Scott Freedlun

Scott is a born gadget aficionado from the Bay Area, California. He finds ways to turn the ordinary into an experience worth reliving, through the mediums of photography, film, gaming, and good ol’ fashioned storytelling. He also appreciates tech that encourages and enables research and study projects into the things that fascinate him. Currently residing in Tanzania, Africa, his primary focus is on his volunteer work with his lovely wife July. Crossing the worlds of California techy and African adventurer, he offers a fresh perspective with his reporting style.

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    Tavik Hemings Case for iPad Air – A Case for Your iPad Air and Your Essentials

    Are you looking for a case that will help you stay organized? Despite doing much of our work on our iPad, we still occasionally need to carry some important papers, business cards, and so on, especially when traveling. The Hemings case from Tavik looks to do just that while keeping your precious tablet safe. The […]

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    Opedix KNEE-TEC Women’s Tights – Same Great Workout, Less Knee Pain

    Can a new pair of exercise tights really make that much of a difference? Opedix thinks so. They recently asked us to review their KNEE-TEC Women’s Tights. When we received the Opedix KNEE-TEC Tights, we were curious to see if they would live up to the claims Opedix was making. So, we gave them to […]

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    Do You Smell That? It’s Smart Stew! WeMo-Enabled Crock-Pot Review

    Cooking with a Crock-Pot couldn’t be easier, or could it? With the introduction of Belkin’s WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot, you can now prepare dinner without even being home! OK, not quite, but this could certainly free up some time you would otherwise need to spend in the kitchen. At first glance, it looks like any other Crock-Pot you […]

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    Kickstarter’s Nude Audio Super-M Speaker Gets a Beating and Survives

    Are you looking for a speaker with great sound that you can take anywhere? Check out the new Super-M from Nude Audio. It looks like a great little speaker that you can put in your pocket take to the beach or even hang in the shower. The Super-M itself is not much bigger than an […]

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    Kelly Moore’s Libby is the Hautest DSLR Bag

    Kelly Moore’s Libby is so much more than just a camera bag! Are you looking for a DSLR bag, that doesn’t “look” like a camera bag? Look no further! The Libby from Kelly Moore is just what you’re looking for. The great thing about DSLR bags is that they are designed for photographers to carry cameras, […]

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    Blueflame Power Bar Bluetooth Speaker Review

    There are scores of portable bluetooth speakers to choose from, which means you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. A solid choice is the new Power Bar speaker from Blueflame. It’s not only a speaker, but also doubles as a portable charging station. This speaker has a really big sound packed in a […]

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    Notchbook iPad Air Case Review

    There hasn’t been much new in the way of iPad cases in a while. That is until now. Check out the new Notchbook case from Chil. What makes it different? They’ve added a ‘notch’ or flap in the case to make it easier to hold. Sometimes you need to open your case to use your […]

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    Boogie Board Sync Review

    Are you still using paper and a pen for taking notes? The Boogie Board Sync is going change that. While you may have tried, iPads and other tablets are just not that convenient for taking notes quickly and simply. This is where Boogie Board excels. And their newest product, the Sync 9.7, may just be […]

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    Democracy DEG100B Bluetooth Speaker Review – Can a Revolving Speaker Rock?

    Looking for a unique portable bluetooth speaker? The Democracy DEG100B is a cute lil’ speaker that swivels. Yes, you can rotate the speaker to aim in the direction you want. Whether that be straight up, to the side or towards you. First and foremost of course is the sound, and the Democracy doesn’t disappoint. For […]

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    Gumdrop DropTech Color iPad Air Case Review

    Sometimes you need a little extra protection for your iPad. Perhaps you are using it outdoors or you are worried about it slipping from your child’s hands. In either case, you’ll need a heavy duty case like the Gumdrop DropTech Color. This case is very well built, with a rugged, tire tread pattern to improve […]

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    This No. 2 Pencil is Actually a Stylus – Review

    When it comes to choosing a stylus there are dozens and dozens of choices for you. But none will feel as nostalgic as the No. 2 Pencil Stylus from Griffin. How many of us have fond memories from our school days, and that trusty No. 2 pencil that was always in our hand. From the […]

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    Belkin Grip Candy Case iPhone 5c Case Review

    Are you looking for a simple case that will complement your iPhone 5c without embellishing it too much? Belkin’s Grip Candy Case is just what you need. This case is called the Grip, because it does just that. It is made from a smooth, semi-flexible material with a thin rubbery strip around the frame. This combination […]

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    Incipio Lexington Case for iPad Mini with Retina – Review

    Looking for a stylish, sophisticated case for your iPad Mini Retina? Then check out the Lexington Kickstand Folio case from Incipio. Like many of Incipio’s cases, this case is made out of a combination of their Plextonium, microsuede and Vegan (faux) leather. The rigid Plextonium used for the hard shell frame is sturdy with just enough […]

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    Sony Portable Wireless Server Review

    Would you like to have access to more of your files than the storage on your phone or tablet will hold? Do you need to be able to easily transfer files to or from your device to others? Sony has just what you need, the Portable Wireless Server (WG-C10). The WG-C10 (or PWS) is a […]

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    Speck CandyShell Card for iPhone 5/5s Review

    Are you tired of carrying around both your wallet and your phone? Then take a look at Speck’s new CandyShell Card case for the iPhone 5s. There are other cases that will allow you to carry a few credit cards, but Speck is continuing to use its’ rather innovative design for holding cards. Rather than […]

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    Doxie Flip Scanner Review

    I can’t count how many times I’ve used my iPhone to “scan” a page out of a book. Sure it works, but it’s a not great solution. The Doxie Flip on the other hand, would have done a much better job. When it comes to scanning on the go, Doxie has produced some great products. […]

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    Incipio Watson iPad Air Case Review

    When choosing a new case, you need to decide on either full coverage or just a shell. The trouble is, sometimes you want the extra protection, while other times you prefer the lightweight shell. Luckily, Incipio has just the right type of case – and it’s their new Watson Folio wallet with removable case. As […]

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    Belkin APEX360 for iPad Mini Review

    Are you looking for a case to really protect your new iPad Mini with Retina Display, but don’t want to add a lot of unnecessary weight? The Belkin APEX360 may be the perfect choice. It promises great protection from falls and also boasts a few unique features. The case itself is made from a rubberized […]

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    Speck StyleFolio iPad Air Case Review

    The new iPad air is so sleek and light, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a bulky case. For a slimmer option, check out the new StyleFolio from Speck. This case is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to the thickness of the iPad. But at the same time you […]

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    Incipio OffGRID Portable Backup Battery Review

    We would all like to have longer battery life for our smartphones, and there is nothing worse than having a dead battery and no place to charge it. We recently reviewed the OffGRID Thin Battery Case from Incipio, but that is not the ideal solution for everyone. So here is another great option from Incipio, […]

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    Gumdrop Hideaway Case is One Tough Case for the iPad Air – Review

    If you have ever seen what happens to an iPad when if falls a few feet on its corner, then you’ll understand why heavy duty cases like the Gumdrop Hideaway are needed. This case is very well built, with a cool, tire tread pattern to improve your grip. The corners in particular are reinforced to […]