This Baby Died Because Her Mom Refused to Get Her Help, This Mom Got 120 Years In Jail For Brutally Murdering Her Kids

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari are a 27 year old couple who lived together in Solon Township, Michigan.

The two had three children together and held the bible very close to their heart. Some would describe them as a good christian couple…others would use different words.

Kent County Jail

Painted across the exterior of their seemingly normal Michigan home were bible quotes. Not those that were uplifting and inviting though.

Instead they were almost to scare people into joining in their way of thinking.


Still based on the outside of the house neighbors would never expect the news they would receive the morning of August 2.


The couple did not favor western medicine by any means. In fact, they actually actively protested against it. Seth believed doctors “were untrustworthy.”

He also had extremely strong beliefs about vaccines as well, and would take to YouTube to spread his thoughts.

Seth would say doctors were “priesthoods of the medical cult” and vaccines were saving people who weren’t the “fittest.”

These videos were not only shared on YouTube but also, Facebook. Tatiana seemed to share these same beliefs whoever, she was not as vocal about them.

Of the couple’s three children only one had been to a medical doctor. Even though there oldest child had been to a doctor, it wasn’t recently. It was almost 4 years since their older son’s visit.


Seth claimed that doctors were “untrustworthy and said doctors forged documents in 2014 against him” and his 4 year old son.

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