Ali Heriyanto

Ali resides in New York City and is proud to be one of the few ladies out there with MCSE and A+ certification, though somehow she ended up working in corporate real estate. Once a vehement anti-macite, Ali now prefers the world of Macs, but still has a fondness for PCs. She can also knock Xbox 360 controllers with the best of them, and is super obsessed with sound quality when listening to headphones or speakers. Her current obsession is attempting to get some sleep!

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    2013 Cadillac SRX AWD Review: The SUV That Has a CUE

    The Cadillac. A car that has been entrenched in American culture since its inception all the way back in 1902. To own a Cadillac was a sign you made it – it represented the American Dream. Today, the brand is associated with class and prestige, but in a whole different way than our ancestors ever […]

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    Torque is the Quick Change Artist of In-Ear Headphones: Review

    Torque is an innovative new pair of in-ear headphones that looks to cater to all discriminating audio tastes. While so many companies continue to pump out headphones and earphones ad nauseam, you have to give props to this new company for thinking outside the box – instead of offering more of the same thing to an […]

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    Queen Latifah Talks to the Queen Behind Siri: Susan Bennett

    It’s not Barbara Walters who is getting an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with Susan Bennett (the voice of Siri). But  it’s Queen Latifah! Pretty surprisingly, not Ellen, nor Oprah could score this interview. So maybe we really should bow down to the queen! In any case, Bennett recently chose to step into the spotlight […]

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    This is One Lady You Don’t Want To Help Cross the Road

    No this isn’t a scene out of GTA. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Instead of the driver mowing down a pedestrian on purpose, the pedestrian almost gets a driver killed by thinking she can out run the car while crossing the street. Daredevils come in all shapes and sizes apparently. Didn’t she see […]

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    TAG Heuer Adds Even More Luxury to Meridiist II Line of Smartphones

    Your iPhone 5S may have a fingerprint on its home button, but can it fetch you caviar in the middle of the night? Well the 2nd generation of the TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile devices have been unveiled and boy does it pack in luxury. To that effect, what it lacks in fingerprint scanners, it makes […]

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    Bigs Hugs Elmo is Ready To Give You a Big Squeezzzeee: Review

    Who doesn’t want a hug from Elmo? Over the years Elmo has wanted us to tickle him, dance with him, laugh with him, and even sing with him. Baby Elmo even wanted us to feed him. But now all Elmo wants is a hug and boy does he have lots of hugs to share. The […]

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    Travel As Mario Would with the Travel Boy Carry-on

    Packing and unpacking is no easy task, but if you are a traveling tech journalist or a geek at heart – then the Travel Boy Carry-On Luggage is a must have piece of traveling arsenal. The travel boy carry-on luggage easily fits all of your necessities. That includes lots of pockets and zippers for all […]

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    Monster’s Colorful Android Tablets are a Walmart Exclusive

    If you didn’t have your fill of bargain basement Android Tablets – Monster is shockingly taking a stab at it. Yes, the brand behind A/V cables, headphones, and just about everything audio related is dipping its toe in these muddy fractured waters. What will make this tablet different and yet still affordable? Well it will […]

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    Burberry iPhone 5s Cases Debut at Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Show

    The dust hasn’t even settled yet from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, yet that hasn’t stopped fashion house Burberry from wowing London crowds on Monday. Burberry kicked off the week with their Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 show at London’s Hyde Park. Now we are fans of their lovely trench coats and the infamous Burberry […]

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    Philips Sonicare Airfloss Makes Flossing Fun: Review

    Flossing, it can be such a pain. You take that slippery wax string and slide it up and down in between your teeth, and the dirt usually ends up on your medicine cabinet mirror. So the reality is, that while it’s nice in theory, how many of us religiously floss? I know of a few […]

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    Barbie Stays Put in Malibu – Pulls Dreamhouse Off the Market

    Earlier this year, Barbie put her Dreamhouse on the market, with Mr. Million Dollar Listing Broker Josh Altman, as her listing broker. It was a pretty big deal, after all – Barbie was moving and where she decided to end up would be anyone’s guess. The cosmopolitan blonde would have to pick someplace that lived up […]

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    ‘NSYNC Wants You Back: Band Joins Twitter Ahead of MTV VMAs

    We hope Brooklyn doesn’t blow up tomorrow! Between the dueling pop-divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and everything in between, we’re not sure that the borough can handle all of this pop-culture drama. The Barclays Center might also get another surprise in the form of an ‘NSYNC reunion. But are you ready to have your […]

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    Elmiraj Cadillac Concept Car Takes Luxury to New Heights

    You know you want it, but you can’t have it. The Elmiraj Concept was given the rooftop treatment in grand New York style this week. Sleek, sexy, and state of the art – this concept car just oozes luxury. And if the Elmiraj reminds you of another car, then you would be right, since the […]

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    KEF M500 Hi-Fi Headphones Are Simply Masterful [Review]

    KEF, well known for their luxurious Hi-Fi Speakers, has decided to take on the consumer headphone market. And so far things have been going quite nicely, since their flagship M500 Hi-Fi headphones were recently awarded the 2013 reddot design award. And this comes as no surprise since the M500 are headphones that are completely new […]

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    Munitio SV Earphones Review – the Best In-Ears You Never Heard Of

    If you haven’t heard of Munitio’s audio products, then it’s time to check them out. Their latest Munitio SV earphones deliver big sound in a tiny package. As a matter of fact, they perform sonically better than some on-ear headphones – and for a much more reasonable price tag. In the Box MUNITIO SV Earphones […]

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    12th Doctor Who Announced, But What if it Had Been a Woman?

    The Twelfth Doctor Who has been chosen and guess what? It is another man. Not that we have anything against men, but would it have been too much to ask for a woman to be the next Doctor? For a show that tends to be progressive (remember Torchwood was a spin-off), Doctor Who can still be […]