Marilyn Dominguez

'As Cuban as sugar cane, as American as apple pie': Marilyn walks the line between the stereotypical and the atypical. Direct from NYC with strong roots in Miami, FL, Marilyn brings her thoughts on all things cinematic, athletic and adventurous.

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    Monster Clarity Around the Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

    Voice assistants are all the rage these days, right? Monster recently announced a partnership with Speak Music to activate their voice-activated personal music assistant app on Monster’s lineup of headphones, including the new Monster Clarity Around the Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. From music app accessibility to true hands-free living, Monster is looking to cut wires […]

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    Vi AI Personal Trainer Review: This Workout Buddy Won’t Quit on You

    Vi is an AI personal trainer rooted within wireless, bio-sensing headphones that analyzes, tracks and evolves with its athlete.  Vi, created by LifeBEAM, started on Kickstarter and with support from over 7.2K+ backers, managed to raise over $1.6MM.  Needless to say, that’s a whole lot of love from folks on Kickstarter.  With the allure of […]

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    The Fate of the Furious Movie Review: The Ultimate Carpocalypse

    Flaming cars, high speed chases, completely impossible maneuvers in tightly packed New York City, does that sound like the latest installment of The Fast and The Furious? Yes, you can already hear the engines revving up. With it’s eighth film in the series, you would figure there’s little that can be explored with this franchise […]

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    Beauty and the Beast IMAX (2017 Film) Review

    It’s a tale as old as time, but still so true to our hearts. Normally, I don’t write from a personal perspective, but I cannot resist with this film. Beauty and the Beast was MY movie growing up. In a family of five children, living just three and half hours away from Walt Disney World, […]

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    Carnival Vista Cruise Review

    Carnival Cruise Line has had much to celebrate in 2016 with the launch of the 25th ship in its fleet, the Vista. We got an insider’s look at the brand new liner on one of its early voyages from Miami to check out the gizmos and gadgets that keep the ship afloat and the party going. The […]

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    10 Must-See Attractions Onboard the Carnival Vista

    With winter snows and the holidays upon us, there’s one larger-than-life stocking stuffer that everyone secretly pines for: their next vacation. We recently got to take a trip through the Caribbean aboard Carnival’s newest liner, the Vista. Whether it’s a family affair, a friend’s bon voyage or a romantic getaway, Carnival Vista offers everyone the […]

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    Fitbit Charge 2 Review

    With there sure to be an uptick in fitness goals in the coming months, the Fitbit Charge 2 is ready to be the ultimate tech stocking stuffer gift or indulgence. We tested the latest Fitbit Charge 2 for over two weeks, capturing, tracking, and noting the top features throughout our fitness, health, and everyday routines. The new, […]

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    Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones Review

    Harman is entering the heart rate headphones fray this year with the help of Under Armour. Created under Harman’s JBL brand, the Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones are the duo’s next generation of in-ear wireless headphones, coming after their first set of wireless in-ear headphones, which lacked heart rate monitoring. The new model is built […]

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    Snowden (Film) Review

    ‘Snowden,’ based on the life and impact of former CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, is Oliver Stone’s latest endeavor featuring a mix of top notch cast, “dramatizations” and strange screenplay choices. Stone is not known to shy away from the political or controversial and ‘Snowden’ is no different. In the film, Stone takes the […]

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    Withings Go Review

    It seems that every day consumers are bombarded with a new fitness wearable. Wearables unlike the cauliflower trend are here to stay. Retailing for just $79.95, Withings Go stands out from the pack by offering an uber affordable way to track your steps and work outs. For three weeks, all my activities were tracked with Withings Go […]

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    There’s Nothing Civil About ‘Captain America: Civil War’ – IMAX Movie Review

    Marvel and Disney are back with yet another installment of the Avengers series featuring an intense cast, eye-opening CGI and bold, new characters with Captain America: Civil War. Fans can expect this chapter to be a massive blockbuster with just a few hiccups and tons of destruction. Let the battle begin! ‘Catastrophe.’ Vision, played by […]

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    IMAX Experience Is the Superhero in Batman V. Superman – Review

    Zac Synder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice marks a new and exciting chapter in DC Comics with the union of two beloved superheroes. Although many will be critical and others will be giddy, no one can deny that this is a long awaited adventure. Henry Cavill returns as the Man of Steel while Ben […]

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    Creative Control Movie Review

    Creative Control, written, directed and starred in by Benjamin Dickinson, depicts the scattered fragments of an ad executive’s attempt to pivot a new Augmented Reality technology. The film converges the style and cleverness of Mad Men with a mix of the futuristic tech and human interaction of Spike Jonze’s Her. One aspect, though, that is […]

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    The Finest Hours IMAX Review: Ocean Overshadows Big Name Actors

    Disney’s latest, The Finest Hours, tells the real-life story of the 1952 Coast Guard rescue of World War II-era tanker, SS Pendleton.  Drawing up memories of Wolfgang Petersen’s The Perfect Storm, The Finest Hours does little in the way of actually embodying the other seafaring drama.  Although the actors made failed attempts to muster believable performances, […]