Montana Mom Drowned Both Her Kids On Purpose & It Wasn’t The First Time She Tried To Kill Them, This Missing Mom’s Remains Were Just Found & More Crime News You Need To Know Right Now

We have a roundup for you on all the top crime stories you need to know about right now. We’re going to meet a Montana mom who drowned both of her kids on purpose (and it wasn’t the first time she tried to kill them), and we’re also going to go into all the details you need to know about missing mom Savannah Spurlock, whose remains were just found.

Plus, we have some more news you need to be aware of, like a teen who was murdered by her mom’s boyfriend, and right before he killed her she texted “he’s in my room.”

Buckle up for this first story because it’s going to seriously infuriate you when you hear about what this mom was capable of doing to not one, but two of her own children.

Tulare County Sheriff’s Department; pictured above is mom Sherri Renee Telnas, who drowned both of her children recently

45-year-old Sherri Renee Telnas is pictured above looking pretty smug in her mugshot. This Montana mom lives in Visalia, California, after moving west of Montana back in 2012.

On the Saturday before 4th of July weekend, a woman called 911 at around 5 in the morning to report something quite strange.

Sherri’s neighbor called 911 to report her doing something strange in the early hours with her two boys

The caller said that they witnessed a mom acting really bizarrely as she walked with two children across a street and into a cornfield. 

This caller was the woman’s neighbor, and she had no idea why this mom was walking her kids into a cornfield at 5 in the morning, but something was definitely not right.

At 5:30 that morning, officers arrived on Avenue 184 in Porterville, in the 18900 block area.

Right there in an irrigation ditch beside the field of corn, officers found two boys laying unresponsive in the early morning light.

The neighbor who had made the call to 911 was frantically attempting to revive both of the boys, along with their grandmother who had come out to the field.

Sherri drowned 12-year-old Jackson and 7-year-old Jacob in an irrigation ditch nearby the cornfield across the street from their house in California

The 12-year-old and 7-year-old boys were rushed to a local hospital.

Sadly, 12-year-old Jackson succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon him and passed shortly after arriving at the hospital.

7-year-old Jacob was pronounced in critical condition. He was rushed to Valley Children’s Hospital.

Jacob was rushed to Valley Children’s Hospital in critical care…

He was kept on life support for about a week, before his family made the decision to let him go on Sunday, July 7th.

His loving family from Montana was there to spend time with him before he was taken off life support, along with his father Jacob Senior. Jacob’s family says he was a sweet, loving boy who truly was a people person.

“They had an hour with Jacob Ray to love up on him, Jacob got a chance to spend time with him and tell him how much he loves him,” Diana Keeland, the boys’ grandmother, told WPVI.

“My son lost his two children, I lost my two grandsons who were both so very precious to me,” Diana also said.

“I’m worried about my son and how he’s going to deal with the loss of his two children and at the hand of their mother that makes it ten times worse,” Diana finished.

GoFundMe; pictured above is 12-year-old Jackson, who smiles and looks off to the side

Currently, authorities are waiting for the autopsy to be performed on Jacob so they can determine his exact cause of death.

What’s truly disgusting though is that Sherri had already tried to murder one of her own sons just a few years ago…

Sherri had already attempted to drown Jackson in a river while he was less than 2-years-old and living in Montana with her

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