Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    The Xbox One X is a High-Powered Console that Delivers 4K Gaming at 60 FPS

    Microsoft got their E3 started with a bang, revealing the new console that up until now had been codenamed Project Scorpio. That console is called the Xbox One X, and as everyone suspected, it’s capable of delivering gaming in HDR, 4K resolution, and 60 frames per second. That’s the gold standard for gaming right now, […]

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    Adam West, the Original TV Batman, Passes Away at 88

    Adam West, who played Batman in the ’60s television series and occasionally lent his voice to Family Guy, has passed away. According to a BBC report on Saturday, West died at 88 shortly after being diagnosed with leukemia. West was best known for playing Batman in the 1960s TV series on ABC — one of the rare times Batman […]

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    The IMAX VR Centers are Leading the Way for Virtual Reality

    It’s safe to say that virtual reality hasn’t been the explosive market many analysts had anticipated. While PlayStation VR has notched 1 million units in sales thanks to a lower price tag and an existing market of PS4 owners, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have struggled out of the gate, moving just 400,000 and […]

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    Samsung Brings Their New QLED Display to This Humongous Gaming Monitor

    Samsung came to CES earlier this year with a brand new set of premium panels using their QLED technology. QLED isn’t quite like OLED, but it does offer something approaching that level of performance, guaranteeing a wide color gamut and high contrast while being much cheaper and more durable. If that sounds awesome for PC […]

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    Netflix Responds to Sense8 Petitions with a Polite but Firm No

    Even before Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix, fans were spearheading Twitter campaigns to get the show renewed. The show was cancelled despite fan pleas, which only got louder since then. Well, this week, Netflix wanted to let fans know that they’ve heard their cries — and that that’s still not going to save their show. In a […]

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    Taylor Swift Finally Returns to Streaming, Releases Whole Catalog on Spotify

    About two years ago, Taylor Swift led the charge against streaming services giving artists short shrift. She yanked her whole catalog off Spotify in late 2014 alongside the release of her album 1989, citing the unfairness of free streaming to artists. She left her music on streaming services without free tiers, including Apple Music — but only after […]

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    Here’s a First Look at the OnePlus 5 Ahead of This Month’s Official Reveal

    Along with ZTE, OnePlus has dominated the conversation when it comes to premium Android smartphones priced under $500. Rumors suggest that that will still be true this year with the OnePlus 5, but the first official look at the phone is all about the design. Exclusive: This is the OnePlus 5 — Android […]

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    The Rest of the DuckTales Reboot Cast Has Been Revealed

    When we heard about the DuckTales reboot late last year, we were already pretty excited about David Tennant coming on as Scrooge McDuck — especially after he helped sing the theme song. We got a taste of the rest of the cast at that time, too, but this week Entertainment Weekly revealed the full cast ahead of the show’s […]

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    Holy Smokes Batman, Check Out this $800 Scale Model of the Classic Batcave!

    San Diego Comic-Con is about a month away, and Factory Entertainment has been busy making plays for your wallet paper. They’ve been serving up a steady stream of SDCC exclusive collectibles for preorder, but their latest just hit everyone with a wacky animated ‘Pow!,’ whether they’re headed to San Diego or not. Yes, that’s a […]

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    Pokkén Tournament Will be the First Pokémon Game for the Nintendo Switch

    When the Nintendo Switch was revealed to be a hybrid home/handheld console, a big chunk of the Nintendo faithful got jazzed up about the possibility of a main series Pokémon game on a home console. Well, earlier this week, those fans had to take that jazzy tune down into the minor key — during a Pokémon-centered Nintendo Direct […]

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    Best of Computex 2017

    Computex 2017 is winding down today, and after a week of massive processors and slim laptops, we’re ready to look back and pick our winners. That gets harder every year — Computex is on the upswing, with more and more exhibitors showing up to show off their goods. Even Dell, long absent from the halls of […]

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    Esports and AI Pushed Computing to New Heights at Computex 2017

    With Moore’s Law changing and Intel taking longer to shrink their transistors, there’s been talk of silicon becoming a thing of the past in the semiconductor industry. If silicon’s days are indeed numbered, it looks like it’s going to go out with a bang — thanks to a couple brand new, lucrative, and very power hungry […]

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    The 9 Craziest Cases and Mods We Saw at Computex 2017

    So, I’m going to just head this off at the pass — I’m well aware of how many super rad case mods I missed at Computex this year. That’s either a testament to my bad eyesight or, more likely, that there are more totally sweet case mods on the show floor than can possibly be covered […]

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    Skype’s Latest Update Makes it More Like All the Other Messaging Apps, Including Snapchat

    Next time your phone says Skype has been updated, brace yourself for some big changes. Microsoft has totally redesigned their video calling app, turning it into something that resembles the other major messaging apps out there, like Facebook Messenger, Line, or Viber. Emoji will figure more prominently. The change really is from the ground up — […]

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    The Acer Predator Z35P Looks Like a Solid Widescreen Curved Gaming Monitor

    In the market for a new gaming monitor? With resolutions going up and HDR becoming more and more widespread, it’s getting harder to tell which monitor makes the most sense to buy. For those that are trying to weigh their options carefully, the new Acer Predator Z35P seems like it might hit the sweet spot. […]