I would never ever put myself in that situation for my future. I’ve really learned from my past.”

Farrah also explains that her journey as a teen mom was far from perfect.

In fact, she remembers thinking that thinking that if she acted like everything would be fine then it would be. Sadly that is not always the case.

Instagram; Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is pictured above with her two children

Amber Portwood’s life has changed drastically since we first met her on Teen Mom.

When we first met her all those years ago, she was a struggling young mom trying to care for her daughter, Leah.

Instagram; Amber is pictured above wearing a sequin jacket and black boots

Amber explains that when you’re so young you don’t realize how big of a deal it is to have a child.

When Amber got pregnant with her second child, she said to People that she was “freaking out a little bit.”

Why was she anxious about having another child?

Instagram; Amber is pictured above with her son

She went on to say that, “Just about having another human being. This is a big deal. When I was younger I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was. There are many ways to mess up.”

Amber is right. There is so much that goes into raising a child and setting them up for success.

Instagram; pictured above is Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry with her son Lincoln

Kailyn Lowry had quite a bit to say when Kylie Jenner announced that she gave birth to her daughter Stormi at 20-years-old.

For years, people have been saying that Teen Mom makes teen pregnancy look glamorous.

In reality, the TV show only proves the actual true hardships.

If anyone were to make teen pregnancy glamorous, it would be Kylie.

Kailyn spoke up and said Kylie was the one making teen pregnancy glamorous.

Instagram; Kailyn smiles in the above photo

While Kailyn was on the podcast called Make Speidi Famous Again, she spoke out about her feelings on Kylie’s pregnancy.

“I mean, she wasn’t a teenager. Obviously, it’s slightly different …

I would not agree that our show makes it glamorous, but with situations like Kylie, they don’t realize that, you know, she has millions of dollars and she has a ton of help and she, you know, she can still go out and party and do all these things. So I think that makes it look slightly glamorous.”

Instagram; Teen Mom stars Tyler and Catelynn are pictured smiling together in the above photo

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Batteria were the only couple on Teen Mom to give their daughter up for adoption.

While this was the best choice for their daughter, Carly, the two are still struggling with the decision to this day.

Although they gave their daughter up almost ten years ago, it doesn’t change how they feel.

Every time they see her they are deeply affected emotionally.

The couple has an open adoption with Carly’s adoptive parents, which means they are still able to see their daughter.

Instagram; Catelynn and Tyler smile together while sitting on a couch in the above photo

Since giving Carly up for adoption, Tyler and Catelynn have gone on to have two more daughters named Novalee and Vaeda.

Instagram; Tyler holds up their daughter Novalee in the above photo

Tyler explains though watching the girls together is very difficult.

Tyler told his dad Butch on an episode of Teen Mom that he decided to give Carly up for this reason.

“I want my daughter to have a chance at life. I just don’t want her to be raised the way that she’s going to be raised.”

Tyler mentioned to Catelynn, “I don’t think our lives are very stable to raise a child.”

Instagram; Catelynn is pictured above with her daughters Novalee and Vaeda 

Tyler and Catelynn really made the best decision that they could for Carly at that time in their lives.

Instagram; Tyler snaps a photo of him and Catelynn hugging in the above photo

Leah Messer is one of the stars on Teen Mom 2, and the world has gotten a front row seat to all of the struggles she has had to endure since becoming pregnant with her twins as a teen.

Instagram; Leah snaps a selfie in the above photo

Leah has had several different and messy relationships, she has three daughters now, and she has a new love interest. 

Instagram; Leah is pictured above with her twin girls that she had as a teenager with her former husband Corey

Now things seem to be on the up and up for her, but it was mostly not like this throughout her time on TV.

The Hollywood Gossip, reports that a fellow teen mom commented on one of Leah’s social media posts. She thanked Leah for being honest about teen pregnancy.

Leah replied back with:

“You’re welcome! It’s not easy but I hope all of us girls can continue to prevent teen pregnancy by sharing our story/struggles! That’s the goal.”

