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    This Woman is on a Mission to, You Know, Save the English Language

    It’s great when you get to see a friend take an idea from “there oughta be an app” to completion. Audrey Mann Cronin identified a problem. As the mother of a teenage girl and a teenage boy, she observed that her daughters were so accustomed to screens that they were out of practice with speaking.  […]

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    Forget Smartwatches, These 3 Rings Are The Next Tech Couture

    The finger is the new prized real estate for this year’s technorati. You’re starting to see a batch of Pope-sized smart rings that you can wear proudly on your finger while you’re getting something useful done. One helps you shop, one helps you sleep, and one helps you stay in touch. While not exactly demure, […]

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    Frozen Free Fall Comes to the Big Screen

    A company the size of Disney is allowed to take chances. And so this week they’re releasing Frozen Free Fall, a game that’s already had millions of downloads on mobile phones. This new release takes place on big screens. Big gaming screens, that is. Disney is betting that women, who make up the majority of […]

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    Smart Wearables Give Parents Peace of Mind

    When my kids were growing up we had scary looking kids harnesses to keep them from wandering. I never partook in the ritual, opting instead to let my kids respond to my doggie commands like “come here” instead of a physical restraint. Today’s parents are going to need to decide if they’re going to indulge […]

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    How I’ve Become a Human Lab Rat in the Name of Tech

    Ah, the good old days when you plugged in a laptop, booted up a few apps and wrote a review. My life has become damn scary these days as most of the products I look at are actually looking at me. My body fat, my sleep habits, my steps per day, my brain age, my […]

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    Am I Pregnant? Tech for That Time of the Month

    Using a basal thermometer to track fertility – whether you’re trying to get pregnant – or to avoid getting pregnant is, pun intended, a hit or miss business. A basal thermometer can detect tiny changes in body temperature that a normal fever thermometer can’t. It turns out that just after ovulation the body releases progesterone, […]

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    With Vusay, Pop Up Videos Go Social

    You remember VH1’s Pop Up Videos, right? Little trivia tidbits, innuendos and factoids popped up on screen in little balloons. Well, Vusay is heading towards socializing that process. Their website lets you take any YouTube video and post a running dialog of commentary alongside the video—now everyone is a potential Pop Up creator! The young […]

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    Can This Selfie Be Saved?

    Who do we love? Ourselves, methinks. The usage of the word “selfie” has increased over 17,000 percent in the last two years according to the editors of the Oxford Dictionaries. It’s even considered a valid word in Scrabble now (only 9 points, though). For years, my idea of taking a selfie was leaving my house […]

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    I Got the Solid State Blues

    Solid state drives are all the range, taking the place of traditional mechanical hard drives in laptops, the have become standard in mobile devices and they’ve even been seen in traditional desktop PCs.  And for good reason.  Solid state drives, unlike traditional drives with a magnetic spinning platter and a head, have no moving parts.  […]

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    Dragon Inspired Outfit Hits the Fashionware Runway Show

    CE Week may be over but the fashion will always live on. A one stop shop for NY’s geek-erati, but this year they got treated to a bit of high fashion as well. The runway show combined wearable fitness, one of a kind high tech fashion design, robotics, and program for young kids. Every fashion […]

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    Walking the Runway at the Augmented World Expo

    Last month Santa Clara, California played host to AWE (Augmented World Expo) a conference and exhibit that showcased the cutting edge of new augmented reality technology.  Companies like Qualcomm Vuforia, Vuzix, Epson Moverio.  Speakers included MIT Labs Hiroshii Ishi and  Robert Scoble were two of the keynoters painting a rosy AR world.  Our company, Living […]

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    New Lego Collections Blend AR and Traditional Building

    Lego remains one of the best loved and best selling kids toys. And they’re no slouch when it comes to advances in technology either. Products like Lego Mindstorms and Lego Universe pushed the Lego envelope by melding real land virtual play. The newest high touch meets high tech collection is Lego Fusion — a mashup […]

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    No More Stumbling Around in the Dark

    You know the drill. The baby cries. You run to answer the call, only to stub your toe on the toy truck parked by your bed. Or you’re a night owl who’s partner goes apoplectic when you turn the lights grab that middle of the night snack. Here’s a high tech twist on the night […]

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    My Very Own Mini-Me from Shapify

    It was a rainy day in NY so I wore my “schmatta” dress  and ran downtown to take a quick stroll through the 3D Print show. By the end of my visit I’d been body-scanned, and sent off my like-ness to become reality at the 3D printing factory. A few days and $79 (ouch) later, […]

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    Google Glass: $1500 Dollars Later and All I Got Was This Lousy Photo

    Some people indulge their midlife crises with botox, others with convertible cars or travel. Mine, true to form, was plunking down enough money for Amex to put a stop on my card, and join the elite ranks of augmented reality wearing Google Glass-ers . (Yes, Glassholes to many). Within two minutes of my personal fitting […]