Ali Heriyanto

Ali resides in New York City and is proud to be one of the few ladies out there with MCSE and A+ certification, though somehow she ended up working in corporate real estate. Once a vehement anti-macite, Ali now prefers the world of Macs, but still has a fondness for PCs. She can also knock Xbox 360 controllers with the best of them, and is super obsessed with sound quality when listening to headphones or speakers. Her current obsession is attempting to get some sleep!

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    Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 – Same Great Comfort with Even Better Sound: Review

    For many, when they think of Bowers and Wilkins, one thing comes to mind—their flagship P5 headphones. These premium, travel-friendly headphones have wowed consumers and celebrities alike with their top-notch sound quality and stylish design. It’s a good enough product to impress even the most finicky audio enthusiasts. But, it’s been a while since they’ve […]

  • Moto 360

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    Moto 360 is Here But Do You Want It? – Review

    The Moto 360 has finally arrived, and just in time. This isn’t your typical smartwatch, but a finely crafted timepiece. While Android Wear provides the brains to this beauty, it’s the physical design of the Moto 360 that stands out in the crowded smartwatch marketplace. But, do you want it? Do you even need it? Our Moto […]

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    Did Your Summer Suck? 9 Books That Will Make You Feel Better

    So the summer is practically over and you know what? Good! It was the most awful summer of my life. In fact, it couldn’t go away quick enough. Bring on the winter. I’m ready for short days, cold, snow, and hiding fat under my sweater. About the only thing that was worthwhile this summer were […]

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    Hands on with Sharp AQUOS Crystal, An Affordable and Frameless Smartphone

    Sharp hasn’t been the biggest player in the smartphone market, but they are definitely impressing us with their new AQUOS Crystal smartphone for Sprint. For starters, this phone has just what we have been dreaming about – and that is a five-inch borderless HD display that goes right to the edge of the phone. The […]

  • TravelBoy Backpack


    Game Boy Inspired TravelBoy Backpack is Nostalgia for Your Back

    We love anything that reminds us of being a kid again and the latest backpack from ThinkGeek does just that.  Timely launched during Game boy’s 25th anniversary year –  Travelboy, a  Gameboy inspired backpack will hold your stuff and then some. We are talking several pouches and compartments to hide vinyl toys and of course […]

  • 2014 Kia Soul

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    2014 Kia Soul is a Still a Party Animal on Wheels: Review

    Don’t be fooled by how cute this cubular shaped car is, because when it comes to driving, the Soul packs a punch and really performs. To that effect, the 2014 Kia Soul has upped the ante by using better quality materials, increasing the shock absorption, and increasing the rigidity by 28.7%. Kia has also redesigned […]

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    We Get Up Close with the Tory Burch for Fitbit Collection

    This is for you Tory Burch fans. The Fitbit has gone glam, not that they were ever dull to begin with – but they have just turned it up a notch x 100. This new collaboration between Fitbit and Tory Burch has produced some stunning pieces that is sure to attract newbies to the Fitbit […]

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    Celebrate World UFO Day with These 9 UFO Inspired Shows

    Today is World UFO day. “Why?” you might ask. Because the Roswell incident happened on July 2, 1947. This is a date that is near and dear to all those that believe we are not alone. On this date, a mysterious metal wreckage was discovered on a ranch and it was also the first time […]

  • Quirky


    This is What Happened When We Called Quirky’s Least Important CEO

    Yes, Ben Kaufman actually picked up! Perhaps you’ve noticed Ben around town – he is the portly man who has recently been spotted rubbing the feet of Garthen Leslie, the inventor behind Quirky’s latest product offering – the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner. But if you thought that commercial was odd, then you may have also noticed that Quirky has been […]

  • 2014 Outlander

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    2014 Mitsubishi Outlander is a No Frills Solid Crossover – Review

    If you are looking for a solid crossover vehicle that delivers in safety, but is a bit more reserved in technology offerings, then look no further than the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander. This is a solid vehicle that is tops when it comes to safety and handling. While many of the other Crossover vehicles seem to focus […]

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    Withings Activité is the Rolex of Wearables

    Withings may have just shown everyone who is boss when it comes to smart timepieces. But first we need to give credit where it’s due – to that effect, Withings has been in the “smart” game for some time now. They were actually creating smart health devices before there was Fitbit and every other Joe […]

  • Summer 2014


    13 Must-Have Gear for Summer + Headphones Giveaway!

    It was a long, bitter, cold Winter and now that Summer 2014 has finally landed (Spring, we hardly knew you) it’s time to load up the car with some essential Summer gear. That means everything from headphones to hangover pills. We have 13 essentials items that will make your Summer 2014 memorable as well as […]

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    Beats Top Selling Headphone Gets a Facelift, the Solo2 Review

    It has been quite a few weeks for the Beats brand, yet being acquired by Apple almost seems like a distant memory at this point. Especially, after this week’s debut of The Game Before the Game commercial which celebrates great footballers – and some other not so random sports superstars like Lebron and Serena. But […]

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    Beats Partners with Snarkitecture to Deliver a White As Snow Beats Studio and Pillow

    Beats has been very busy! Apple news aside, the company is still pumping out new headphones and unique one-off pieces transforming their headphones into works of art. They just debuted the next generation of the Solo on-ear headphones, the Solo2. Now, Beats has partnered with Snarkitecture, a collaborative practice created by Daniel Arsham and Alex […]

  • Ted Baker Over Audio Headphones_Group

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    Bespoke Clothing Retailer Ted Baker Takes on the Audio Business

    Another day, another Bluetooth speaker. It seems to be a common trend these days. So much so, that even high-end luxury retailers are still continuing to try their hand at it. Enter Ted Baker, a UK clothing retailer who has refined, and redesigned what they perceive a Bluetooth speaker and headphones should look like. The […]

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    New Maleficent Dolls Are Simply Stunning, Wings and All

    Well, well Maleficent is almost here – can you taste it? How wonderful. Back in February, we got a sneak peek at the first of many Maleficent dolls that would be hitting the market just in time for the movie premiere. But while Aurora might appeal to many, our heart is set on Maleficent herself – […]

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    Bose SoundTrue Headphones Review: A Classic, Gets a Facelift

    Can you make a classic pair of headphones cool again? Well, Bose is certainly hoping so with their latest crop of colorful Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones. With a fresh new look, the SoundTrue headphones have replaced the older and more conservative Bose OE2i and AE2i headphones. These headphones, on the other hand, are more vibrant than […]