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    Careful, These Disney Tattoos Might Send You to the Nearest Tattoo Parlor

    Usually, the Disney fan artists we feature go with a tablet or paper as their canvas, but every once in a while we spot someone doing incredible work on the canvas nature gave you! Chris Morris is a tattoo artist currently based in Cardiff, Wales, and while his artistic range is pretty wide, it’s his […]

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    Time to Buy Some New Overwatch Gear for Yourself for a Change

    You’ve spent who knows how much money decking out your mains in the finest skins — it’s probably time to spend a little on yourself! Wolvenstyle runs a pretty cool Etsy shop full of geeky goodies, and some of the Overwatch merch they’ve got are real standouts. Check out what they’ve got! This D.Va jacket can be purchased […]

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    We Tip Our Hats to These Old Western Justice League Superheroes

    Italian artist Denis Medri can make some pretty amazing sketches, but it’s his imagination that has us coming back — we loved his series of Star Wars characters stuck in an ’80s high school movie, and we’re just as into his twist on the Justice League. They’ve all gone back in time to the Wild West, […]

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    Disney Princesses Make Some Serious Fashion Statements in this Art Nouveau Series

    We’ve celebrated Hannah Alexander’s awesome artwork before, looking at her Alphonse Mucha-inspired series of Disney princesses. Well, those were from many years ago — she’s only gotten better since then, especially when it comes to dresses! Alexander has become something of a go-to for fresh cosplay inspiration, combining gorgeous artwork with some brilliant new dress ideas. […]

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    Here’s the Latest Single From a Pop Album Composed With the Help of AI

    Come this May, IBM’s Watson and a few of its AI colleagues will add a new line on their resumes — professional music composers. That’s when YouTube maven Taryn Southern will release I AM AI, an album full of songs composed with the assistance of several different AI programs available today. This week, Southern is releasing […]

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    Spotify Might Be Planning to Build Its Own Smart Home Speaker

    Today, we’ve got a wonderful example of our favorite kind of speculation — conclusions drawn from job openings! They don’t say anything concrete, but hey, that company can’t be hiring for that position for no reason, right? Well, music and tech blog Music Ally has just spotted a set of Spotify job postings that is giving off […]

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    Are Robot Olympics Next? Bots Are Already Playing These 7 Sports

    We’ve got the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics — are the Robot Olympics next? Maybe! The metal and wire crowd might not have any Phelpsian swimmers in its ranks yet, but sports-playing robots are becoming more and more common. They’re not exactly graceful or athletic just yet, but hey, they and their human friends are […]

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    These Disney Princesses Get Some Stunning New Royal Dresses

    She didn’t just stop with the royal jewels! Artist Andrea Meier continued her series of Disney Royal Jewels by giving the Disney princesses new royal gowns to go along with those gem-laden new crowns. The dresses are just as impressive, and if you’re impressed too, you can see more of Meier’s work on her DeviantArt page, her Facebook […]

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    This Gorgeous Pokémon Art is Almost Dreamlike!

    We see a lot of realistic Pokémon art in the community, so it’s refreshing to see a totally different angle once in a while! Finland-based artist Pauliina Linjama turns Pokémon dreamy with soft textures and beautiful backgrounds — she does some really lovely work! If you want to see more of what Linjama can do, you should check out […]

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    All The Black Panther Merch You Need for the Film’s Release

    Black Panther is out today! You’re going to see it, but this is 2018 — seeing the movie is only, like, 20 percent of the cultural experience of a Marvel movie, tops. You have to soak in the buildup, the post-release forum ranting, and, of course, the merch. There’s been some good stuff released ahead of […]

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    These Disney Princesses Finally Get the Shimmering Royal Jewels They Deserve

    They’re royalty, right? Then these Disney princesses need some lavish, resplendent jewels to go along with that title! Fan artist Andrea Meier gave them just that, taking the countries of origin and existing crowns for each character and imagining what their royal jewels would look like — including a few characters who have jumped up into the […]