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    It’s Now Possible to Order Shake Shack Ahead of Time Using an App

    Things are about to get dangerous. Shake Shack, the new fast food burger joint hotness sweeping the world, is dangerously easy to order thanks to a new mobile ordering app the chain just released yesterday for iOS (the Android version is still in development). After a successful beta test in Manhattan, Shake Shack has released […]

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    Super Mario Run Was Downloaded 2.85 Million Times on Its First Day

    After a surprise reveal at the iPhone 7 announcement, Super Mario Run, the first Mario game made for mobile devices, arrived on iOS yesterday. And, what a debut it was — the game blew past Pokémon Go‘s day one downloads, notching 2,850,000 copies downloaded to Pokémon Go‘s 900,000. In the world of smartphones, Mario’s already off to the races. […]

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    Facebook Developing Response to Proliferation of Fake News

    Fake news — shorthand for news content produced to go viral without regard for sourcing — has become a buzzword since the United States elections in early November. At the heart of the matter is Facebook — since its early days as a social network, Facebook has evolved into a content distribution platform governed by its users and, now, […]

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    Someone Studied Pokémon Go’s Health Benefits, and the Results Won’t Shock You

    Today in science that probably didn’t need to be done (but why not?), we have a study published in the British Medical Journal about the health benefits of Pokémon Go. Researchers from Harvard and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden lived the dream this year, pulling off a weeks-long study to test whether or not playing Pokémon Go led to […]

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    Google Allo Lures in Users With Star Wars Rogue One Stickers

    We can make plenty of jokes relating Google to the Empire and the Death Star, but it turns out they’re having some problems with the irresistible attraction part. Their Allo messaging app launched in September, but has stalled out at five million downloads since then. Aside from the users they pulled in from sales of […]

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    Starbucks Officially Joins Forces With Pokémon Go

    Starbucks is officially joining Sprint in the push to make Pokémon Go magic happen all over again. The Sprint announcement revealed that new Pokémon are to be introduced to the game next week, expanding the number of Pokémon that can be collected by as many as 100. It’s looking like developers Niantic are attempting to better capitalize on […]

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    Pokémon Go Chooses Sprint as a Partner Before Launching New Pokémon Next Week

    Remember the massive crowds that Pokémon Go generated back when the game first launched in the summer? Sprint’s hoping they start forming around their stores next week. That’s when the game’s developers, Niantic, are expected to announce new Pokémon (likely from the series’ second generation), the latest and most significant update in the game’s attempt at a […]

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    Instagram Finally Allows Users To Disable Comments

    Instagram is detailing their plans to help users prevent online harassment today, announcing a set of new account and commenting tools that will soon be available to all users. According to a blog post, the features should roll out to users over the next few weeks in an app update. Until now, it was only […]

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    DoneGood Chrome Extension Makes Sure You Only Shop at Ethical Shops

    Ethical shopping (itself a slippery concept) is difficult in practice — once you’ve taken a step in that direction, staying consistent takes a remarkable amount of research, dedication, and commitment. A public benefit corporation called DoneGood has created a Chrome browser extension to automate the research part by straining out bad companies and directing you to […]

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    Netflix Finally Adds Offline Viewing

    It’s not quite the Holy Grail of Netflix, but it’s close — an update to the iOS and Android Netflix apps is enabling downloads for offline viewing. There are plenty of restrictions, unsurprisingly, but it’s a step toward finally having Netflix on flights or ground-bound public transportation without running through your data cap in the span […]

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    Digitize Those Holiday Receipts With Adobe Reader’s New Scanning Tool

    If you’d rather use holiday receipts as kindling than have them stack up in shoeboxes, good news. Adobe just made it possible to scan documents of any size using only a mobile device’s camera and convert them straight into PDF format. Whether you’re saving them to track spending or for next year’s tax returns, you can now […]

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    Pokémon Go is Giving Out Double XP and Stardust Starting Tomorrow

    In celebration of the roller coaster that Pokémon Go has been over the past four and a half months (seems like it’s been so much longer), developers Niantic are offering players double XP and Stardust for a whole week, starting tomorrow. While the promotion coincides with Thanksgiving, the double XP and Stardust event is a global event […]

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    WhatsApp Introduces Video Calling Feature to All Users

    It’s been a big year for Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. In April, they rolled out end-to-end encryption as a standard feature for all messages, and in August they added a voicemail option for missed or ignored voice calls. Last week, after a brief beta period, they added possibly their most long-awaited feature — video calling. WhatsApp […]

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    New Instagram Update Brings Live Video and Disappearing Photos and Video

    Today, Instagram is pushing out an update with more features that compete directly with both Snapchat and Twitter’s Periscope. Instagram users can now stream live video to followers or individual friends, adding to the Instagram Stories feature that was released in August. Instagram is also adding disappearing photos and videos, their most direct challenge to […]

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    Super Mario Run Will Hop Onto iOS on December 15

    When Nintendo made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch to reveal Super Mario Run, they weren’t ready to say when the game would be released and were clear that the game would rely on an up-front price instead of microtransactions. But, they did promise to deliver before the end of the year, and they’re making […]