Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    Lego Power Rangers Idea is the Movie Tie-In We Need for Next Year

    The new Power Rangers movie comes out in March — trailer hype has already started — and it’d be a real shame if any pop culture event passed without a proper Lego set. We might just have a solution on Lego Ideas, the company’s platform for crowdsourcing set ideas. User bruceywan has gotten us started with a proper set […]

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    JBL Celebrates Turning 70 With Platinum Edition Headphones

    Harman has a good many audio brands under its belt (which will all soon be under Samsung’s), but one of their oldest predates even Harman itself. JBL was founded as an independent company in 1946 by James B. Lansing, once of Altec Lansing, and was acquired by what would become Harman in 1969. This year […]

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    Satellite Imagery Shows the Leaning Millennium Tower in San Francisco is Worse Than Previously Thought

    If San Francisco is trying to top Pisa, satellite imagery suggests they’re having success. Located downtown in the Financial District, the Millennium Tower has become a towering debacle this year, with revelations that the 58-story luxury condo skyscraper, which opened in 2009, has sunk into landfill far more and far faster than expected — enough to […]

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    iPhone 4 Survives After Months in a Frozen Lake Thanks to OtterBox

    The original story about a man finding a working iPhone 4 at the bottom of a drained, often frozen lake was posted on BuzzFeed last week, so chances are you’ve already been made aware of it by at least two or three other sites. So, instead of just retelling the story, we’re just going to hop […]

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    Netflix Finally Adds Offline Viewing

    It’s not quite the Holy Grail of Netflix, but it’s close — an update to the iOS and Android Netflix apps is enabling downloads for offline viewing. There are plenty of restrictions, unsurprisingly, but it’s a step toward finally having Netflix on flights or ground-bound public transportation without running through your data cap in the span […]

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    Skybuds True Wireless Earbuds Review

    2016 has been a big year for true wireless earbuds. Bragi and Earin got the ball rolling in 2014, crowdfunding competing earbuds that cut all cords — both the one between headphones and device and the one between the two buds. Both Bragi and Earin shipped this year, alongside products from bigger names like Jabra, Samsung, […]

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    Crossover Fighting Game Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Could Be Announced This Weekend

    The Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games has never been a mainstream hit, but it’s been a legendary force in the world’s arcades — the competitive scene around the series was thriving long before eSports became a multi-million dollar industry. While the last release, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been a healthy tournament mainstay since its […]

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    Mamma Mia! Nintendo Land is Coming to Universal Studios

    If you’ve ever wanted to a place to murder mushrooms, break bricks with your head, and hop down enormous green pipes, Universal Studios and Nintendo are about to make all those dreams come true. In a joint press release earlier today, the amusement park chain and the video game giant announced a partnership that will […]

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    Apple Trying to Move Away From Samsung as Supplier of Displays for iPhone 8

    In April, rumors started circulating that Apple was looking to add an OLED screen to next year’s iPhone for their big 10-year anniversary redesign. Trouble was, there’s only one company that can mass produce smartphone-sized OLED screens, and that company doesn’t have the friendliest of relationships with Apple. Reports from the Korean Herald and the Chinese Wall Street […]

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    Here’s the Forceful Final Trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    We’re now less than a month away from the first real test of Star Wars‘ durability as a never-ending film franchise. Rogue One is the first attempt at a standalone film outside the usual episodic movies, following the adventures of Jyn Erso and the team that stole the plans for the original Death Star. The first few […]

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    Digitize Those Holiday Receipts With Adobe Reader’s New Scanning Tool

    If you’d rather use holiday receipts as kindling than have them stack up in shoeboxes, good news. Adobe just made it possible to scan documents of any size using only a mobile device’s camera and convert them straight into PDF format. Whether you’re saving them to track spending or for next year’s tax returns, you can now […]

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    AT&T’s DirecTV Now Streaming TV Launches Nov 30th With a $35 Promo

    After generating a lot of buzz about their upcoming app-based streaming internet TV service in the past year, AT&T finally detailed DirecTV Now at an event in New York earlier today. While the previously quoted price of $35 for 100 channels won’t be permanent, DirecTV Now looks to be very competitive on selection and price […]

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    Cloud DVR is Coming to Sling TV, But There Are Some Restrictions

    For a while, Dish Network’s Sling TV was at the forefront of cord-cutting, streaming packages of television channels over the internet at a far lower price than cable. Since then, they’ve added a plan for customers who need to stream to multiple devices and have gradually added channels to their packages. But, with the introduction […]

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    Anne Rice is Working on The Vampire Chronicles TV Series

    If you weren’t down with Jared Leto as Lestat, rejoice — that idea is staying in the coffin. Per a Facebook post from Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles, the planned movie reboot has fallen through. Rice and her son are now preparing a pilot script for a television series that would span the events of the […]

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    The DISH HopperGO Pocket DVR is Free for Cyber Monday

    I think we can all agree that the DVR is one of the most important inventions of our time. The DVR was making on-demand entertainment possible way before it was cool. Having all of our shows and getting to watch them when it’s convenient is the best, but a new problem has recently cropped up: […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide: For Her, Him and the Whole Family

    It’s holiday shopping season again, and that means that the hints were probably already dropped a while back. We really hope you picked up on them, but if you didn’t, don’t despair! We’ve got tons of gift ideas for the women in your life, no matter what her loves are! Hey, who knows, maybe one […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

    The kids — it’s where the holidays are won or lost. We’re going to help make sure you don’t do the latter with a over a dozen gift suggestions that are sure to please the little ones. And yeah, we know, most of them have probably already submitted their wish lists in triplicate, but a little […]