This Pregnant Cheerleader & Perfect Student Gave Birth After Prom & Is Being Accused Of Murdering Her Infant Daughter

18-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson had a pretty perfect life as far as anyone at her high school was concerned. She lived in Carlisle, Ohio with her well-off family. Their home sits on Eagle Ridge Drive, among other large houses with beautifully green, manicured front lawns stretching out before them. She drove a little convertible.

She was beautiful, smart, popular, had a boyfriend, and was on the school cheerleading team. In addition, she had two parents that loved and adored her.

The Richardsons gave their daughter everything they could in order to make her happy. They truly would do anything for her. During their perfect daughter’s senior year of high school though, something would go horribly wrong.

Facebook; Brooke smiles big in the above photo

Brooke got pregnant, and things spiraled out of control. However, not many people knew that this had happened. She kept her pregnancy a tight-lipped secret from a lot of people in her life, including her own parents.

In fact, she was pregnant when she went to prom in the photo below, where she can be seen wearing a bright red gown.

Facebook; Brooke is pictured above in her red, floor-length prom gown, while pregnant with her unborn child

You can see she has a bit of a belly in the photo, but she hid her pregnancy well, and it’s not a surprise nobody really knew about what she was going through.

Friends did not start to speculate that Brooke was pregnant until their senior prom. Brooke had always been extremely petite and had suffered from an eating disorder. This prompted friends not to say anything.

Was she just gaining weight? It was very possible.

After Brooke posted the above photo of herself on her way to prom, people started to wonder about her weight gain.

One of Brooke’s friend’s mothers even noticed, and question her daughter about it. Still, friends thought there was no way Brooke could be pregnant.

Facebook; Brooke makes a silly face while snapping a selfie in the photo above

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