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    Disney Princess iMessage Stickers Have Arrived on iOS 10

    The iPhone 7 is nice and all, but the real yearly prize is the annual update to iOS. Every iPhone gets marginally better, but the iOS update can add sweet new features that really change the way we use our phones. Case in point — thanks to yesterday’s iOS 10 update, iMessage just got way more […]

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    Nintendo is Bringing Mario to the iOS With Super Mario Run

    It started with Miitomo, and it kinda continued with the Niantic-developed Pokémon Go, but now consider the tap wide open. Nintendo is going full steam ahead into smartphone apps with their leading man with Super Mario Run, an upcoming game for iOS announced by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at the Apple iPhone 7 press conference today. […]

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    Sanrio Has Come Out With Their Own Version of Tinder

    Want a guy who can debate the merits of Sanrio characters competently enough to have put forth an educated vote in the election of the year? I’m not saying he’s not out there, but just being realistic, he’s going to be hard to find. Sanrio is sympathetic to this plight, and offers the next best […]

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    Pokémon Go is Losing Players Fast

    Well, it wasn’t going to last forever. The meteoric rise of Pokémon Go this summer has finally ended, with new stats from Axiom Capital Management showing that daily active user and engagement rates have been dipping since mid-July. Bloomberg has a report on the decline of the game, with an Axiom analyst suggesting that worried execs of […]

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    Watch as Pokémon Go Disrupts Traffic in Taipei

    When Pokémon Go finally made its way to Asia late last month, most attention was turned to Japan and the McDonald’s deal the developers struck. But, a handful of other countries in southern and southeast Asia also got the game, and that includes Taiwan. If you think that a month gone by has seen enthusiasm for […]

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    Chaatz is a Messaging App That Turns Conversations Into Comic Strips

    Want your conversations to look like they’ve been taken out of the latest issue of Captain Marvel? While we’re starting to take the Thunderdome’s stance on heroes when it comes to messaging apps, we can’t help but be charmed by Chaatz, an app that turns ongoing chats into running comic strips. Chaatz is making a pivot toward […]

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    Interactive Emoji are Coming to the IMVU App Later This Month

    For a long time now, IMVU has taken their community of avatars and turned it into something big — random chat, messaging with contacts, group chat, and social media all rolled together. And, thanks to their endlessly customizable avatars, the whole thing has a lot more personality than your average messaging app. That’s what’s helping them roll […]

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    FreedomPop’s WhatsApp SIM Offers Free Chats in 30+ Countries

    FreedomPop has made their name as the lowest of low-cost wireless providers, going so far as to offer free plans. Their calling/texting/data plans are incredibly cheap, sometimes under $10, and while that doesn’t get you much data per month, it’s a great option for anyone who uses smartphones sparingly. This week, FreedomPop is trying another […]

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    Google Duo Takes on FaceTime and Skype, And It’s Out Now

    Yeah, it’s another video calling app. Despite the fact that virtually every messaging app now allows for video calling (including Google’s own Hangouts), Google saw fit to announce another one at their Google I/O developer conference earlier this year. Google Duo, which is launching today, is a simple video calling app, and nothing else — […]

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    WhatsApp Adds New Voicemail Feature to iOS and Android Apps

    The latest WhatsApp update is taking the messaging app a little closer to being a true phone replacement. Voice messages can now be left voicemail-style when calls are rejected or not answered by the person being called. The app update is rolling out now, and works when calls are either rejected or not answered. On […]

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    Drafts Could Be Coming to Instagram Very Soon

    A simple but very significant change might be coming to Instagram soon, and for a change, it’ll be one that users actually like. Multiple users have reported that the Instagram app is allowing them to save edited photos as drafts before posting. Say goodbye to ill-conceived ‘grams and hello to filtered to perfection. Before this […]

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    Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down, and Oil Traders Sound Pretty Bummed About It

    If you’re not a fan of the oil industry, we’ve got great news for you this week — for once, they won’t be getting their way. Now that Yahoo’s internet presence belongs to Verizon, some legacy services aren’t going to survive. One of those is Yahoo Messenger, the long-running instant messaging service that competed with IRC, AOL Instant Messenger, […]

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    Disney Mix is a Kid-Friendly Messaging App for Disney Fans

    Over the weekend, Disney pushed out their latest app. The messaging app market is already pretty crowded, but Disney Mix is adding to its ranks. Fair enough — it’s not like competition between messaging apps has any real meaning to Disney. Actually, that’s good news for the app — not needing to compete means Disney can have […]

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    Iran Bans Pokémon Go, Citing Security Concerns

    Can you ban something you never had? Pokémon Go hasn’t gotten an official release in most countries yet, and that includes Iran. Sounds like they’ll never have a chance to launch there, either — the country’s government has banned the game completely, citing security concerns. Like in most other places, those security concerns haven’t been specified. We’ve heard […]

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    Facebook Takes on Snapchat By Way of Instagram Stories

    It’s easy to forget sometimes, but Instagram belongs to Facebook thanks to a what now seems low $1 billion acquisition in 2012. To his credit, Mark Zuckerberg has stayed fairly hands-off, although Instagram’s changes to their feed this year suggests that may no longer be the case. Here’s the latest hint that Facebook might be taking […]

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    Circle With Disney Parental Control System Review

    One of the greatest challenges for parents is how to protect their children from the dangers of the internet while still giving them access to the wonders of it. There are many devices and apps that aim to help parents monitor and control access for the youngest members of the family. However, Circle with Disney may just be the simplest and […]

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    iOS 10 Will Have New Diverse Women Emoji

    We were pretty stoked to learn the Unicode, with some urging from Google, had put the finishing touches on a new system that would provide man and woman versions of each human emoji. Emoji equality achieved! Well, almost. Unicode made the magic happen, but as usual, it’s up to each platform to put their own […]

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    Grover Wants You to Rent Gadgets Instead of Buying Them

    While a lot of us still want to feel ownership over the gadgets we have, there’s an argument that that’s not the best way. With e-waste piling up worldwide because of probably too-fast yearly refresh cycles, it’s making more and more sense to rent a gadget until the next best thing comes out — it could be […]

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    These Latest Office 365 Features Are Awesome News for Students

    This is the part where we get to complain about kids these days. Microsoft is pushing out a handful of new features to Office 365 this month, and while Outlook and PowerPoint are both getting decent upgrades, it’s the new toys being added to Word that are really going to make students’ lives easier. If […]