True Stories About Disgusting, Inexcusable Things Done To Murdered Children Left In The Care Of Babysitters Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Kids With One Ever Again

Who you leave your kids with when you are not around is something that should never be taken lightly. In light of these heartbreaking true stories, as a parent this proves you need to be careful about just who is in charge of your child, or children.

You always want your child to be as safe as possible, so take care when choosing the person you want to let into their life, and yours. Perform a background check on them, make sure they have numerous positive references, and make sure you are certain a babysitter or nanny is worthy of watching your baby.

Every babysitter you’re about to read about did disgusting and inexcusable things to children left in their care. One babysitter killed a child for dumping ketchup in her toilet. One nanny butchered two toddlers in the bathtub. Prepare yourself before reading further because the details of these stories are sickening and infuriating.


This is Hannah Wesche. She was a precious little 3 year old girl. If you look at the photos spread across the Facebook page devoted to her memory, Hannah Strong, you can see this adorable little girl was always smiling.

From her bathtub, to her stroller, to her car seat, there are tons of photos of her big, beaming smile. “Miss sassy pants,” reads one of her little shirts in her photos.


She had so much to live for, and such a full life at such a young age. That was, until her babysitter took it all away from her and cut her sweet life far too short.


Hannah’s babysitter ended her life for this completely inexcusable reason.

Butler County Sheriffs Office

This is Lindsay Partin, the 36 year old babysitter from Ohio who was charged with Hannah’s murder. That’s not the only thing she’s being charged with; she’s facing 5 other felony charges separate from murder for what she disgustingly did to a child.

Hannah and her family lived in Hanover Township, Ohio, and they were actually neighbors to Hannah’s babysitter Lindsay. That’s right, they lived right next door to one another.

On the day she did what she did to Hannah, it wasn’t like it was her first time babysitting this little girl. She had looked after her for several months. She also looked after several other children in her own home.


On March 8th, 2018, Lindsay dialed 911. She had placed the call to report that Hannah had just collapsed inside her home and was unconscious while she was watching her.

Suspicious, right? What’s more suspicious is what the police actually found when they got to her home.

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