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    Toy Fair 2010: Eco Friendly Mr. Robot Head Challenges You to Operation Style Game

    Part of a completely eco friendly line of toys from Ecotronic, the Mr. Robot Head toy, $32.99, is based on the “Operation” style challenge of moving a metal ring along the twisty, turny metal wire without letting the two metals touch. If the user touches the wire with the metal loop, Mr. Robot Head will

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    Toy Fair 2010: Disney Pixar Announces New Toy Story 3 Toys

    An excited crowd of adults, kids, and kids at heart, anxiously awaited the launch of the latest line of Toy Story 3 toys, announced today at the New York Toy Fair. Disney set the tone for the product launch by completely transforming a normal looking space in an adult playground filled with toys, overstuffed chairs, […]

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2010

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower your loved one with gifts. Probably not because you want to, but because you know you have to. An upgrade from your standard flowers, candy, and jewelry are these adorable Valentine’s Day gifts for the techie goddess or guy in your life.

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    Nimbuzz All-In-One App for Everything Social Networking on Your Phone

    Nimbuzz is a free download that combines almost every social networking tool, cheap or free international calling, pictures, texts, videos, and more into one user friendly app.  The idea is for it to be a one stop shop for all the different ways to connect: from calling, to IMing, to tweeting, to Skype, etc. Nimbuzz […]

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    ThermaPAK Laptop Cooler Review

    Laptops heat up. And mine is no different. Every night, I perch on the same place on my couch almost every night to sit and do work (and by work I mean go on Facebook) with my notebook computer on my lap. After a few hours, I find myself sweating, and realize that my computer […]

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    Hands On with the Xbox 360 Lips #1 Hits

    When I walked into the Xbox 360 Lips #1 Hits event, I knew it was my kind of party. Located in a basement karaoke bar hidden away on a NYC side street, it was all about a Chinese food buffet, blaring music, and amateur karaoke stars singing along to new favorites and old standards. At […]

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    Intel and AMD Make Peace Not War, For Now

    Last week, Intel, the microprocessor manufacturer fell under fire for possibly violating monopoly laws and subsequently announced that it would settle with long-time rival AMD by paying them $1.25 billion dollars. The legal battle stems from Intel’s business practice of paying for consumer rebates on computer purchases in exchange for the computer company’s use of […]

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    Intel’s Legal Woes: Justice or Witch Hunt?

    It was announced mid last week that Microprocessor giant Intel was being sued by New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for violating United States antitrust laws. Intel is accused of coercing computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP into purchasing Intel microprocessor chips in exchange for payment. Rather than paying the companies directly, Intel offered […]

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    Speck CorePack Fly Notebook Messenger Bag Review

    The first thing that comes to mind when I think of airport security, is the hassle of having to take my laptop out of my bag and putting it into one of those cold hard plastic containers to be scanned. I can’t help but get nervous that my laptop is going to get scratched or […]

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    The P-Touch 1290 Label Maker Review for Super High Tech Label Making

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have a small obsession with label making. I don’t know what it is, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes with labeling things. Since my obsession first began, label makers have come a long way. This particular label maker, the PT 1290, by P-touch is no […]

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    RunToShop Recommendation Widget Makes Shopping A Trusting Experience

    Helsinki, Finland’s RunToShop Ltd. is a company changing the way consumers  purchase online. Buying is about trust. Is what you’re selling me really as good as you say it is? Obviously a shopper would trust an expert or friend more than a product page or sales person. Based on the concept of trust to enhance […]

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    Brizzly Fixes Everything You Hate About Twitter

    If you know me personally, then you know that I’m a huge Twitter addict, but I have to admit that some of Twitter’s usability is a little lacking. 140 characters limits long-winded-self-promoters to just a few words, which prompts the use of shortened URLS for the maximum tweetage. But with the use of shortened links, […]

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    Star Wreck Studios Goes From Mom’s Basement To Universal Studios

    When filmmakers in Tampere, Finland decided they wanted to make a movie in their friend’s basement, little did they know that it would become worldwide phenomena available in 30 languages, with Hollywood quality special effects, that Universal would eventually buy the rights to. Fat chance. Well, it happened. A movie with no real actors, no […]

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    Demola Sponsors Local Finnish Students to Create Mind Blowing Digital Services

    Demola works with Finnish companies (like mobile mega company Nokia) to think up the most amazing new project ideas in the digital service industry. Once these Finnish companies have thought up their most next gen idea yet, instead of passing them off to experienced developers, they let Demola’s task force of rock star students from […]

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    Exclusive of Ball-IT in Action as it Tries to Blow Wii Away

    Probably THE coolest development in video games EVER, Ball-IT will revolutionize gaming. Based out of Finland, Ball-IT requires no hand held controller. You don’t even need a specific gaming system. All you need is the fun, bouncy ball the size of a golf ball. Using wireless sensor technology, the ball senses your movement and controls […]

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    Inside The Nokia Research & Development Center

    From the outside of this average looking office building, no one would suspect that it’s the site of Nokia’s most secretive research and development lab. Guarded by a frosted glass door labeled “no entry” hides Nokia’s inner sanctum of new product development, cutting edge ideas, possible failures, and future technology. This place is where the […]