The Shockingly Twisted Story Of A Mom Dismembered In Front Of Her Young Children & The Disturbing Reason Why This Mom Stabbed Her Young Daughter, Then Set Their House On Fire

This is Jessica Monteiro Rey. She was a 32 year old Mom living in Kansas with her family. She was married to a younger man, 29 year old Justin Rey.

She was the Mom of a 2 year old daughter and she was also pregnant with another baby girl when everything happened to her. Justin was also the father of all of her children.

You won’t believe this shockingly twisted story about this Mom and her children.


Jessica had been last seen alive at a motel in Missouri. This was 25 miles away from her home.

Jessica’s family believes she gave birth to her baby girl in the Woodspring Suites motel before she died. At first, nobody was sure why she was even at this motel instead of at her home.

It’s kind of a strange place to be when you’re really pregnant and about to give birth. Most Moms don’t even want to leave their home when they’re that close to their due date.

Jessica checked into the motel because she was trying to hide something…


“She could not see wrong in the world. no matter what,” Sara Monteiro, Jessica’s sister, said about her to KESQ. Sara has nothing but glowing things to say about her sister Jessica.

Despite what Sara has to say about her, this Mom was trying to hide from authorities by checking into the hotel.

It’s going to infuriate you when you find out exactly what she was trying to cover up.


Here’s what this Mom was hiding…

Jessica had four of her children taken away from her and her husband by CPS back in 2015.

She claims in her numerous YouTube videos that they were “illegally stolen from her”, but that is just not the case. This Mom and her husband go on to make more wild claims about why CPS took her children.

The entire reason she was hiding out in the motel is because she didn’t want anyone to know she had a 2 year old daughter and that she was pregnant again and about to give birth. She was afraid CPS would intervene again and take her remaining children that they were not aware of.


Jessica’s husband Justin gave police conflicting accounts of what happened to her.

He first told them Jessica gave birth to her baby daughter in the motel bathtub, and then just passed away. He then went on to say she gave birth to her daughter and then committed suicide.

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