Instagram; pictured above is Leah’s third daughter Addie that she had with ex-husband Jeremy

Go Leah for using your platform to educate moms!

Instagram; Leah is picture above in a selfie

Maci Bookout’s life looks picture perfect now, but she had to miss out on doing a lot of things normal teenagers got to do along the way.

Instagram; Maci snaps a photo with her daughter Jayde

Maci never got to go to prom. Maci never got to join a sorority or live in a dorm room like normal college girls do.

Instagram; Maci posted the above photos to recently celebrate her son Bentley’s 10th birthday

Maci told the Times Free Press that, “There were so many sacrifices I had to make.”

“It was really hard,” Maci added.

After she got pregnant with Bentley when she was just in high school, she had to give up the activities she absolutely loved like cheerleading and softball.

Even though it was one long and tough road for Maci raising Bentley, she still says she wouldn’t change a thing and her son is just the love of her life.

Instagram; Maci is pictured above with her son Maverick

You go Maci. You really did an amazing job raising Bentley!

Instagram; Maci snaps a selfie in sunglasses while in her car in the above photo

Love her or hate her, you know one thing is certain: Farrah Abraham has come one long way since her time on Teen Mom

Instagram; Farrah and Sofia smile together while on vacation in the Bahamas in the above photo

We know, we know, she has since been kicked off, but if you look back over the years she really has grown.

Instagram; Farrah hugs an Elephant in the above photo while in Bali

Farrah did an interview with Glamour, and she told them that when she looks back at her casting tape she submitted for Teen Mom, she really can’t help but laugh at herself.

Farrah admits she was just trying to keep it all together and pretend everything was fine.

In reality, things for her as a teen mom were really far from fine when she was auditioning to be on the show.

Even after that, Farrah struggled as a teen mom.

Instagram; Farrah and Sofia are pictured above in kickboxing gear

She said in her interview, “I was trying to be so adult by answering the questions and acting like everything was fine. But, I was in some made up world in my head. I was like, ‘If I do it this way everything will be perfect.’ I think that was a trial I had to go through and learn that everything that I went through was not going to be perfect…”

Instagram; Farrah and Sofia pose together in front of a flower wall in the above photo

Sarah Roberts joined the cast of 16 and Pregnant with one goal in mind.

Instagram; pictured above is 16 and Pregnant cast member Sarah Roberts with her family

Her goal was to educate young women and show them how difficult it is to go through an unexpected pregnancy. 

Instagram; Sarah Roberts smiles on her deck in the above photo

Sarah was one of those girls who though that “it would never happen to me.”

However, it did.

“I was like so many other young girls out there — I didn’t think it would happen to me. But it did,” she wrote on Huffington Post about her experience.

“The best advice I could give girls out there is to respect yourself, and never compromise yourself for someone else…”

Instagram; Sarah is pictured above with her daughters

Sarah is living the life she had originally planned for herself, however she is doing the best she can to set a positive example for other women and her own daughters, too!

Instagram; Sarah smiles in the above photo alongside her daughters

Whitney Purvis certainly never joined 16 and Pregnant for the fame, but she did become famous after her time on the show.

Instagram; 16 and Pregnant star Whitney Purvis is pictured above with her two children

Whitney has said to ABC News, “Some people they just think it’s so cool that I was on TV. They treat me like I’m a celebrity or something.”

Instagram; Whitney snaps a selfie in her car while wearing a jeweled necklace

Whitney joined the show in the first place so people would stop thinking that teen pregnancy was something that was “cute.”

She thought that the movie Juno, which was popular around the time she was on the show, gave everyone the wrong image of how teen pregnancy actually was.

Whitney also is an advocate for women and girls making smart choices with their partners.

She admits she wasn’t smart in her decisions with her partner, which is how she ended up pregnant as a teenager, and she wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to more teenagers.

Instagram; Whitney holds up some balloons as she celebrates Valentine’s Day with her two sons

MTV should put her on Teen Mom!

Instagram; now that Whitney’s time on reality TV has ended, she has gone on to be a chef

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