This Mom’s Ex Murdered Her 3 Young Children In Their Home & She Revisits The Horror Of What Happened Every Day

Amanda Simpson and Justin Painter were a married couple living together just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is known for hot summers, internationally acclaimed art museums, and being home to popular rodeos.

Together, Amanda and Justin had three adorable young children. Drake was their 4-year-old son, Caydence was their 6-year-old daughter, and Odin was their 8-year-old son.

Despite having three beautiful children together, Amanda and Justin’s marriage was less than perfect. In fact, it was far from it.

Facebook; pictured above are Amanda’s precious three young children

The couple had their fair share of issues.

They felt that for the sake of the children it would be best for them to simply divorce and split up.

Facebook; pictured above Amanda’ takes a selfie in a brightly colored top

They didn’t want the children to be subjected to their problems, and that was a brave decision to make.

Justin was the one who ultimately filed for divorce from Amanda.

Their divorce though was not a clean or easy process.

Neither Justin nor Amanda made it easy.

This was surprising because they both agreed to the divorce in the first place. It was a mutual separation, but what a process it turned out to be.

Pictured above is a certificate of divorce, much like the one Amanda and Justin had to sign to finalize their divorce from one another

Despite being the one to actually file for divorce, Justin would continue to tell people that Amanda was worth fighting for.

It seemed like he wanted to win her back despite his decision to no longer be in their marriage together.

Two months after filing for divorce, he would also go on to tell people that their relationship was complicated.

Facebook; Amanda poses for another selfie in the above photo

By March, the divorce was finalized. It was finally over. This would be the beginning of a very long, very strange, very painful road for Amanda.

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