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    Microsoft’s New Sway App is PowerPoint on Steroids

    PowerPoint — as useful it is, just the mention of the name has the affect of an Ambien. While it’s possible to make visually appealing, flowing presentations using PowerPoint, it takes a lot of familiarity with the program to pull off. Sway, Microsoft’s new cloud-based presentation app, set out to make it easy for anyone […]

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    Gene Roddenbery’s White Room: 02B3 is Reinvented for 360° VR App

    The late Gene Roddenberry was once at the forefront of science fiction — with Roddenberry 360°, his son Rod might be following in his footsteps. The new venture is dedicated to creating 360° and VR entertainment, starting off with a short 15-minute film called White Room: 02B3. The film itself isn’t new — it’s been […]

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    Don’t Tweet the Poop Emoji to These People

    You might want to take your time tweeting out emojis to Fooji, because I don’t know what’s in store for you if you make a mistake. Fooji is a new and gimmicky and kinda fun way to order food. Dispensing with trifles like words and being able to choose exactly what you want from where […]

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    5 Surprises Intel Has Ready for Their RealSense Technology

    Around this time last year, Intel gave the world the first look at the RealSense technology, which uses an array of cameras and sensors to track movement and depth of field — in other words, this isn’t your average webcam. Since they demonstrated their floating display concept, other companies have put RealSense technology into their […]

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    Convoi App is a Great Google Voice Alternative

    If you wanted a phone number without the phone company — a dream come true for anyone who lives their lives one Wi-Fi hotspot at a time — you would need to at least pay for credits using Google Voice or Skype. A new service called Convoi is looking to offer the same thing, just […]

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    Try on Makeup Before You Buy – With TryItOn App

    Beauty is getting smarter all the time — the latest app bringing health and beauty into the future is TryItOn Makeup, a simple app that works with major cosmetics brands to let you preview how products will look on your face before you buy. Next time you’re at the cosmetics counter and don’t really want […]

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    Mastercard Wants Selfies to Replace Pin Numbers

    Usually when biometric authentication methods get kicked around, we hear about fingerprint pads and imagine the retinal scanners we’ve seen in so many science fiction movies. Mastercard is more interested in something like the latter, but they’re calling it something they hope will resonate with the young folks — verification by selfie. The Daily Mail […]

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    AC/DC Finally Gives In To On-Demand Streaming

    One of the very few acts to resist streaming music has finally given way. Australian rockers AC/DC have joined the streaming movement alongside the launch of Apple Music, but make no mistake, they’re going all in — the full (and very large) AC/DC catalog will now be available on-demand on Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, […]

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    Can’t Assemble Your IKEA Furniture? BILT App Can Help

    Translator apps are always useful. Good for facilitating communication, fostering understanding, all that good stuff. Bilt, I guess, is sort of a translator app — one that translates the arcane language of the instruction manual and sends you an interactive, crystal-clear walkthrough that makes building anything as easy as if you got it from IKEA. […]

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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Review

    These days we are all recording hours of video each month. What are you doing with it? Do you need a good program to help you put all that footage together and make it look nice? Adobe has long been a leader in digital video editing and the Premiere Elements software has been a great […]

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    Google Introduces Free, Ad-Supported Radio to Google Play Music

    As a streaming service, Google Play Music has gotten lost in the weeds — struggling to compete with Spotify while lacking even the notoriety of Tidal. Google is taking a crack at righting the ship by introducing a free, ad-supported radio service. Free. Ad-supported. No one could possibly be upset by this. Fortunately for Google, […]

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    Orange is the New App is Just in Time for Season 3 Binges

    Done watching season three? It’s been five days, so yeah, you’ve probably watched it at least twice. Now it’s time to do your duty as a committed fan and bug everyone else in your life to follow suit. You will do that with official Orange is the New Black memes, because you can now download […]

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    How to Become a Hermit Using Apps

    Silicon Valley’s mission is to disrupt the front door. That can be the only explanation for the barrage of apps designed to guarantee that when you get out of bed, it’s only because you want to or a delivery guy is knocking, thanks to Amazon taking their sweet time in building a network of delivery tubes that […]