5 Young Children Murdered By Their Dad After Getting Back From Disney World

“Daddy, I love you.” Authorities say these were the final words of a little 6-year-old boy named Nahtahn Jones and his 8-year-old sister, Merah Gracie Jones, who suffered at the hands of their father.

They weren’t the only ones cruelly murdered in cold blood by someone who was supposed to love and protect them. Their three young siblings 2-year-old Gabriel, 1-year-old Abigail Elizabeth, and 7-year-old Elias were also murdered along with them.

How does something like this happen to 5 beautiful young babies? How does a father turn on his own children like this, taking away 5 precious lives that he helped to create in the first place? You’re about to find out, below.

Facebook; pictured above are Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias, who all were murdered by their father, Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones is still the 37-year-old father of Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias, even though he hardly deserves the title for what he did to them.

Amber Kyzer was married to Timothy, and together they had all 5 of their children, back when they were still happily together. They had been married for nearly 10 years, and lived in Lexington, South Carolina with all of their children. Suddenly, things fell apart, breaking up their family and marriage.

Facebook; pictured above Amber poses for the camera in a black and white photo

When Amber first met Timothy, she felt draw to him. She recounts that his faith and intelligence were what initially attracted her to her future husband. She also found it attractive that he was pretty accomplished for his age.

She recently said in her testimony to the court room in front of her, “I thought wow, this guy has it together.”

“He was going to school part-time, working part-time, and he had church under the belt. So we started going to the services together, and we found our church family.”

Timothy truly had everything together back then. After he graduated from the University of Mississippi, he went on to get a job as a computer engineer for Intel, making $80,000 a year.

After Amber married Timothy, he began to change. And not for the better.

After their marriage, Amber says Timothy began to change….

Timothy became increasingly demanding of Amber. He also started being weirdly rigid about his religious beliefs. This all came seemingly out of nowhere. This wasn’t the Timothy she knew and had fallen in love with.

“Women are to be seen and not heard. I was merely to take care of the children. To keep them out of his way,” Amber told the court about how their marriage and children affected Timothy’s behavior.

Just over 7 years ago now, things weren’t looking so happy in Amber and Timothy’s relationship. Happily ever after sadly wasn’t in their cards.

Amber says that even though Timothy changed after the got married, he still managed to be a great dad to their 5 young children

Despite all this, Amber maintains that Timothy was a great father during their marriage. Even though he expected her to keep their 5 kids out of his way. 

It was only after Amber and Timothy divorced that things began to really unravel, and Timothy began to show severe signs of mental illness.

During her marriage to Timothy, Amber met her current husband. She started seeing him on the side.

Amber is now married to her second husband, whom she met while she was still married to Timothy

Timothy eventually figured out that Amber was cheating on him. After Amber put their kids to sleep for the night, she would sneak out of the house.

Twitter; pictured above is Amber in court, wearing a black dress

Amber would leave and head over to their neighbor’s house to be with their 19-year-old son, the divorce papers state. When Timothy found out what Amber was really up to in the evenings, he immediately moved out of their family home.

Amber was the one who ultimately decided to end their decade-long marriage. Interestingly enough, Timothy was the parent who ended up with physical custody of their 5 children.

Amber was a stay-at-home mom and didn’t have the money for a lawyer, so she and Timothy agreed to joint custody of their two girls and three boys, even though they lived with Timothy. 

Timothy had an amazing, high paying job. He had a car. Amber didn’t have these same things, so it seemed best for their children to live with him. “I did not want him to be a primary caregiver, but he was the better provider,” Amber addressed the jury in court. “I thought I was making the best decision I could as a mother.” Nobody can blame her for that.

Timothy moved out of their home, and Amber moved in with the neighbor she was seeing after their marriage fell apart

Amber moved in with her neighbor, and Timothy moved into a new house. Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias came with him. His new neighbors say he was very nice when he moved into the neighborhood. He was friendly. He seemed like a good dad.

