Ali Heriyanto

Ali resides in New York City and is proud to be one of the few ladies out there with MCSE and A+ certification, though somehow she ended up working in corporate real estate. Once a vehement anti-macite, Ali now prefers the world of Macs, but still has a fondness for PCs. She can also knock Xbox 360 controllers with the best of them, and is super obsessed with sound quality when listening to headphones or speakers. Her current obsession is attempting to get some sleep!

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    A Tale of Two Felines at Toy Fair 2014

    Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub took over Toy Fair this year. The social media darlings were all the rage at the big toy show, from posters plastered along the sides of booths, to signs hanging from the rafters of the Javits Center – the cats have come out to play this year. So why all […]

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    LEGO Booth Tour at Toy Fair 2014 – Brick by Brick [Images]

    LEGO is having an amazing year so far and it is only going to get better as we get further along in 2014. From building sets that include The LEGO Movie, Chima, Hero Factory, to licensed themes that feature everyone from Marvel Super Heroes to the Avengers – if you are a LEGO fan, get […]

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    Beats Studio Wireless Review (2014)

    Whether it is Ellen dancing around in a fairy tale to the new Beats Music App, or Richard Sherman sporting Beats Studio headphones as he runs his mouth off – the Beats machine keeps trucking along as they continue to push out new models in their army of headphones. First was the Studio, so the next […]

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    Beats Pill XL Review: The Doctor Delivers a Bigger Dosage of Sound

    If you thought the Beats Pill was good, but perhaps not big enough on sound, here comes the Beats Pill XL. The Beats Pill XL delivers an extra dosage of power in a significantly larger body, but still maintains its original pill inspired shape, while making it a must have at any party. But if […]

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    Everything About the Lego Movie is Awesome: Review

    “Everything is Awesome,” that pretty much sums up The Lego Movie debuting this weekend. The theme song, which will quickly brainwash you and your kids alike, is just one example of how cheeky and adorable The Lego Movie is. This wonderful little film; that took nearly 5 years to make, tells the tale of an […]

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    The Adult Lego Watch Has Arrived: Review

    There have been many imitators, but LEGO is finally getting into the watch business for adults. Until now, their LEGO watches have been targeted at kids, but now the adults are getting some LEGO time and these aren’t just one-off pieces. There will be a collection of about 24 watches available, and they tell a […]

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    Brooks Transcend’s the Running Shoe: Review

    When the Brooks Transcend running shoe landed a few weeks ago – we didn’t know what to expect as this shoe is being marketed as something so futuristic and out of this world, that literally a space ship delivered them to us. No, seriously – check out the video below to see what we mean. […]

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    Dyson’s Newest Vacuum DC59 Cuts the Cord

    Dyson is back at it again with two updates to their growing line of powerful suctioning beasts. First up is the DC59 Animal, which is so much more than a cordless vacuum. This has the chops to go head to head with a traditional wired vac. The DC59 has been built to last 26 minutes […]

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    Luke, I Am Your Battery Charger

    Just when you though that battery packs were all the same boring old bricks, this comes along. So au contre mon frère – this is no ordinary portable battery charger – instead, the force is with this one. The Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber powers up your mobile devices while scaring the living daylights out […]

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    JBL Will Turn Your Tweets Into Tunes

    Just when you thought Twitter was getting stale, JBL manages to suck you right back in. In collaboration with the Grammys – fans can tweet anything they like using the following hashtags and Twitter handles: @JBLAudio, #JBLGrammys or #JBLTweetMusic to turn Tweets into music. That’s right, your most mundane and silliest tweets could turn into […]

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    Audience “Laughing and Cheering” During Veronica Mars Test Screening

    Veronica Mars fever is just beginning Marshmallows. Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, and Rob Thomas walked the red carpet of Variety’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards ceremony on Thursday, January 9th. Honorees Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell were on hand to accept the Breakthrough Award for Film for ‘Veronica Mars,’ from none other than ‘Dick’ himself […]

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    Lenovo Crowned PC Champ, Collects Over 40 Awards at CES 2014

    2014 is looking like it will be a very good year for Lenovo. According to industry figures from IDC and Gartner, Lenovo was the number 1 ranked PC company for all of 2013, overtaking giants Dell and HP. In reporting shipments for 4Q 2013, IDC said Lenovo achieved 18.6% global PC market share compared with […]

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    Hands On: iRobot Scooba 450

    Only a little while ago, iRobot refreshed the iRobot Roomba 800 series. Now it is the Scooba’s time to shine. The Scooba 450 has gotten a complete makeover. From the inside to the outside, the iRobot Scooba 450 is looking to sweep and mop your floor without you breaking a sweat. The Scooba 450 uses […]

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    JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker: Review

    Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days. Seriously, EVERYONE is making a Bluetooth speaker of some sort. So it really takes a lot to stand-out in the crowd and JBL has accomplished this feat with the JBL Pulse. In the Box JBL Pulse 1 USB adapter with USB Cable Quick-start guide Besides its […]

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    Limited Edition Batman Utility Belt Includes Batarang

    I guess you can say we have a thing for belts… specifically Batman’s utility belts. It was nearly three years ago when our minds were blown away by UD Replica’s take on the Dark Knight’s utility belt. That belt was designed to be edgy and compliment those going for the darker and broody Christian Bale […]

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    Clock Counts Down to Obama’s Last Day in Office

    Sure, President Obama’s presidency hasn’t been the easiest, and 2013 has been less than kind to him. For starters, there was that nasty government shutdown, the healthcare website debacle, and you know, the pesky NSA snooping that always seems to get in the way. On the other hand, it hasn’t been all bad while Obama’s […]

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    2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring: Review

    The 2014 Mazda6 has got it all – speed, impressive looks, and insane traction control on dirt roads. Because if you plan on spending a few days driving long straight roads in the middle of nowhere  in rural Texas – you might as well be in a car that will make a great companion on […]

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    Relive the Days of Dial-up with the Music Modem Instrument Keyboard

    Ahh, the sweet, sweet sounds of the dial-up modem – do you remember them? It wasn’t that long ago that we used to get our Internet fix from a 56k modem. That is, before the modem was silenced by DSL, Cable, and FIOS – there was a thrill we would all get as we logged […]