After Their Mansion Went Up In Flames, An Affluent Family Of 4 Is Found Dead & The Evidence Points To A Jealous Brother

Colts Neck, New Jersey, is a town full of affluent families – including the Canerio brothers. The two brothers, Keith and Paul, worked together at Square One. The company was founded by Keith, and Paul joined later on. It was an extremely successful company.

They managed multiple big-name clients including Citibank, Nike and Prudential. The two were doing extremely well for themselves.

Both lived in the quaint community of Colts Neck, New Jersey. With residents such as Bruce Springsteen and members of John Bon Jovi’s band, this town sure has money.


The Canerio brothers lived almost next to each other within the town. As one would assume the families were both very close to one another.

However, one day tragedy struck, making sure these brothers and their families would never be close again.

Daily Mail

For Keith and Jennifer Caniero – life was as perfect as it could get. The two had a loving marriage. They had successful careers.

They had all two beautiful children together; Jesse and Sophia. They were loved and adored in their community.


As expected, Keith was close to his brother Paul. The two worked together and spent a lot of time together building up the company. They also lived in the same neighborhood.

One day though, the seemingly perfect Caniero family would be under investigation. It would shock the community to its core. Here’s what happened.


A deadly fire broke out in Keith’s home in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. The fire lasted from lunchtime and continued on into the evening. Neighbors watched as the four-bedroom mansion was completely engulfed in flames.

Daily Mail

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