Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    The Final Season of Game of Thrones Will Only Have Six Episodes

    When season seven of Game of Thrones airs this summer, it won’t quite be the end, but it’ll be close to it — at SXSW in Austin, Texas over the weekend, the show’s producers confirmed that season eight will only have six episodes. The producers have long been up front with the fact that season eight will be […]

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    Starbucks is Ringing in Spring with Cute Pastel Cups

    Ready for winter to be over? So is Starbucks. In the few days before spring starts, they’ll be using all-new pastel-colored cups at locations in the United States and Canada. And, prepare yourself — in a shocking twist, the mermaid logo is nowhere to be found. Because the world hasn’t totally gone mad, the change will […]

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    AT&T Now Has an Unlimited (Kind of) Data Plan for Prepaid GoPhone Users

    With T-Mobile bringing their unlimited data plan to prepaid through MetroPCS not too long ago, it’s not too surprising that AT&T is now doing the same with their prepaid GoPhone plans. AT&T has announced new unlimited and 6 GB plans for their prepaid customers, although there are similar restrictions to their lower cost postpaid Unlimited Choice […]

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    20 Stunning Fan Tributes to Beauty and the Beast

    Disney’s new take on Beauty and the Beast is finally coming to theaters on March 17, so we figured it’d be a good time to take a look at how the internet has reinterpreted the Disney classic over the years. As always, there’s been no shortage of talent dedicated to what may be Disney’s finest love […]

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    Sling TV Expands its Cloud DVR Beta to Amazon Users

    Sling TV is still working out how to implement what’s likely their most requested feature — DVR. Sling TV rolled out a cloud DVR feature to Roku users late last year, and now they’re adding it to a new First Look program. But, there’s been some changes made, and the beta still won’t be open to […]

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    Disney Looking for Middle Eastern Leads for Their Live Action Aladdin Remake

    As we know well by now, Disney is doing a live action remake for just about all of their classics. The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland (maybe not so much the sequel), and Cinderella were already a hit, Beauty and the Beast is coming out next week, and remakes for The Lion King (with Donald Glover and the return of James Earl Jones!), Mulan, Dumbo, The […]

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    One of the Many Live Action Little Mermaids Got a Trailer

    So, the thing about The Little Mermaid is, as a classic fairy tale, pretty much anyone can make a movie based on it — Disney doesn’t own the Brothers Grimm like they do everything else (I’m sure they would if they could). That’s led to an increasingly odd situation, where by my count, we have four live […]

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    Facebook Fully Rolls Out Their Latest Snapchat Clone, Messenger Day

    Continuing their apparent corporate strategy of undermining Snapchat, Facebook is launching their new Messenger Day feature this week in an update to the Messenger app. Introduced as a limited beta in Poland and some other markets late last year, Messenger Day is, essentially, Snapchat Stories — a compilation of photos and short videos that you take […]

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    Tivoli Adds Much Needed Modern Amenities to Their Iconic FM Radio

    Just about every tech company has tried to take the retro angle in the past ten years or so, but few do it right. Tivoli is one of the rare companies that does, which is why their latest product is such a big gamble. The company is known for its old fashioned speakers and radios, […]

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    Netflix and Hulu Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

    From the beginning, Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch was intended neither as a tablet nor as a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. That makes sense — Nintendo is still a games company, and they’ve long been more concerned with making fun games than with having the most power […]

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    First Set Shots from Thor: Ragnarok Show Off New Short Haircut

    One of your Disney-mandated three Marvel movies this year is Thor: Ragnarok, the third in the Thor series. The movie will have a much more poppy and science-fiction bent than The Dark World, and will introduce a few new characters who might just stick around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, from the set photos Entertainment Weekly dropped […]

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    Starburst Gets to the Point, Will Release Pink-Only Packs of Candy

    So, remember when Gardetto’s started making bags of only rye chips, because that was all anyone ever wanted to eat out of their snack mix? Others are learning. Starburst has realized what most have known all along — that pink is the best flavor, and it’s not particularly close. This year, they’ll finally cut the nonsense out […]

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    Oreo Dunks Cookies Using Drones, But You Can Probably Top Them

    Of all the things we’ve seen drones do lately, well, this is no Lady Gaga Super Bowl show. Some folks from Oreo went to the New York/New Jersey border earlier this week to jump start their cookie dunk social media challenge and dropped cookies into milk using drones, because drones are so hot right now. Sounds […]

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    Rock the Slopes With These Detachable Helmet Headphones

    Speaker helmets and aftermarket add-ons are nothing new to snowsports, but they’ve never been particularly convenient. In-line remotes and their tiny buttons aren’t the greatest match for snow gloves, and having a separate audio component can be annoying when putting the helmet on or taking it off. If that’s not a ready-made pitch for a […]

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    Jason Isaacs is On Board as the Captain in Star Trek: Discovery

    The oft-delayed Star Trek: Discovery has done a remarkable job staying out of the news, except for when new members of the cast are revealed. The big one was when Sonequa Martin-Green was introduced as the main character, a lieutenant commander on the Discovery. While that broke with the tradition of having a captain as the […]

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    Luma Home Wi-Fi Router System Review

    How do you fix Wi-Fi dead zones? Mesh networks! These Wi-Fi systems, made up of multiple wireless routers spread throughout the home, have become popular in the last few years. Before this new crop, you could get little devices called range extenders to help, but they weren’t always that powerful, were a pain to set up, and […]

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    Sonos Playbase is a Souped-up Soundbar Designed to Rest Under Your TV

    It’s the year of the soundbar! First we saw this sleek new bar from Samsung that managed to squeeze in proper bass performance, and now we’re getting this monster from Sonos. Admittedly, the Sonos Playbase isn’t exactly a soundbar — it’s much bigger — but it’s been designed sit under a TV and boom out sound, so […]

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    Disney Plays it Coy With First Shot of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

    After the cast of the Mary Poppins sequel came together last year, it looks like filming has gotten underway. Time for set shots! Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look, with a shot of Emily Blunt in the title role (and in one of surely many amazing outfits). With this sequel taking place during the Great Depression, it’s […]

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    Microsoft Gets Real With Young Girls to Get Them to Stay in STEM

    Kids dream. That’s what they do, until they start getting told not to dream anymore — I think that’s what’s called adulthood. But, nothing gets done without dreams, so us adults aren’t doing ourselves any favors by not encouraging kids to achieve. There’s no better example than girls and STEM. Microsoft, like a lot of us, […]