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    This App Creates Personalized Cosmetics for You in Minutes

    We’ve seen plenty of apps that scan your skin tone to find matching cosmetics, nail polish, or hair dye, but MATCHCo takes it to another level. Not only will their app scan your skin tone, it’ll be able to analyze the data received and put in an order for custom-made cosmetics. The app uses the […]

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    Microsoft Adds Two Design Tools to Make Powerpoint Less Boring

    When we took a look at what Office 2016 had to offer, one of the features we were most excited about was that we’d always have new features to look forward to through Office Update. Being subscription-based, getting Office 2016 through your Office 365 subscription means getting regular updates for Office tools, making the new […]

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    Viber Has Brought the Chat Room Back – Come Chat With Us!

    Last month, Viber introduced public chats — a throwback to the chat rooms of old, where you could hop in and out and see what random strangers were talking about. Good or bad, it was always an experience. You can still find those Wild West-style chat rooms in some corners of the internet, but they’ve […]

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    Painting Lulu Takes the Coloring Book Digital

    Keeping kids entertained on the cheap — it’s one the pillars of parenting. Coloring books are a solid choice, but coloring is a hard sell these days if it doesn’t involve screen time. Painting Lulu is an app/coloring book combo that pulls that trick off cheaply, providing entertainment for the little ones and a little […]

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    L’Oreal Lets You Digitally Try New Hair Colors Before You Dye

    With augmented reality apps that let you try on nail polish and cosmetics under their belt, I guess we should have seen this new app from ModiFace coming. They’ve gotten together with L’Oreal brand Matrix to create a new app that will let you know exactly how your hair will look when dyed a new […]

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    Heroes Reborn Gets Its Own Video Game

    Heroes is back on television this fall in a limited-run miniseries called Heroes Reborn, and it looks like everyone involved is out to make the most out of it. In addition to the eBook, novels, webisodes, and an avalanche of fan theories, a mobile game and a PC/console game are coming to help bridge the […]



    AdBlock Blocks the Name of Its New Owner

    AdBlock users got something they aren’t used to seeing this morning — a pop-up. While it wasn’t an ad, it was a harbinger of ads to come, bearing the news that AdBlock will now join fellow blocker AdBlock Plus’ Acceptable Ads program, which maintains a whitelist of ads that aren’t blocked by default. That probably […]

  • jackpocket


    App Lets You buy Lottery Tickets From Your Phone

    Earlier this year, CNBC ran a story about the New York lottery making it harder to win big jackpots and easier to win small prizes in an effort to boost ticket sales, which fell 19 percent nationally and 44 percent in New York for Powerball. Turns out, that’s not the only thing out to get […]

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    7 Reasons Why Microsoft Office 2016 Is A Worthy Upgrade

    Almost three months after Windows 10 launched, Microsoft is now ready to bring Office 2016 out of preview and into homes and businesses everywhere. Office 2016 represents a remarkable departure for the desktop version of the software — once a standalone suite, Office is getting loads of new features that take advantage of our tendency […]

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    Millions of Chinese Users Affected by App Store Hack

    When we hear about malicious code in mobile apps, it’s usually from Android apps downloaded from sources other than Google Play, abusing the open source nature of Android while getting around Google’s vetting process. We don’t usually hear these kinds of stories about Apple, which has an iron grip on iOS apps thanks to strict […]

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    Nail the Perfect Manicure Shade with the ManiMatch App

    Until we get our hands on Microsoft’s HoloLens, the potential of augmented reality is going to go untapped — with one exception. The beauty industry has been the most active and inventive in putting augmented reality to work, with companies like ModiFace bringing us apps that allow you to virtually try on cosmetics using a […]

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    Dropbox is Giving Away 25 GB of Storage to Winning College Students

    Let the questionably interesting games begin — cloud storage isn’t going to be competing with the Olympics for edge-of-your-seat action anytime soon, but at least with Dropbox’s games, there probably won’t be as many dubious construction contracts. College students can feel guilt-free to compete in the Campus Cup, a series of challenges taking place over […]

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    Donde App Redefines How to Search for Your Next Outfit

    Online and mobile shopping for fashion can be downright frustrating: I’m always baffled by the different terms used to organize the same item from site to site, and online shopping tools that just don’t work on a smartphone. I usually work around this online shopping nonsense by searching for a particular brand and model name […]

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    There’s a Tinder-like App for One Percenters

    If you’re among the top one-percent and want to date like-minded individuals, or you simply want to mingle with singles in the millionaire club, then you need to swipe right to the Millionaire Match mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. Unlike popular dating apps on the market like Tinder, Millionaire Match actually began […]

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    If You’re a Student, You Might Be Able to Get Microsoft Office For Free

    University students already get a pretty sweet deal with Office 365 University, paying a one-time fee of $80 for a four-year subscription to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite. But, some students out there might be eligible for an even sweeter deal — paying nothing at all. It’s called Office 365 Education for Students, and eligibility depends […]

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    Microsoft’s New Sway App is PowerPoint on Steroids

    PowerPoint — as useful it is, just the mention of the name has the affect of an Ambien. While it’s possible to make visually appealing, flowing presentations using PowerPoint, it takes a lot of familiarity with the program to pull off. Sway, Microsoft’s new cloud-based presentation app, set out to make it easy for anyone […]