This Mom’s Two Teen Daughters Murdered Her After She Took Away Their Phones

32-year-old Ericka Hall was a young mom at just 18-years-old when she gave birth to her first daughter, Amariyona. Amariyona is now 14.

Ericka then had her second daughter shortly after, who is now 12, and who remains nameless in all reports due to her age.

Ericka lived with her daughters in a mobile home in the small town of Magnolia, Mississippi. 

Facebook; pictured above are Ericka and three of her daughters 

Ericka’s two other daughters who are ages 16 and 1 also lived in the mobile home. Ericka also had a young son who lived with her as well.

Magnolia is a quiet rural town dotted with churches and pastures full of grazing cows. The people who live there take pride in decorating their homes for Mardi Gras in purple, gold and green.

What Ericka’s daughters did to her has turned this tiny town upside down and things will never be the same. Ericka worked very hard to support her 5 children. She was a single mom who did everything all on her own.

Facebook; pictured above Ericka and three of her daughters during their younger years 

She worked pretty much every night trying to support her family at a local chicken processing plant called Sanderson Farms Chicken.

While times were tough for Erica’s family, it would be nothing compared to what was to come. Ericka’s 12-year-old and 14-year-old daughter, Amariyona, constantly gave this single mom a hard time.

Facebook; pictured above is Ericka’s 12-year-old daughter

Ericka desperately tried to get her two troubled girls help, as any good mom would. She was in over her head with them and their behavior.

Ericka’s family members were well aware that she was struggling to get her daughters help and keep them under control.

Facebook; pictured above is Ericka, her son, and her fiancè Josh (who was notably absent during her murder)  

“They were like children having problems,” Ericka’s aunt, Robin Coney, said to The Associated Press.

“She was trying to get them help and stuff, and was going to send them off because they didn’t go to school.” Robin went on to say about Ericka’s plans.

Ericka would never get to put her plans into action, because her life was cut short.

It was clear that Ericka’s daughters had behavioral issues, but neither her 16-year-old nor her 1-year-old ever exhibited the violent outbursts that her 12-year-old and 14-year-old did. Just days before Ericka was murdered, she called 911.

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