Then, he began to change. He stopped interacting with his neighbors. He stopped going outside. He became so introverted that one of his neighbors thought he and the children had moved out entirely. She never saw him or the children anymore.

Amber would meet Timothy and their 5 children every Saturday at the local Chick-fil-A and she would always get a ride to be able to be there

There was a local Chick-fil-A located right in Lexington. It was here that Amber would catch a ride from her friends and family every weekend when Saturday rolled around so that she could meet up with Timothy and their children. 

On August 28th, back in 2014, Amber called Timothy on his cellphone like she did every weekend so they could coordinate their meetup. Timothy picked up her call, but she heard her son Nahtahn crying uncontrollably in the background.

As any concerned mom would, she asked Nahtahn what the problem was. “Mom, I didn’t mean to,'” he sobbed to her. Timothy sounded livid. Amber heard him say, “You could have killed yourself son.”

Nahtahn was so upset he started to dry heave. Timothy then turned on Amber, saying she always defended their children. She still had no idea at this point what the heck was even going on, or why her son was crying. She tried to reply, and Timothy cursed her out and hung up the phone.

Amber didn’t know then of course, but this was the last time she would ever hear Nahtahn’s voice again. She tried calling back. She left voicemails. She didn’t hear from Timothy. Days went by after that call, and nobody heard anything from Timothy or any of the children.

On September 3rd, Amber called the police to report her children missing. It wasn’t unusual for her to not be able to get a hold of Timothy, but when Amber found out that their children had missed several days of school, that raised a red flag for her.

Amber went to the restaurant anyway with police officers to see if Timothy would show up with their children

Finally, Saturday rolled around. It was September 6, 2014. Amber decided to go to Chick-fil-A to see if Timothy would show up like he was supposed to, and police were there to watch and see what happened. Amber sat in a booth and waited. And waited. And waited. Timothy and their children never showed up to the restaurant.

Amber had already suspected something was terribly wrong, and now there was no doubt in her mind. When authorities went to speak to Timothy’s neighbors, they said he mentioned taking the children to live in another state. Sheriff Lewis McCarty promised Amber that he was going to find her children and bring them home.

Timothy told his neighbors that he was leaving the state and taking the children with him…

Authorities weren’t able to put out an Amber Alert for Amber’s children, because Timothy was still their legal guardian, but it didn’t stop them from launching a huge search to find them. 

Shortly after Timothy failed to show up at Chick-fil-A, he showed up at a Mississippi DUI checkpoint….alone. Authorities say he rolled up to the checkpoint in his Cadillac Escalade, “high as a kite.” Timothy was using synthetic marijuana, which is called Spice and apparently readily available for purchase online.

His SUV had blood in it, along with children’s clothes and cleaning supplies, but there was no sign of any children. They also uncovered several notes Timothy had written about chopping bodies up. One of the officers on the scene later told the courtroom that inside his SUV, it smelled like you wouldn’t believe. He described it as a “stench of death in the air.” After running his license plate, they were able to connect Timothy to Amber’s missing persons report. Officers were then able to get Timothy to take them to the children.

Twitter; pictured above is Timothy while he appears in court, wearing a button-down shirt and tie

On a lonely hilltop in Camden, Alabama, authorities found the children. All 5 of them had been wrapped up in plastic garbage bags.

Timothy had taken the children on vacation to Disney World and to the beach, before coming home, having the phone incident with Amber, and then murdering Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias.

Timothy drove around for over a week in his Cadillac Escalade with all 5 of his children dead in the back

He then packed their bodies into his SUV and drove around for over a week through several different states in the South. Their bodies badly decomposed as Timothy drove around with them. He then came across the hilltop and decided to leave all 5 of them there before driving off.

Here’s what Timothy did to all 5 of his children and why he did it.

Timothy’s attorneys said in court that the reason he snapped is that he had schizophrenia that went undiagnosed. His own mom spent 20 long years in a mental institution, although it’s not clear why she was institutionalized. They claim Timothy already had a shaky grip on life, but when Amber cheated on him, he completely lost it. 

