This Mom Murdered Her Kids In The Oven, Video Chatted Their Father With The Disturbing Footage & Her Family Is Outraged Because They Say She Did This Due To The System Failing Her

Moms are supposed to take care of their children and not let any harm come to them. Moms are supposed to do anything it takes to protect their babies.

Moms are not supposed to brutally murder their own children, but that is just what the Mom in this story did to not one, but two of her own young babies.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely tragic.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

This is Lamora Williams. She was a 24 year old Mom of two young sons.

Her sons were 1 year old Ja’Karter Penn and 2 year old Ke-Yaunte Penn. She also had a few more children. They all lived in Atlanta, Georgia.

You won’t believe what this Mom did to her poor little babies.


“My daughter is a sick person if she did what I think she did,” Lamora’s Mom, Brenda Williams, told CBS affiliate WGCL.

“Mora wasn’t right, she hasn’t been right and what happened three months ago, that the kids’ father left her, I told him something tragic is going to happen. She’s going to do something to those kids, she’s going to do something to herself,” she added.

This is what Lamora did to her two toddler sons.


Police responded to a call out to Lamora’s home in Oakland City West End Apartments in Atlanta.

Their father, Jameel Penn, had made the call after Lamora video-chatted him what she did to her sons.

Police arrived to find both the young boys dead at the scene.

What Lamora said happened to her sons just did not add up.


Lamora told police that she left both her dead sons and their 3 year old brother home with a relative for 11 hours while she went out.

Police quickly called her out and said this didn’t make sense.

They found injuries on both the young boys, including severe burns.

How did that happen to these poor babies?

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