Find Out Just How Much These Celeb Coaches On The Voice Get Paid

Since the beginning, The Voice has cycled through quite a share of coaches. Each coach comes from a different genre and they all vary in their level of popularity. The reason that each coach comes from a different genre is that all of the aspiring artists vary in a genre as well.

For The Voice, one of the best parts about having such massively successful celebrity coaches is they bring their fanbase with them. What we mean is a lot of viewers watch The Voice just because their favorite artist is on it.

Although all of the judges on the show are popular in their own right, The Voice has left more people knowing their name than before.

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While all of the judges are popular, not all of them are paid the same amount per season. We’re here to break down the salaries of current and past coaches from the show.

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After coaching on The Voice for four seasons, Cee Lo Green decided to call it quits after the fourth season wrapped. His reason was that the show “easily and quickly became a job.”

We can only imagine he meant it wasn’t quite exciting enough for him.

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When the show first debuted, one could argue that Cee Lo was at the height of his career. His smash hit “Forget You” was at the top of music charts throughout the world, and he was continuing to gain popularity through The Voice. 

After leaving The Voice, Cee Lo continued to release music and even did the voice for a character in Hotel Translyvania. 

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When The Voice first started, Cee Lo had the lowest salary of all the judges.

This is partially due to the fact that he was not as popular as the other judges and everyone had a lower salary since the show was only just beginning.

By the time Cee Lo left the show, he was making $6.5 million per season.

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Although her time as a coach was short, 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys was on The Voice for seasons 11 and 12.

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