Scott Schaen

Scott resides in hipster-town Brooklyn, New York. He is a 24 year old technophile who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Aside from his day job, he lives a very social lifestyle, commonly going out in Williamsburg or New York City. Reviewing products for Chip Chick is “a dream come true” for Scott, the young professional with a heart of a child and the curiosity of a cat.

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  • DNA-Wireless


    Monster Announces DNA Pro Wireless Smart Headphones

    Monster DNA headphones have been a prominent player in the Monster Headphone lineup. Today at CES, Monster announces a new addition, the DNA Pro Wireless Over-ear Smart Headphones. The Pro Wireless use advanced bluetooth, active noise cancellation, USB digital audio, and buttonless touch-sensing controls. What makes them smart? Read on… Monster held an over-the-top press […]

  • DSC05671


    AMD’s Kaveri APU Processor — What You Need to Know

    AMD announced at CES the January 14 release of the first round of new processor chips, “Kaveri”. Kaveri is AMD’s most advanced APU, or CPU/GPU combo, to date. Kaveri utilizes a new technology known as HSA, heterogeneous system architecture, which effectively removes the idea of “CPU cores” and “GPU cores” and instead shares all the […]

  • DSC06509


    Buffalo’s New Travel Router Fixes Flaky Hotel Wi-Fi Connections

    Ever realize how hotel Wi-Fi has not improved over the last five years? If anything it’s only gotten worse with all the extra devices trying to connect. Here at CES, Buffalo has released the solution: the AirStation AC 433 Wireless Travel Router. This unique pocket-sized device turns a hotel ethernet cable into a wireless router […]

  • DSC06419


    Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Kid Robot Makeover

    Samsung got artistic this year at CES, partnering up with Kid Robot to show off some high-quality figurines based on the Samsung Galaxy brand. Loosely based, that is. The partnership looks to be in name only, but that doesn’t make the figurines look any less beautiful. Actually, that probably makes them more beautiful, because I […]

  • DSC06373


    Pocket-Sized Scanadu is a Tricorder for the 21st Century [Video]

    The Scanadu Scout is the modern day tricorder, a device that can read and monitor your health and vitals in mere seconds. The pocket sized device, Scanadu, is an Apple-esque device that when applied to your head for 10 seconds will record the very same vital signs that the doctor does. There’s an accompanied app that […]

  • DSC06638

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    Exclusive: Hands On with Mophie Space Pack

    Mophie’s Space Pack Charger and Storage Case for iPhone has been one of the most buzzed about gadgets here at CES 2014. We just received an exclusive hands on demo and will admit that the device lives up to the hype. Physically, the Mophie Space Pack is nearly identical to their Juice Pack Air, a […]

  • DSC06006


    Samsung Booth TV Tour: CES 2014

    Samsung has lots to show off here at CES, as per tradition. We took a tour of the booth and have highlighted a few of the key new TV products and concepts. Curved TVs: Curved TVs are the big trend here at CES. It’s nice to see that Samsung already has a bunch on the […]

  • DSC05826


    Polaroid Socialmatic is Very Familiar Looking

    Polaroid never fails to impress. Here at CES 2014 they’re showing off two of the cutest darned products we’ve seen in a while. There’s the instant digital camera (with printer), the Polaroid Socialmatic, and then there’s the C3 Action Sports Video Camera, a miniature dice-sized cube. The Polaroid Socialmatic looks strangely familiar to the instagram […]

  • DSC05720


    Sony Presents Life Logging with SmartBand Activity Monitor

    Sony’s SmartBand is the latest wearable here at CES 2014. The Sony SmartBand is another activity monitor, but with an awesome twist. The generic looking device compensates with a killer app–the LifeLog. Appropriately named, LifeLog aims to record your entire life — when you were sleeping, walking, talking, running, biking, driving, shooting photos, listening to […]

  • DSC05514


    Wellograph – the Smart Watch that Cares About Your Health

    There’s no doubt that smart watches are trending right now. The new Wellograph is jumping on the bandwagon with a focus on health. The Wellograph watch, which is made of sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aluminum, is constantly monitoring your activity. It has a built-in 9-axis motion sensor, but takes activity monitoring a step further […]

  • DSC05561


    Kolibree Promises to Outsmart Your Dentist

    Last year at CES, we had the World’s first connected fork, so this year it only makes sense that we’d see the World’s First Connected Electric Toothbrush. At last, a toothbrush that criticizes my brushing technique! Kolibree is a bluetooth toothbrush that syncs with iOS and Android devices and records all of your brushing data. […]

  • DSC05556


    TrewGrip Makes You Look Dumber Than Google Glass

    TrewGrip is a (sorta) portable keyboard and air mouse for mobile, tablet, desktops, or smart TVs. This interesting looking handheld device  has a “rear-type” keyboard that uses full sized keys and a full QWERTY layout. Since the QWERTY layout is split and rotated, you’ll have to get used to it, but we’re told after an […]

  • goji

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    Goji Play is an Exercise Game Changer [Review]

    Blue Goji is an exercise game changer (extra emphasis on game). With the help of an iPad or iOS device, Goji Play transforms any cardio machine into an interactive entertainment device. Exercising is no longer be boring and tedious, it’s fun, challenging, and entertaining. You’re not using an elliptical or riding a stationary bike, you’re […]

  • DSC05413

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    Fanny Wang Metallic On-Ear Headphones Review

    For about four years now Fanny Wang has made a name for themselves as a Beats By Dre imitation alternative that comes with a more enjoyable listening experience and a more affordable price tag. Their latest release is a new addition to the On-Ear 1000 lineup. These stylish cans may have a similar form factor to […]

  • DSC05075

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    SteelSeries Flux Pro In-Ear Headphones Review

    SteelSeries Flux Pros are in-ear headphones that actually stay in-ear. These aren’t your run of the mill earbuds, they have a few unique features that may have you declaring Flux Pros your favorite headphones, for music and for gaming. The built-in microphone is compatible with smartphones and computers, thanks to the interchangeable cable system. Features […]

  • DSC05400

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    ThinkSound On1 Monitor Series Headphone Review

    Rich, that’s how we would describe the new on-ear headphones by ThinkSound. Like ThinkSound’s in-ear headphones, the On1 Supra-Aural Monitor Series headphones are incredibly rich in detail and their real wood housing delivers on both a natural look and a natural sound. We’ve sworn by every pair of ThinkSound earbuds we’ve reviewed to date. They […]

  • DSC05377

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    G-Shock Bluetooth GBX6900B Review – A Very Smart and Tough Watch

    G-Shock watches have been a classic timepiece for years now. They’re renowned for their durability and capability, especially in extreme sports. This year G-Shock had two big announcements, the first, a metal version of the iconic design, the next was the one that caught our attention: bluetooth. There’s now a version of G-Shock’s 6900 that […]

  • DSC05386

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    Cocoon Slim Grid-It Backpack Review

    Traveling light can be a challenge when you have so many gadgets and accessories. What’s even more challenging is finding a bag that can safely accommodate all of your tech and knickknacks without having them float around large pockets in disarray. The Cocoon Grid-It SLIM Backpack is only minimalistic looking, it has a dedicated compartment […]

  • DSC05262

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    AKG K545 Over-Ear Headphone Review

    AKG’s new K545 overear headphones are large and in charge. They sport mammoth 2 inch drivers and serious audio quality. It’s rare to find a big pair of headphones that sounds this good and provides all-day comfort. The K545’s have a new-age, industrial, urban design. There’s a chic combo of clean plastic and durable aluminum. […]