Couple that with how hard it is to raise 5 young children all alone and him feeling like he simply couldn’t live up to the religious beliefs he felt were so important to his life, and it was just too much for Timothy.

There was one incident in particular that really caused Timothy to go off the deep end though. And to top it off, apparently this dad has a criminal record, paired with Department of Social Services investigations…

Twitter; pictured above is a photo from inside the courtroom, where a forensic scientist confirmed there were hair and tissue samples from the children inside Timothy’s car

The day after all 5 children had been found deceased, Timothy Jones Sr., Timothy’s dad, took to his front porch in Amory, Mississippi, to make a statement to the media. 

“Let it be known that people will come to their own conclusions and as parents, we can understand that decision based on the circumstances. But please remember that our Little Tim is a very loving father, brother and son.”

On March 30, 2001, Timothy was arrested in Carpentersville, Illinois for possession of cocaine. This was the beginning of his long list of run-ins with the law. Just 6 months after this, at 19-years-old, he was arrested again. This time it was for forged checks, burglary, and stealing someone’s car. 

Twitter; pictured above Amber testifies against her ex-husband in court

The nurse at Saxe Gotha Elementary School, where some of their children went, testified in court that Timothy wanted to treat their oldest daughter when she got head lice by using kerosene and a heat gun to burn them off her head. The nurse was able to talk to him and convince him this was not a good idea, and she then reported this to officials at the elementary school.

Officials at the school ended up calling the Department of Social Services over this. They then placed a second call to the Department of Social Services because Nahtahn came in with bruises all along his neck and arm.

Over the course of 3 years, the Department of Social Services went to Timothy’s home to investigate issues at least 12 times. Social workers reported that he tried to fix the issues they investigated though, which included punishing the children excessively.

In a report one of the caseworkers had filed, it said, “Dad appears to be overwhelmed as he is unable to maintain the home, but the children appear to be clean, groomed and appropriately dressed.” 

So here’s what happened that finally caused Timothy to take the lives of his 5 young children. 

The day that Amber called Timothy and heard their son Nahtahn sobbing on the other end of the phone? That’s the day it all ended. Timothy had caught Nahtahn playing with an outlet in their home. The boy said he was really interested in electricity, and he had ended up breaking the outlet while he played with it.

He then flew into a complete rage. He claimed that he punished Nahtahn by making him do a bunch of different exercises for hours on end, including push-ups. When he went in to check on him later in the evening, Timothy claims he simply found him dead in his room.

Twitter; Amber is pictured above crying in court over what Timothy so brutally did to their children

Timothy then claimed he heard voices inside his head insisting that he had to kill all of his other children after he found Nahtahn. He ended up strangling the rest of his children. Although, he claims he couldn’t use his hands to murder his youngest ones because his hands were too big. So he used a belt on them.

In court, the pathologist said that Nahtahn had definitely died due to some type of violence, however, she wasn’t sure exactly what it was he did to murder his son. 

Twitter; pictured above is Timothy, at left in handcuffs, and the children his own children that he murdered, at right

According to Timothy’s arrest warrant, he told police that his children, “were going to kill him, chop him up and feed him to the dogs.”

Timothy is currently facing the death penalty for murdering his 5 children. His attorneys don’t deny that Timothy did this, however, they’re saying he can’t be held accountable for his actions due to reason of insanity.

Timothy has yet to be evaluated by a psychologist. While in court, Amber starting reading a letter she had written to their daughter after the divorce.

“Mera, my sweet sweet daughter, I know that your heart feels heavy and that you feel really sad sometimes. I want to reassure you sweetheart that you along with your brothers and sister mean everything to me. You kids are my world and Mommy and Daddy were really blessed to have you.”

Amber then broke down crying on the witness stand, saying, “I miss my babies. I want my babies. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Facebook; pictured above are Amber’s children who sadly were murdered by their father, Timothy

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