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From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Get Dual Harman Speakers

    Samsung acquired Harman for $8 billion last month mostly for their automotive technology, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be putting all their audio expertise to good use. Fonearena, citing unnamed sources, is reporting that their upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone will have dual stereo speakers, marking a significant improvement over previous models. The list of features […]

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    H2O Wireless is Offering an Amazing $40 8 GB Monthly Unlimited Plan

    If you’re always on the hunt for the best prepaid wireless plans out there, H2O Wireless might have just put themselves on top. Until the end of March, signing up for (or recharging, for current H2O customers) one of their monthly plans will lock in bonus monthly 4G LTE data, with the star of the […]

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    DuckTales is Officially Coming Back to Television Next Summer

    Besides a brief meme appearance on ESPN earlier this year, DuckTales has been off the air since 1990, which is about 26 years too long. Disney is fixing that with a new series on Disney XD, and they finally dropped a short teaser yesterday. On top of that, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Scrooge McDuck will dive again starting […]

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    Pokémon Go Chooses Sprint as a Partner Before Launching New Pokémon Next Week

    Remember the massive crowds that Pokémon Go generated back when the game first launched in the summer? Sprint’s hoping they start forming around their stores next week. That’s when the game’s developers, Niantic, are expected to announce new Pokémon (likely from the series’ second generation), the latest and most significant update in the game’s attempt at a […]

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    Fitbit Buys Up Parts of Pebble and Cancels Upcoming Pebble Smartwatches

    Pebble, the smartwatch company that rose to prominence as a Kickstarter success story in 2012, is no more. After weeks of increased speculation of a Fitbit buyout, both companies are confirming that Fitbit will acquire some of Pebble’s staff and intellectual property, discontinuing their product lines. All of the new Pebble products introduced in the […]

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    Beats Powerbeats3 In-Ear Headphones Review

    When Apple made their big iPhone 7 announcement in September, they managed to carve out the smallest sliver of time to introduce three new Beats products — the first set to directly benefit from the Apple’s acquisition of Beats. The Solo3 Wireless on-ears, Powerbeats3 in-ears, and the lighter BeatsX in-ears all have Apple’s new W1 chip, which enables […]

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    Nokia Phones Are Making a Comeback

    Do you miss the sturdy-as-a-brick heyday of the Nokia feature phone? Well, those days are back. Kinda. Nokia-branded feature phones are back on sale, starting with the new Nokia 216, but they’re not being made by Nokia. Well, they kinda are. It’s a long story. Try to stay with us on this. Microsoft purchased Nokia’s […]

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    Doughnut Burgers are Coming to Burger King for Hanukkah in Israel

    The time-honored tradition of donuts on Hanukkah is getting a meaty twist in Israel this year. Burger King, whose reign spans nations, is gifting the nation with eight days of doughnut burgers, and yes, they are exactly what they sound like. The SufganiKing (sufganiyah is doughnut in Hebrew) is a sugary, jelly doughnut, except instead […]

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    Instagram Finally Allows Users To Disable Comments

    Instagram is detailing their plans to help users prevent online harassment today, announcing a set of new account and commenting tools that will soon be available to all users. According to a blog post, the features should roll out to users over the next few weeks in an app update. Until now, it was only […]

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    Capcom Reveals Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite With New Trailer

    The rumors proved somewhat true — it’s not called Marvel vs. Capcom 4, but a new Marvel vs. Capcom game is indeed coming our way next year. Capcom showed off a teaser and a little gameplay footage of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim over the weekend, and we already know six of the characters who […]

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    Sense8 is Getting a 2 Hour Christmas Special

    Sense8 was a summertime hit for Netflix last year, but the Wachowskis’ emotionally-tinged sci-fi adventure has been out of our lives since then. Cold stuff from a show about empathy! Good news is, the long layoff is almost over — season two is coming to Netflix next year, but we’re getting a two-hour Christmas special in a […]

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    Amazon Go Will Be A Grocery Store That Eliminates Checkout Lines

    Back when self-checkout first arrived at retail and grocery stores nationwide, fears of millions of job losses for cashiers were stoked. That hasn’t happened, in large part because self-checkout is awful — too many terminals are out of order, the scales don’t always work properly, and some of them try to tell you to use a […]

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    Merge VR Makes Affordable Virtual Reality Much More Comfortable

    Earlier this year, we put together an introductory guide to virtual reality — handy for anyone planning on giving or getting a VR headset this year. We split the headsets up into two groups — headsets powered by high-end gaming PCs or video game consoles and headsets powered by smartphones. For the latter, with the exception of […]

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    A Barbie Movie Starring Amy Schumer is Coming in 2018

    Until now, Barbie’s film history has been limited to direct-to-DVD animated movies, but that’s going to change in a couple years. Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures, which had previously purchased a Barbie script, has managed to get Amy Schumer to get on board to rewrite the script and star. Schumer is better known for more adult […]

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    Plume Brings Wi-Fi Optimization to the Home

    The hottest new problem the tech industry is trying to fix doesn’t sound interesting, but it can make using the internet at home a much more pleasant experience. The problem? Routers! Routers can only route so much data so fast, and thanks to the proliferation of laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and now smart home devices, […]

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    Blink Brings Their Home Security Camera Outside With the Blink XT

    We’ve seen a lot of connected home security cameras in the past few years — Wi-Fi cameras that can stream video to a companion app or a web browser. What we’ve seen far less of are connected cameras built for outdoor use. For a while, the Netgear Arlo was the only strong option, and while Netgear […]

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    The First Trailer for the Reboot of The Mummy is Here

    Yeah, I know. Next June, The Mummy is getting unearthed once more, for the first time since the set of films starring Brendan Fraser wrapped up. Early indications suggest that the movie will go in a completely different direction than both Fraser’s 1999 The Mummy and the 1932 original starring Boris Karloff (as the title monster). Tom Cruise […]