Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a B.A. in psychology from UCLA and an M.A. in international relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    Funko Frenzy – A Ton of Good Stuff Announced at London Toy Fair

    Got a shelf (or room) dedicated to Funko figurines? Then we’re guessing you get as excited as we do for new Funko releases — and they come fast and furious these days. Funko basically has an iron grip on our wallets with their Pops and plushies, and they’re not letting go anytime soon. Here’s the good […]

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    These Pokémon Fusions May Mean Professor Oak Has Lost Control of Himself

    When someone’s been studying Pokémon for as long as Professor Oak has, they have to get curious, right? Well, turns out, the good professor isn’t the mastermind behind these Pokémon fusions — that would be fan artist Seoxys, who has put her imagination to work by thinking up all kinds of Pokémon hybrids! Here’s some of her best, and if […]

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    We’re Fainting Over How Good This Pokémon Fan Art Is

    As always, Eric Proctor’s art skills are super effective. We’ve loved his series of Grumpy Cat invading Disney movies and his teaming up Disney princesses with Eevees, and his series of Pokémon fan art is just as wonderful. We celebrated some of his work not too long ago, and now we’re back with even more! Here […]

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    Allume Wants to Make Personal Shoppers More Accessible and Affordable

    There’s a lot that sucks about shopping for clothes online — you can’t judge fit, you can’t feel the material, and there’s no way of telling whether or not a few items from different stores will actually coalesce into an outfit that looks good. But, if you’re wrapped up in juggling a family and a job, […]

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    Nintendo Just Dropped a Ton of (Mostly) Good News on Us This Week

    Nintendo has been on a hot streak for the past year — the Switch is amazing, cash is flowing, Mario got an amazing game, and all is right in the Mushroom Kingdom. So, you won’t be shocked to learn that Nintendo is very interested in keeping the good times rolling. This week saw a ton of […]

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    These Pokémon Valentine’s Day Cards are Totally Goofy and We Love Them

    It’s February — a wild romantic holiday is about to appear! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you, like many people of a certain age, met your significant other while playing Pokémon Go, you need a way to properly celebrate your love. Fortunately, the holiday has spawned a shadow greeting card industry boasting wordplay so corny, […]

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    This Series of Overwatch Portraits is On Point

    Few games in history have caused quite the outpouring of fan love that Overwatch has, and that’s led to some awfully amazing art. That includes this incredible series of portraits from artist VVernacatola of DeviantArt. With some amazing sketching, great attention to detail, and some beautiful splashes of color in the background, he’s created some fantastic work. […]

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    Here’s What We Learned About DNA Ancestry Testing By Taking Living DNA’s Test

    For years, family history research required laborious on-the-ground research (possibly including trips to multiple homelands) and/or assistance from the Church of Latter-Day Saints. It was delving into birth and death records, hunting down immigration papers, and contacting living relatives previously unknown. In the past decade, and especially in the past few years, a powerful new […]

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    These Overwatch Faerie Looks Need to Be Added to the Game ASAP

    The idea is so good, it would almost make us forgive Blizzard for loot boxes. We’re not going to go that far, though. Artist Faebelina on DeviantArt has made a whole series of Overwatch heroes as faeries, and with spring coming up (we can dream), we can’t imagine a better set of skins for Blizzard to go with! […]

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    Is Apple Really Having That Much of a Problem With iPhone X Sales?

    The honest answer is no one knows — Apple hasn’t and probably won’t specify how many units of the iPhone X they’ve actually sold. But, reports have been flying that the number has been disappointing. Nikkei reported over the weekend that Apple has cut production targets from 40 million to 20 million, meaning Apple now thinks it will […]

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    Fitness App Strava Has Forced the Military to Review Their Security Policies

    Even the military has a blind spot when it comes to just how much data we’re allowing apps and tech companies to collect — a blind spot that’s now endangering men and women stationed overseas. In November of last year, fitness app Strava updated something that seems harmless enough — a heat map of the world showing […]

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    This Fan Artist Captures the Heroes of Overwatch on Their Days Off

    There have to be some days when it’s OK for them to not be on the objective, right? Artist Monori Rogue out of Taiwan drew some of the characters of Overwatch not just in casual gear, but in a style that really speaks to us — they’re all women! Check them out, and if you want to […]

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    Elon Musk Has Some Boring Flamethrowers He’d Like to Sell You

    Elon Musk has a long history of cool ideas. One idea led to the mainstreaming of the electric car! One might take us to Mars. His latest is at the heart of The Boring Company — a tunneling enterprise that aims to dig massive underground tunnels to help alleviate car traffic above ground. There’s just one […]

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    These 12 Hello Kitty Rings Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

    Hello Kitty might be smile-challenged on account of the no-mouth-having (it’s all in the eyes, anyway), but you won’t have a problem getting happy about these Hello Kitty rings! A lot of different designers have had some fun with Hello Kitty over the years, and they’ve made some pretty impressive pieces of jewelry that you […]