Ali Heriyanto

Ali resides in New York City and is proud to be one of the few ladies out there with MCSE and A+ certification, though somehow she ended up working in corporate real estate. Once a vehement anti-macite, Ali now prefers the world of Macs, but still has a fondness for PCs. She can also knock Xbox 360 controllers with the best of them, and is super obsessed with sound quality when listening to headphones or speakers. Her current obsession is attempting to get some sleep!

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    Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones Review: The Little Headphones with Big Cojones

    Bowers and Wilkins is known for making quality audio equipment. Why else would they ship a glossy little book with every P3 headphone purchase, accentuating just how good these cans really are! So while other manufacturers continue to produce more of the same headphones, with the P3 headphones, Bowers & Wilkins has actually catered to those who […]

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    Has Koss Made the Perfect In-Ear Headphones for Ladies?

    Well, lets put it this way – they certainly hope so, especially since they consulted a woman – specifically Olympian Dana Torres, to design this new line of Fit Series Headphones. Koss labels these headphones as “Designed for women, by women”. So what makes this series of headphones particularly feminine? Well, both the FitBuds and […]

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    2013 Kia Rio SX is Small in Size, Big in Performance [Review]

    The 2013 Kia Rio SX is going to shake up the subcompact world of automobiles. The vehicle is available in both a 4 door sedan and a 5 door version, with the 5th door being the hatchback. In any case, this isn’t our first time behind the wheel of a Kia Rio – last year […]

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    Gangnam Style Gets Blinged to the Tune of $60K

    Wow, just wow! Just when we thought Gangnam Style was heading to the one-hit-wonder grave, some celebrity went ahead and commissioned their very own diamond studded PSY. Brillance.Com are the folks behind this ridiculously opulent pendant with 6.25ctw round and oval cut pave diamonds. That makes the total diamond count for this piece a whopping […]

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    Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX 3D Review

    If you threw both Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans into the same room… it would be difficult to say which group would survive that death match, but suffice it to say, J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek is the clear winner when it comes to reigniting a franchise. So for now, those with […]

  • Urban Style Chevy Impala Launch Event - MILK Studio


    2014 Chevrolet Impala Launch Works the Urban Lifestyle Crowd

    The Chevrolet Impala might be best known for being the law enforcement car of choice, but with the debut of the 2014 Impala, this is one car that’s not just for cops anymore. The 2014 Chevrolet Impala turns up the sex appeal with its continued sleek, yet muscular design that harks back to Chevy’s muscle […]

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    Monster’s Diamond Tears Edge Headphones Sparkle and Shine [Review]

    Are diamonds forever? Well Monster is certainly hoping so with their Diamond Tears Edge Headphones. These are an exquisite pair of headphones inspired by the gem that bares its name. It’s not often you wear headphones that make a statement from the inside and out, but the Diamond Tears Edge is one rock you’ll want […]

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    Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 Table Fan Review

    It’s too hot, it’s too cold. That is what this Spring season has been like so far here in New York. So how do you remedy your home climate when you constantly have to keep fluctuating the temperature day by day, but really don’t want to put the heat on full blast or turn on […]

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    Monster Debuts Uber Luxury Inspiration Hublot Headphones at Baselworld

    Hublot, better known for being curators of fine jewelry watches, have partnered with Monster to make the ultimate precision made pair of headphones. This isn’t the first time the luxury watch maker has deviated from watches. They have also tried their hand with unique products like bicycles, sleds, speakers and cuff links just to name […]

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    Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones Sound Too Good to be Wireless

    Jabra is continuing to delve deeper and deeper into the world of consumer lifestyle audio products. The Jabra Solemate Bluetooth speaker was just the beginning. Their latest effort is the Jabra REVO Wireless headphones. Now Jabra has always been known for creating top of the line hands-free devices for the office or in the car. […]

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    Monster DNA White Tuxedo Headphones Review

    Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Monster. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. Last night at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Monster officially debuted their elegant new white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones. At the awards, Monster hosted a special backstage listening lounge where presenting and performing artists autographed special White […]

  • MediaKit_Baby


    SleepMat Sends Updates To Your Phone While Your Baby is Sleeping

    When it comes to bed time, it could be the most dangerous time for babies. New parents watch their newborns like a hawk when they sleep. They are watching to make sure they are breathing, hoping and praying they don’t cry, or making sure they don’t roll-over on their bellies – which could result in […]

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    Mazda 2013 CX-9 is a 7-Seater Crossover Even Singles Will Want [Review]

    The Mazda 2013 CX-9 has almost everything you would want in a 7 passenger vehicle. For starters, it offers sleek exteriors that give it a modern look without looking like a traditional boxy crossover SUV. It’s even wiped that signature ‘smile’ off of its grille and has gone with more of an open mouthed look […]

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    Beets Headphones Delivers Sound the Way the Farmer Originally Intended

    You know you want them and OrigAudio is making sure you get your very own pair of Beets headphones! Oh? Did you think we meant those…oh no, no, no, these headphones are spelled like the beet vegetable. Confused? Yeah so were we…in fact, if it wasn’t April 8th, I would think this was an April […]

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    E.T. is Finally Ready to Come Home – To You!

    It only took 30 years! E.T is celebrating a big birthday and is coming back to earth for awhile to make a killing on some E.T. wares before heading back ‘home’. One of the most impressive celebratory pieces so far is the Extra Terrestrial Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. This life sized prop is just begging […]

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    Tokidoki x SOL REPUBLIC Headphones Delivers the Goods [Review]

    Art, fashion, and technology – would you ever imagine using those words when describing a pair of headphones? That is exactly what SOL REPUBLIC achieved when they collaborated with Tokidoki’s  Simone Legno. The Tokidoki x SOL REPUBLIC headphones are simply audio art candy for your head. To that effect, the partnership has produced not one […]

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    Equalizer iPhone 5 Case is a Party in Your Pocket

    Just when you thought iPhone 5 accessories couldn’t get anymore bizarre – the Equalizer case makes it debut. This new iPhone 5 hard case displays an equalizer light show for users as you listen to your tunes. Each equalizer bar will pulsate in tandem with the music or any background noise.  There also seems to […]

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    Hidden Radio Review – A Kickstarter Project

    Hidden Radio has come a long way since its grassroots days of being a Kickstarter Project back in Nov 2011. This little radio/Bluetooth speaker is finally ready for its close-up. John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria were successful enough to collect nearly a million dollars in funding thanks to their Kickstarter campaign. With those […]

  • 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE

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    2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review

    The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport may not be the most exciting crossover on the market, but it is certainly one of the most functional. The Outlander Sport seats five and has enough cargo room for some solid Costco shopping. It handles on the road well too, especially when making sharp turns or making its way around […]