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    The Week in Tech – What’s So Funny, Alexa?

    There’s a ton of tech news to get to! Maybe you didn’t get to it all, because who’s got time for that? Well, that’d be us — here are a handful of stories from the week in tech that might affect you! Alexa was laughing randomly at people over the past couple weeks, but Amazon […]

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    The Week in Geek – Basically Just a Ton of Good Nintendo News

    Too busy to keep up on all things geeky this week? We’ve got you covered with the trailers, merch, and news coming out of the week that was! This week’s Nintendo Direct reveals Super Smash Bros for the Switch Whenever they want to announce something cool, Nintendo tells everyone that a Nintendo Direct is coming, […]

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    We Wish This Disney Paper Mario Crossover Was a Real Game

    Hey, Disney is no stranger to long-term partnerships with video game developers — just look at Kingdom Hearts. If they ever decide to get with Nintendo to make some magic happen, we’ve found an artist that needs to be on someone’s speed dial! Ashlynn Galvan created a series of Disney Paper Mario characters, using the adorable 2-D […]

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    These Super Creepy Pokemon Revamps Look Like They’re Out to Catch You

    I don’t think you want a wild any of these popping up in front you — especially not in one of those caves! The creepy Pokemon ReVamps of artist Gavin Mackey are certainly not the cute creatures you’re used to. Using touches of realism, a little sliminess, and every once in a while some beady eyes, he’s […]

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    Gaze Longingly at the 20 Most Expensive Cars on eBay Right Now

    When you think of shopping for a Ferrari, the imagination probably takes you to a glass-walled dealership with impossibly polished white floors. It probably does not take you to eBay, but maybe it should! eBay has turned into a pretty popular place for people to buy and sell cars, with some sellers having enough experience […]

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    Disney Princesses Turn Into Champions of Justice in This Sailor Moon Crossover

    These Disney princesses are ready to dish out some punishment in the name of the Moon! Artist Drachea Rannak created one a fan art series that combines two of our great loves — Sailor Moon and Disney! And, uh, full disclosure — they might not all actually be princesses, but they all stand for justice and love! […]

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    All the Big Announcements from Today’s Switch Anniversary Nintendo Direct

    It’s been a big year for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new hybrid and extremely awesome video game console. It outsold its predecessor, the Wii U, in under a year, prepared us for a revolution in cardboard gameplay, and delivered some awesome games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. We know the […]

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    This is Some of the Most Stylish, Realistic Overwatch Fan Art We’ve Ever Seen

    There are lots of fan art takes on Overwatch out there, but we haven’t seen very much as imaginative and stylish as what z-a-i-n-a does! She revels in doing her own thing, and it really shows in her Overwatch fan art — with touches of realism and details that really nail each character’s personality, her work is really something to behold. […]

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    Here Are All the 40th Anniversary Lego Minifigures Being Released Next Month

    We’re not going to pass up a chance to celebrate a Lego milestone! They celebrated the 60th anniversary of their world famous plastic-studded brick earlier this year with a handful of play sets, and now they’re in line for another anniversary celebration! 2018 marks 40 years of the minifigures that have been at the heart […]

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    How Useful is the 23andMe Breast Cancer Test to You?

    23andMe is one of a handful of genetic testing companies — they ship you a cotton swab, you send it back, and the company tells you about your ancestral makeup based on the results. Most of those companies, like Living DNA, stop there, but 23andMe has proven a bit more ambitious. They’re using that genetic information […]

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    These Pokémon Have Evolved Into Humans, and It’s Pretty Adorable

    Are we seeing the next step in Pokémon evolution? If so, we’re cool with it! Gijinka is the art of turning, well, anything into super cute human form, and artist DAV-19 of DeviantArt is one of the best we’ve ever seen do it. She’s transformed a handful of Pokémon into people (well, sometimes with some non-human features!), with […]

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    The Xbox Team is Starting Up Their Own News Show

    Everyone’s jonesing for that original content these days! It’s almost all Netflix does anymore, Amazon and Hulu are building up their libraries, and even Facebook is — well, they’re trying, anyway. So, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the next quasi-player is the Xbox team. This week, Microsoft announced Inside Xbox, a streaming show about upcoming […]

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    Brigitte Gets Some Love in This Batch of Great Overwatch Fan Art

    Today we’ve got great two Overwatch fan artists who have one thing in common — they’ve already given some love to the game’s latest hero, Brigitte! The daughter of crusty turret man Torbjörn is ready to drop heals and shields as readily as Sean Tay and María Palencia drop some excellent fan art. Here are their two takes on […]

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    These Chibi Pokémon Might Be the Most Adorable Little Creatures We’ve Ever Seen

    Oh dear. We were already suckers for Pokémon, but I’m not sure we were quite at ‘catch ’em all’ levels of obsession yet. But, if this is going to be how Pokémon are going to look, we’re gonna need to be hoarding these cuties like Beanie Babies in the ’90s. We have artist SeviYummy on DeviantArt to thank — […]

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    The Avengers: Infinity War Lego Sets Have a Gauntlet’s Worth of Infinity Stones

    It’s our favorite brand of moderate spoilers — official Lego sets! Every time a huge-budget movie is about to come out, Lego unloads a bunch of really sweet sets that also happen to give hints, if not straight up revelations, about what happens in the movie. Infinity War is, unsurprisingly, no different. Over the weekend, Lego started […]