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    Orbitrec is a Programmable 3D Printed Bike That Can Tweet For You

    Orbitrec is an app-connected, 3D-printed, titanium bike that is reinforced with carbon fiber tubes, resulting in a beautiful product that already has millennials rolling up the right leg on their skinny jeans. Built-in sensors keep track of your location, environment, and directional positioning of  your bike. This is all aggregated by the app for data […]

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    Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s First Serious Touchscreen Smartwatch

    Fitbit has a brand new smartwatch at CES 2016, and it’s starting to look a lot like a certain competitor. But, don’t confuse the Fitbit Blaze for the Apple Watch — this is still a fitness tracker first, with an integrated personal Fitbit trainer. Guided instructions and gif-like animated images spice up your workout right […]

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    Lunatik TAKTIK 360 for iPhone 6/6s Review

    Are you looking for the most protective case you can find? Look no further than the TAKTIK 360 from Lunatik. This is one serious iPhone case. The drop, shock and impact protection it offers exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. If you drop it in water, no worries — it will be safe for up to an hour in […]

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    Mophie Juice Pack Reserve iPhone 6/6s Case Review

    One thing we can all use is a few more hours of use from our phones before having to recharge. Until someone designs a bigger battery that can fit into our increasingly thin phones, Mophie Juice Pack cases continue to be useful solutions to our battery woes. Unfortunately, these external battery pack cases can sometimes […]

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    Scosche Just Dropped the Best Micro USB Cable Ever

    It’s hard to get excited about a Micro USB cable, but here in 2015, we’re finding one reason — finally, after all these years, the reversible Micro USB cable is a reality. These cables solve pretty much the only problem left with Micro USB cables — figuring out which side is up when you try […]

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    Turn Your Apple Watch into a Pocket Watch

    Let’s face it: Sometimes, your Apple Watch just doesn’t quite look right with your cocktail dress, but you really need the convenience of seeing app notifications your smartwatch. What’s a girl to do? Bucardo, a company that aims to seamlessly integrate technology with fashion, has designed an elegant line of accessories that will transform your […]

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    Brando Now Has 4-in-1 Lens Cases for the iPhone 6

    Olloclip was the first company we saw really popularize 4-in-1 lens cases, attachments that let you pretend your smartphone camera is an interchangeable lens camera. The extra lenses can help you do a lot more with your humble smartphone camera, but the Olloclip case was a bit on the expensive side at $80. Budget tech […]

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    Urbana Mini Slim Handbag for iPad Screams Urban Chic

    One of the best parts about the growth in luxury devices has been the growth in gorgeous designer handbags to carry them. Moshi was one of the first design houses to specialize in tech-savvy handbags with their Urbana line, which is getting an iPhone 6-friendly entry in the Urbana Mini Slim Handbag. The Urbana Mini […]

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    Wine Purse is a Classier Way to Carry Around Booze

    Last year, we gave a warm welcome to the Bev-Bag, a purse with a hidden bag that could hold a little under a liter of wine. The only problem was that most of the space in the bag was reserved from things that are not booze. Vivajennz does not make the same mistake. No, Vivajennz […]

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    Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag Review

    With so many styles of messenger bag available, how do you pick the one that is right for you? It should be stylish, comfortable and be adaptable to your needs. Rickshaw Bagworks has a huge line of customizable bags which do all that and do it well. This week we looked closely at the Medium […]

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    Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch Review

    Apple Watch is officially (kind of) a thing! We would expect the market to be booming with accessories, but we haven’t actually seen a lot of good charging stands out there for Apple Watch. Griffin’s “WatchStand” for Apple Watch is one of the first we’ve gotten our hands on. It’s very affordable and pretty basic, […]

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    Hedgren Jamm 15″ Laptop Backpack Review

    [A backpack is a representation of who you are. Lucky for us, we just discovered Hedgren bags; they’re unique with a very fresh look — much like us! We reviewed the Hedgren Jamm 15” Laptop backpack. It features an atypical rectangular design, water repellent material, and plenty of compartments. It’s not a hiking backpack, but […]

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    Bobine is a Gumby-Like iPhone Charging Cable

    Apple’s charging cables have a nasty habit of not aging gracefully. The stock cables you get with your iPhones and iPads tend to fray around the edges after even just months of use, depending on how tough you are on them. The Bobine charging cable from Fuse Chicken has no such problems — it’s clear […]

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    How Many Calories Does a Trip to the Courthouse Burn? Jawbone Sues Fitbit Over Alleged Corporate Espionage

    Popcorn-worthy stuff this week as Jawbone has filed suit in a California State Court claiming that Fitbit not only poached Jawbone employees — no foul there — but that those employees stole corporate secrets including market research and future product designs. That would be the foul part. The New York Times report says that Fitbit […]