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    Google Introduces Free, Ad-Supported Radio to Google Play Music

    As a streaming service, Google Play Music has gotten lost in the weeds — struggling to compete with Spotify while lacking even the notoriety of Tidal. Google is taking a crack at righting the ship by introducing a free, ad-supported radio service. Free. Ad-supported. No one could possibly be upset by this. Fortunately for Google, […]

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    Orange is the New App is Just in Time for Season 3 Binges

    Done watching season three? It’s been five days, so yeah, you’ve probably watched it at least twice. Now it’s time to do your duty as a committed fan and bug everyone else in your life to follow suit. You will do that with official Orange is the New Black memes, because you can now download […]

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    How to Become a Hermit Using Apps

    Silicon Valley’s mission is to disrupt the front door. That can be the only explanation for the barrage of apps designed to guarantee that when you get out of bed, it’s only because you want to or a delivery guy is knocking, thanks to Amazon taking their sweet time in building a network of delivery tubes that […]

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    Ditch Your Phone Number for a URL With Toky

    The mission statement of Toky is to kill the phone number. It’s good to aim high. Toky might not quite get there, but there’s no denying that the new VoIP service will hit the sweet spot for a lot of people looking to cut down on the number of people blowing up their real phone. […]

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    Windows 10 Release Date is Officially July 29th

    In what must have been an effort to show up the few who picked up on Newegg accidentally posting a release date of August 31 for Windows 10, Microsoft has announced the official release date of Windows 10 today. Turns out, we’ll get the upgrade even sooner than we thought we would last week — […]

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    Are Monitoring Apps Depriving Kids of Their Childhood?

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised — developers and manufacturers are making loads of services and devices to track and monitor kids, and parents are enthusiastically putting them to good use. It’s not a popular decision with kids who have the misfortune of being raised in a post-privacy world, but it’s been a boon for […]

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    Toothbrush Loyalty Program Might Encourage You to Visit the Dentist

    Want a better reason to brush than just because your dentist tells you to? Here’s one, courtesy of a smart toothbrush and its companion app—a loyalty program of sorts that rewards good oral hygiene with discounts at the dentist’s office. That’s the promise of Beam Technologies, according to an Ad Age report. Two years ago, […]

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    Spotify Adds Video, Podcasts, and Fitness Features

    Today, Spotify announced its biggest change to its service yet, branching out to become an all-in-one entertainment service. Soon, Spotify users will be able to access podcasts and video from the app, along with some cool new features for people who listen to Spotify while exercising. As seemingly always with streaming services, it’s a move […]

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    Microsoft Hyperlapse Makes Videos Smoother

    We all know the problem with vacation pictures—we take so many that no one really wants to look through them all afterwards. It’s the same deal for action cam videos—that five-hour hike up the mountain was pretty awesome when you were living it, but your hike was not as exciting as the extended version of […]

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    Create a Disposable Number for Craigslist with Texting

    RingMeMaybe, the disposable U.S. phone number generator and must-have for anyone doing anything on Craigslist, got a big update this week. Not only has the look of the app been updated for iOS 8, a few new features have been thrown in that make disposable numbers just a bit more handy. The big one is […]

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    You Don’t Urinate on a Google Map and Expect to Get Away with it

    Since 2008, you could use Google Map Maker to submit your own edits to Google Maps. Because Google Maps is not currently covered by roads contorted into shapes that I’ll leave to your imagination, you can conclude that Google wisely implemented some sort of approval and moderation process for those crowdsourced edits. Well, they had […]

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    Want Your Deep Dish Now? Pizza Hut Adds GPS Tracking to App

    Let’s get one thing straight, first—the crown prince of tech-friendly pizza is and will always be Domino’s, whose introduction of the Pizza Tracker seven years ago, only a short time after the iPhone itself came out, was a transformative moment in my college career. The wonder I felt when first using the Pizza Tracker is […]

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    Replace Your Keyboard’s Emojis with M&M’s

    Well, we always felt like iOS was the platform most in need of an improved keyboard. Looks like it’s getting just that with the M&M’s Keyboard—who needs swiping when you can have a dedicated gif button? The M&M’s Keyboard replaces the old keys with M&M’s, along with new sound effects, which from the sounds of it […]

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    iOS and Android Apps Coming to Windows 10

    Unlike Apple and Google, which have come to use their developers conferences as major press events for new announcements, Microsoft’s Build conference more or less kept things strictly about the developers, with a lot of discussion about new coding tools and backend software that shows off Microsoft’s still-formidable behind-the-scenes prowess. But, there was one big […]

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    Tensio is an Apple Watch App That Helps Manage Your Blood Pressure

    We’ll be honest, a lot the Apple Watch apps we’ve seen in the early going have been of, let’s say questionable usefulness. An early app that looks to buck that trend is Tensio, an app that adds to the Apple Watch’s health tracking functionality by adding a way to manage your blood pressure. While it’d […]