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    Galaxy Tab S3 Is Pretty Much a Note Tablet

    The last time we saw the S Pen, it was being jettisoned from shelves along with the Note 7. Fortunately, you can’t keep a good stylus down — Samsung is announcing the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress this weekend, and in addition to some helpful changes from the previous generation, it’s coming with support […]

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    Snap Spectacles Are Finally Available to Purchase Online

    By now, you’ve heard of Snap Spectacles, the revolutionary sunglasses that have a built- in camera to allow you to take video and pictures and send them to your Snapchat contacts. The product is already EXTREMELY popular, but for a while was only sold in Snapbots, which are vending machines that are specifically made to house […]

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    Barbie’s DreamHorse Trots and Responds to Petting

    Barbie isn’t the only one getting a tech boost at Toy Fair this year. Her horse companion is getting way more advanced this year, with new touch sensitivity that makes the horse react to petting and brushing. A couple years ago, Barbie got in the saddle with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & Doll. […]

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    At Barbie’s Pet Shop, She REALLY Helps a Mommy Dog Give Birth to Pups

    Barbie is learning all about the miracle of puppy life at Toy Fair this year. The Barbie Newborn Pups Pet Assortment features Barbie with a dog ready to give birth to three puppies — and there’s even a way to tell if they’re boys or girls! No, not that way. Barbie and her friend don’t get […]

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    Super Mario Helicopter is Pretty Much a Mario Drone

    Carrera is know for their fun Mario Kart toys, but at Toy Fair this year, they weren’t interested in staying on the ground. Mario and friends are taking to the skies with these mini-helicopters. Instead of a wing cap, Mario gets a couple of rotors to propel his caped self up into the sky. But, […]

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    Barbie’s Latest Gender-Defying Career is as a Construction Worker

    Every year, Barbie learns a few new professions — throughout her life, she’s worn many hats. Her latest hat is a hard one, with Barbie coming on as a construction worker with the help of Mega Bloks. Barbie looks the part, clad in jeans, a yellow safety vest, a tool belt and, of course, a pink […]

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    23 Incredibly Geeky Scented Candles

    Scented candles have a way of transforming a space into something more than the sum of its parts. Scent triggers powerful memories, conjures feelings and moods that enhance a space. We found 24 scented candles that playfully imagine the scents of some of our most beloved geeky stories. We recommend pairing these candles with the […]

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    25 Superhero Inspired Leather Jackets for Heroic Men

    A solid leather jacket is a core fashion piece for any superhero look. Fortunately for the geek at heart, we can adopt that look a bit easier than a cape would be for an everyday wardrobe. We found 25 geeky leather jackets that will look good on just about anyone. All that is required is […]

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    25 Insanely Geeky Gloves and Gauntlets to Brave Winter With

    We can call them fingerless gloves, I guess, but that’s nowhere near geeky enough for us — we’ll go with gauntlets! Either way, they’re practical winter wear for geeks who need their fingers to do geeky things like play video games, read comics, and use their phones. We found 25 that will keep you warm […]

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    24 More Gorgeous Yet Geeky Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

    A wedding cake can really set the tone for your special day. Many like to start with a cake idea and plan out the wedding theme from there, using the cake as the centerpiece. If you are planning a wedding and you also happen to be a super geeky bride or groom-to-be, here are 24 more […]

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    24 Incredibly Creative Fan Tributes to Princess Leia

    Fandom is often the only way we know how to honor the actors and actresses who played the characters we love after their death. There is something about keeping their character alive in our fan love that makes them seem more long lasting and immune from the ravages of time. It is a lighthearted way […]

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    TCL Ups Their Game With Beautiful 4k HDR Tellies

    We’ve been big fans of TCL televisions lately, and there’s little wonder why — as it becomes cheaper to manufacture high-resolution LCD displays, it’s become easier for smaller companies to compete with giants like Samsung and LG by producing TVs almost as good for a fraction of the price. The competition is only heating up […]

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    We’re Giving Away 3 Yoga Book 2-in-1 Tablets

    Our favorite time of the year is coming. And no it’s not New Years, but it’s CES that is just a few days away. CES is the biggest consumer electronics show if the year. It’s a week chock full of great technology and gadget announcements, and to celebrate, we’re giving away a beautiful gadget – […]

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    22 Star Wars Necklaces For Rebel Scum Everywhere

    Star Wars fans love to show off their fandom, and with a regular stream of Star Wars movies dropping, it has never been easier to find the merchandise to suit that geeky love. We found 22 unique and fun Star Wars necklaces that will make a great gift or an even better “treat-yo-self” gift. Many […]

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    25 Geeky Hoodies For a Gloriously Nerdy Winter

    Who doesn’t love a warm cozy hoodie? Wake up, throw it on and you are ready to face the day with warmth and comfort. Make that even better with a geeky touch! We found 25 awesomely geeky hoodies that will suit almost every kind of geeky fandom and then some. Boba Fett Zip Hoodie No […]

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    25 More Geeky But Magnificent High Heels

    Hot on the heels of our last Geeky High Heels story, pun intended, we’re bringing you more fabulous and outrageously geeky high heels to gawk at. Because true geeks are always looking for a way to include some geeky goodness in their attire! And there is almost no better way to do that than with a […]

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    18 Disney-Themed Sneakers That Are Absolutely Magical

    It’s time to get comfy in high Disney style. The Etsy store ChromaSouls has some unbelievable custom designs painted over some of the most popular sneakers in the land. They aren’t cheap, but once you see the how beautifully detailed some of these designs are, you’ll understand why. We’ve picked out 18 of our favorites, but be […]

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    25 Superhero Inspired Earrings for Aspiring Superheroines and Villains

    Superheroes have permeated the nooks and crannies of our pop culture so much that you can buy almost anything now with your favorite superhero on it. Fortunately, this makes gift buying for friends and family easy. Just find out what superhero lies closest to their heart and set about shopping! We found 25 geeky superhero […]

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    25 Incredibly Geeky Winter Coats and Jackets

    Winter is coming and everyone needs two things to get through it: Netflix and a good winter coat. Geek up your winter wear game with these 25 coats that showcase all things sci-fi and nerdy. Who says geeks can’t look fashionable too? Claire’s Coat From Outlander Claire doesn’t let the bitter cold of the Scottish […]

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    25 Superhero-Inspired Dresses That Will Empower Your Wardrobe

    Every woman needs an indulgently fun dress or two. We found a collection of 25 dresses that blend geek with chic for fashionable everyday cosplay. Empower your wardrobe (or a friend’s for the holidays!) with one of these outfits that will make you want to upgrade from power suit to power pose. Iron Man Antonia Stark […]