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    Casio G-Shock GREEN Collection G2300GR-3 Watch Review

    The G-Shock Limited Edition GREEN collection represents Casio’s foray into the sustainability realm. The G2300GR-3 is one of three eco-friendly models that are powered by renewable energy and come in a box made with recycled paper. The watches maintain the shock resistant design and durability that has become synonymous with the G-SHOCK brand since 1983, […]

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    Looking Back At 20 Years of Photoshop with Product Manager Zorana Gee

    “The art I practice has limitless capabilities in terms of how I like to put moves together and how I’d like to react to moves thrown at me, all leading the goal of creating a beautiful and fun game to play.” – Capoeira1 Instructora & Photoshop Product Manager, Zorana Gee There was an uncanny parallel […]

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    Display Link USB 2.0 Adapter Review

    When Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Martin King founded DisplayLink back in 2003, they sought to “re-think the connection between monitors and PCs.” Almost 7 years later, DisplayLink launched its next generation, high performance DL-1×5 family of chips to bring “unparalleled integration with USB graphics devices.” In this era of mobility and demand for increased productivity […]

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    Top Five Women Who Impacted Technology in 2009

    “There is a revolution. It’s a human and technological revolution. It’s motion and emotion. It’s information. It’s visual. It’s musical. It’s sensorial. It’s conceptual. It’s universal. It’s beyond words and numbers. It’s happening. The natural progression of science and art finding each other to better touch and define the human experience. There is a revolution […]