From Poorest To Richest, Here’s How Much The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Are Worth

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is one of the highest rated cities in the Housewives franchise. The Atlanta ladies bring the fashion, and they always bring the drama too. While each woman on the show is fabulous in her own right, some do shine brighter than others.

Some cast members have gotten their very own spin-offs from the franchise, and others have had success in ways that reality TV just can’t provide.

However, one thing each woman has in common is a strong bank account. You have to in order to live the way these women do!

Instagram; pictured above is the cast of the hit Bravo reality TV show The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Their houses, lives, cars, and basically everything surrounding them is extremely luxurious.

While some of the women are worth significantly less than others, they still are doing just fine. Here’s the net worth of the women on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Instagram; pictured above another photo of the wealthy women on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Even though she left the franchise over 10 years ago, Lisa Wu still left her mark in The Real Housewives Of Atlanta history.

Lisa is referred to as one of the first wives to turn herself into a brand. She built her net worth through her own hard work and determination.

During her time on the show, she was able to open her own real estate firm, Hartwell and Associates.

In addition to this venture, she has two fashion lines called Hart 2 Hart and Wu girls.

Lisa has also gone on to appear on the reality TV show Hollywood Divas, which aired on the network TV One from 2014 to 2016.

Instagram; pictured above is housewife Lisa Wu, who has since left the show behind

Before starting her own businesses though, this mom of three had quite a different career path.

She spent many years in the film industry (so she’s hardly a stranger to cameras) and was even a backup dancer.

With all of this time working and making her own money, many would think Lisa’s net worth would be higher than it actually is.

Instagram; pictured above Lisa Wu poses for the camera in a gorgeous wine colored dress

Sadly, after divorcing her husband Edgerton Hartwell, a former pro football player, Lisa has had to rebuild her bank account from scratch.

She is estimated to have a net worth of $100,000 dollars.

Next up is the net worth of Shereé Whitfield. She has been on-and-off the hit reality TV show over the years.

Currently, she is on the show as just a friend of the other women.

Instagram; pictured above is The Real Housewives Of Atlanta wife Shereé Whitfield who is frequently making appearances on the show

Her story hasn’t always been exactly a fairytale though.

Instagram; Shereé shared this selfie online with the caption, “And still I rise” after it came out about what her husband did to her

While she was on the show, Shereé sadly was going through quite a nasty divorce that viewers got a front seat.

After years of being married to her husband Bob Whitfield, a pro football player, the two called it quits.

The most heartbreaking aspect of her widely publicized divorce was what Shereé revealed about her life at home with her husband. Bob apparently was physically abusive towards her, and this happened on multiple occasions.

Eventually, she was able to confront him about the physical abuse. She admitted it even included him choking her. Even worse, her children found out about it.

Instagram; pictured above Shereé looks fabulous stepping out of a building in a navy dress and near floor-length black coat

Still, Sheree has been able to overcome the adversity she’s faced throughout her time on the show. She is a successful businesswoman who is starting her life over.

Sheree is the founder of her namesake clothing line sold in Nordstrom, She by Shereé, and is worth $250,000 dollars, all on her own!

Instagram; pictured above is housewife Claudia Jordan, who only appeared on the show for a short period of time

Despite only being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a short period of time, housewife Claudia Jordan has made her way to our net worth list.

Much like fellow housewife Kenya, Claudia also spent time in the pageant world. She was crowned Miss USA back in 1997.

This Rhode Island-born beauty was extremely athletic growing up. In high school, she was a top sprinter and competed in three Junior Olympics.

From there she ran track in college and was then named an All-American sprinter.

After this, Claudia began to spend time in the entertainment industry.

While working in entertainment, Claudia made appearances in quite a few different commercials.

Instagram; pictured above Claudia wears a beautiful blue dress and heels with a luxurious fur

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