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    Finally a Smart Gadget Bag for Women, Meet Knomo Elektronista

    Thanks to a partnership with Elektronista (a.k.a. Christiane Vejlø, a tech blogger based in Copenhagen), Knomo has produced one of their most stylish and functional bags yet. Christiane had several goals when she set out to work with Knomo on this project. “On the inside, women’s bags look the same as they did back in the […]

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    Need a Spare Limb? Grab a Selfie Arm

    The selfie stick has been getting trumped by the ban hammer lately, but hey, I don’t see anything explicitly banning selfie arms. Score one for, uh, art? Designers Justin Crowe and Aric Snee teamed up to create the Selfie Arm, an actual selfie stick tucked away inside a plastic arm that looks like it was […]

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    Mophie Spacestation is One Crazy Clever Battery Pack

    We liked what we saw last year when Mophie released their Space Pack, an iPhone case that had both an external battery pack and external storage space. This year, Mophie is sharing the love with everyone by introducing the Mophie Spacestation, a combo battery pack and external hard drive that will work with just about […]

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    13-in-1 Selfie Stick will Amaze Tourists

    Calling your collection of contraptions a 13-in-1 selfie stick kit is bold, perhaps only surpassed in boldness by the act of pulling it off. The RK88E 13-in-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Kit makes such a claim, but can it be true? Is it really 13 devices in one? Are there even 13 existing selfie-related accessories? Let’s […]

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    5.11 Tactical Handbags are Designed for Packing Heat

    Usually, the kind of handbags we see come this way hold a whole other kind of hardware. The 5.11 Tactical Handbags are made for packing heat, though, and we’re not talking about your overheating six-year-old laptop. The Sarah Satchel and Lucy Tote from 5.11 Tactical are handbags with dedicated slots for pistols and pistol accessories. […]

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    Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Review

    What do you look for in a Bluetooth headset? Good audio, long battery life, comfort and style. Plantronics has a record of making quality products, and its newest headset, the Voyager Edge UC may just fulfill all of those criteria. The Plantronics Voyager Edge UC is a smart Bluetooth headset. Smart can mean a lot […]

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    Moleskine myCloud Smallpack Review

    Not content with their mastery of whatever witchcraft compels you to buy one of their notebooks every time you see them on one of those spinning racks, Moleskine is starting to crank out bags to carry all those notebooks in. That includes their compact myCloud Smallpack, a backpack with two laptop/tablet slots and plenty of […]

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    Steampunk USB Keys are Custom-Made Awesomeness

    Steampunk almost isn’t fair to other niches. It ropes in the retro, science-fiction and sometimes even fantasy crowds, forming the ultimate Venn diagram of DIY online shop success. You take that and add top-notch craftsmanship and a website that looks like it was made in 1997, and you’ve got a real winner. Whoever is running […]

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    LaCie is First to Debut a USB-C External Hard Drive

    That didn’t take long. Only a day after Apple debuted the new MacBook, with its single multi-purpose USB-C port, LaCie has announced that their first USB-C drive will be available sometime in the next few months. The drive is exactly the same as the USB 3.0 Porsche Design Mobile Drive, the aluminum-clad HDD designed for […]

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    These Might Be The Most Zen microSD Cards Ever

    The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center has been around since 1999, working on finding, preserving and scanning Tibetan Buddhist texts. It’s great that they’re preserving history, but it’s even better that they work equally hard to let everyone else take a look at that history. Granted, you’re going to need to head to museums or find […]

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    AT&T Modio LTE Case Goes On Sale March 20

    After its debut at CES, we finally know when we can get our hands on the AT&T Modio LTE Case. The case, which will fit all three generations of the iPad mini, provides Wi-Fi-only models with an LTE connection, while adding more battery life and storage by way of a microSD card slot. As previously […]

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    Octa TabletTail System Review

    Octa has been doing tablet stands differently over the past few years. The TabletTail series consists of modular accessories that range from the Whale kit, a more or less traditional stand, to the Monkey kit, a sturdy but flexible metal tube that could contort to position your tablet in all kinds of new ways. That […]

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    Olde Book Messenger Bag, Will Perfectly Fit Ye Olde Laptop

    Want a book bag that fits right in on your bookshelf? Makes sense, I guess. The Olde Book Messenger Bag nails the look of an old, leather-bound tome (I think they were called encyclopedias?), making it a perfect callback to the old times, when we used to read things on paper. This ponderous tome measures […]

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    Now You Can Print Your Photos on Your Battery Pack Too

    Custom smartphone cases? Old hat. Custom battery packs? Now we’re talking. PowerSkin has finally filled that aching hole in the accessory game with Ink’d, their new customization option for their battery cases and battery packs. The PowerSkin Spare battery case (for iPhone 5/5S) and PoP’n battery packs can now be tatted up with any image […]