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    Ghost Adventures Shows Us How To Be a Ghostbuster in 2010

    When it comes to believing in ghosts, you either do or you don’t. Most people that believe, have found themselves face-to-face with a spirit or feel sensitive to spiritual energy like Zak Bagans (seen above), host and creator of the Travel Channel hit Ghost Adventures. Bagans and his crew of paranormal investigators, Nick Groff, and […]

  • startup

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    Skype Motivates Estonian Start-ups, But is it Enough to Compete

    What defines a start-up company? Is it drive? Is it the investors? Or could it possibly be the environment in which these companies grow? In the United States, entrepreneurs are considered some of the country’s elite. A formidable group, these people are revered as innovators tasked with developing “the next big thing.” Failure is an […]

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    Inside Skype HQ in Tallinn, Estonia

    Few people can say their office is comfortable enough to be considered a home away from home, except maybe if you work at the Skype HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. Located in the middle of an Northern European industrial park, Skype looks like a normal office from the outside. But on the inside, the office evokes […]

  • angry birds

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    Rovio’s Angry Birds Beta for Android Hits 1 Million Downloads

    Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds mobile game announced today that their Android Beta program recently hit 1 million downloads, making it what they claim is the biggest mobile beta test ever, with over 100,000 downloads per day on the Android platform. Representative Peter Vesterbacka explained that the full Android version

  • justsayno

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    Can Governments Rightfully Issue a Facebook Ban?

    As connecting worldwide and sharing information becomes easier through tools like smartphones and social networking sites, many governments that have traditionally been able to squash the flow of information are faced with new problems in controlling it. Rather than allowing innovation to take its course, many governments are choosing to ban the tools that make […]

  • oar9

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    Hipstamatic iPhone App Brings O.A.R.’s Life on the Road to Life

    Twitpics, Facebook tags, and Flickr galleries have become a real-time record of our lives and memories. Sharing life experiences in real-time by snapping photos from 3 megapixel cell phone cameras and posting them on Facebook or Twitter has practically replaced the photography that used to exist, in a world where developing film and being reminded of […]

  • oxygenlive

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    Bad Girls Club Miami Takes Twitter and Facebook by Storm

    When I walked into the OxygenLive TV premier of “Bad Girls Club Miami,” I was expecting cat fights and cocktails. Instead, I got live tweeters, the new cast of Bad Girls Club Miami, and the baddest Bad Girls Tanisha and Flo from Bad Girls Season 4 and 5 respectively all glued to their computer screens. […]

  • fitnesscomic


    Chip Chick’s Guide to Getting in Shape with Gadgets and Apps

    Ah yes Summer, its that time of year for short shorts and bathing suits. Even though next week will already be August, sometimes it takes till now to realize that last years jean shorts are only accentuating your newly acquired muffin top and thunder thighs. It’s not too late to get the Summer body you’ve […]

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    Chip Chick’s Last Minute Geeky Green Guide to Prom 2010

    Yes, we realize that in some parts of the country prom season is pretty much over, but for those schools that haven’t yet had one or teens that plan on making your own, consider this your last minute geeky green guide for prom this year! Prom is the one school event that pretty much every […]

  • _DSC0306

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    Philips Activa Portable Fitness Device Review

    Working out with the Philips Activa Portable fitness device is kind of like having a trainer, MP3 player, and pedometer combined into a tiny 1″ x 1″ smart product. If you’re serious about working out and monitoring your progress, you probably own a pedometer to measure distance, a MP3 music player to keep you motivated, […]

  • kodak2


    New Kodak Picture Kiosks Help You Share and Print

    Kodak is a company looking towards the future of picture sharing. Introducing a new line of products that focuses on accessing and sharing photos through social networks and e-mail, Kodak products are moving away from the old way of sharing pictures and videos and into a new realm.

  • GoFlex_family

    Seagate Announces GoFlex External and Network Hard Drives for Mac and PC

    When most people think about external storage, they yawn. Another way to store and backup information, it seems like every external hard drive is the same. Wrong. With the introduction of Seagate’s new series of GoFlex storage solutions, even non-believers will be intrigued by the line of external drives that add a level of flexibility […]

  • LHP_BoxShot_X360_3D_f


    First Look at LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for XBOX 360

    Upon entering the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 video game launch party, I was promptly stopped at the front door to be sorted by the infamous Harry Potter sorting hat. Once the hat sorted me into Ravenclaw (hey, at least it wasn’t Hufflepuff!) I entered the party to see wizards walking around in full length […]

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    tokidoki Launches New Makeup Line Exclusively at Sephora

    Rushing to the launch party for tokidoki’s new makeup line for Sephora, I booked it through Midtown Manhattan hoping to find the event space without a problem. Still light outside, I arrived at the address and peering into the space, I felt like I was about to enter either a time warp of some awesome […]

  • Moto_Droid_splash

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    Skype Mobile for Verizon Review

    Remember the days when it was impossible to keep in touch with friends and family while traveling abroad or even cross country, because the phone bills would be so astronomically high? Forget about cell phone calling. We all thought our problems were solved with the advent of Skype, but even Skype requires getting to an […]

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    Speck PortPack Shoulder Bag Review

    You never really know how well a laptop bag is going to hold up until you take it on a trip; and thankfully I was able to really test out the Speck PortPack Shoulder Bag, $69.95, on a recent trip from New York City to Boston. And this was a rigorous test: I was carrying […]

  • _DSC0613

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    iFrogz Ear Pollution Custom Flow Earbuds Review

    The iFrogz Ear Pollution Custom Flow are inexpensive and adorable. For $19.99 you can completely customize a pair of earbuds from base, to the rim, to the artwork, the earbuds that arrive at your door will be the ones you designed online. Once you go to the website, you just click on the different color combination […]

  • polaroid-010

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    Polaroid PoGo Wireless Bluetooth Photo Printer Review

    I am a hardcore picture taker. Paparazzo. Twit-Pic-er. What that means, is that whenever I’m out with my friends or family, I’m that girl that will stop a stranger on the street and make them take a picture. Maybe even two. Although a tad annoying at times, friends are (usually) happy when the pictures appear […]