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    Microsoft Uses Minecraft To Teach Kids To Code runs a program called Hour of Code, which aims to make computer programming more accessible and fun for students across the nation. The core of the program are coding tutorials disguised as bite-sized games. Unlike most games, students must input a string of commands beforehand, then watch as their character does what they told them to […]

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    Next Year’s Emojis Include a Hijab, Pretzel, Sandwich and More

    Finally, a yearly release cycle in tech that we can get behind. Unicode, which governs encoding of emoji, is working on next year’s Unicode 10.0 update. As usual, they’ve sought input on which emoji they should add to the roster next year. This week, they’re ready to show off what they’ve got so far, and […]

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    KnowRoaming is Offering Free WhatsApp Service in 142 Countries

    UPDATE 11/10/2016: Before this post was published, we were told that free WhatsApp on Knowroaming applied to WhatsApp video calling. After publication, the same source informed us that video calling is not supported at this time. It’s unclear whether or not video calling will fall under free WhatsApp use in the future. We regret the […]

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    Sonos Control Feature in the Spotify App Now in Public Beta

    In August, we heard some big news from Sonos — starting in 2017, it’ll be possible to control your home’s Sonos speakers using Amazon Alexa and the Spotify app. But, for the impatient, they also mentioned that both of those features would be available as a public beta before the end of the year. We’re […]

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    Play-Doh is Going Digital With the Help of Apple

    We’ve seen our fair share of toys making the jump to apps over the years, enough to make the idea the norm instead of the exception. But today, we’re talking Play-Doh, and the new app and playset they’ve made is so interesting that Apple has decided to sell it in their retail stores. I’m pretty […]

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    Super Mario Run for iOS Will Have a Free Trial, With a Fee to Unlock the Whole Game

    When Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch, he revealed Nintendo’s biggest foray into smartphone gaming yet with Super Mario Run. It won’t be Nintendo’s first smartphone app — that was Miitomo (Nintendo was financially involved in, but did not make, Pokémon Go) — but it’ll probably become their most downloaded and played for some time to […]

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    Windows 10 Creators Update Turns Everyone Into a 3D Artist

    Microsoft had a lot to say about hardware at their press event today, but tying everything together was the next big update to Windows 10. Coming sometime early next year, the Creators Update takes advantage of the Surface products, including the new Studio all-in-one PC, the Xbox One, and HoloLens, to give users a whole […]

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    Pokémon Go Stages a Comeback With Halloween Festivities

    When last we checked in with Pokémon Go, player numbers weren’t looking too hot. And, from the lack of stampede reports and decline in crowding of our cities’ parks, it appears that things haven’t gotten much better. If nothing else, alarm bells should have gone off when the nation’s cafes got rid of their team-affiliated […]

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    Spotify Rolls Out Updated App to 2015 and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs

    Spotify is rolling out a big update to their Samsung Smart TV app, but not all Samsung smart televisions will have access to it. Those owning 2015 or 2016 models will get the update, with owners of older models retaining the existing version of the app. This week’s update optimizes Spotify’s interface for the big […]

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    LeEco Enters the U.S. Market With Phones, TVs, Bikes, VR, and a Streaming Platform to Tie it All Together

    LeEco is a new name to the United States, but don’t consider it an upstart — formerly Letv, the company that started off as a streaming content provider has grown into a behemoth in its native China. LeEco now makes hardware of all kinds, all of which is infused with their services and software. They describe themselves […]

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    TripAdvisor Cracks Down on Attractions Guilty of Animal Cruelty

    This year’s held good news for wildlife conservation efforts. Hong Kong took steps to eliminate ivory markets in January, and now TripAdvisor is doing its part to prevent animal cruelty worldwide. Starting this week, the site will not facilitate the purchase of tickets for attractions featuring human contact with wild animals. Per their statement issued on […]

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    Amazon Music Unlimited is Yet Another Streaming Music Service

    Dissatisfied with all the streaming options out there? No? Well, here’s another option anyway. Amazon Music Unlimited is joining the ranks of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster (formerly Rhapsody), and probably a bunch of others I’m neglecting to mention. So, why is Amazon getting into the game? They think they […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets Her Own Animated Sticker App

    Animated sticker apps are heating up, especially after Apple made iMessage an emoji fiesta with iOS 10. So, we’re not surprised that the queen has gotten her very own gif app. Zoobe, a company responsible for many more animated sticker apps, has gotten together with Sanrio for Hello Kitty StoryGIF, an app for Android and […]

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    WithMoji Will Take Your Emoji Game To a Whole New Level

    We all know when it comes to expressing ourselves, emoji are really the best way to go. After all, 6 billion emoji were sent worldwide each day in 2015! And, now that Apple has really opened the emoji floodgates for iMessage with the iOS 10 update, that number figures to increase by a lot. IMVU’s WithMoji […]

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    Plex Cloud Eliminates the Need for an Always-on-PC or NAS

    Plex has been the darling of heavy movie and TV watchers for a while now. The service takes media files that you have stored on drives at home (as opposed to streaming-only services like Netflix) and makes them available from anywhere that has an internet connection. Only problem was that Plex merely organized and served […]