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    iPhone App of the Week: The Royal Wedding Essential Guide

    The time and dedication put into this app is…well, either impressive or disconcerting. I’ll let you decide. The Royal Wedding Essential Guide contains standard royal wedding app fare – biographies of both Prince William and Kate Middleton, their personal love story, and a schedule of events for the wedding day, including a mapped path of […]

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    iPad App of the Week: RemoteVU (Kind Of) Gives Your iPad Flash Support

    No, you won’t be checking out Flash content using your Safari browser, but you will be able to watch Flash content on your iPad, which is an absolute blessing for countless Apple fans. How? Pro Softnet’s RemoteVU app, available from the iTunes app store for $1.99, allows users to remotely access their Windows PCs through […]

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    3D TV is Dead, Long Live the Smart TV

    By now, you’ve probably heard the term Smart TV bandied about once or twice. Those dedicated to the world of TV tech will no doubt be familiar, but what about the rest of us? What, exactly, are these Smart TVs? Well, do you know what a smartphone is? A good starting point to understanding Smart […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Cablevision Brings TV to the iPad with the Optimum App

    Looking to add just one more TV to the house? Maybe in the kitchen, or anywhere else where a TV would not be practical, at all? Well, Cablevision is letting its customers use their iPads as televisions with the Optimum App. It’s free to all Cablevision customers, and will deliver television content straight to the […]

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Chat Even More with LiveProfile

    BlackBerry phones have yet another instant messaging service, in LiveProfile. The good news is, it looks to be one of the better ones. It has a sleek, easy to navigate UI that is blissfully free of clutter, while maintaining the standard stable of instant messaging goodies.

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    iPad App of the Week: Mobile TurboTax, File Your Taxes From Your Couch

    It’s not much of a surprise that e-filing your taxes is becoming more and more popular. Beats sifting through mountains of papers. Well, now the popularity of e-filing is spilling over into the world of mobile apps, with Intuit’s well-known software TurboTax hitting the iPad.

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    iPad App of the Week: MyDog Is Your Four-Legged Friend’s Best Friend

    MyDog, available now from the iTunes App Store for free, is an unquestionable must for all the dog owners out there. You can keep an updated log on your buddy’s vitals, creating an easy place to access vaccination schedules, medical history, and owner and vet info, along with other basic physical statistics.

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Facebook for BlackBerry Gets a Little Facelift

    There’s a brand new beta out for Facebook for BlackBerry phones, serving up some version 2.0 goodness. The navigation grid has gotten a slick new overhaul, and there’s a new, easier to use notifications bar to go with a new and improved UI. You can also receive ‘Always On’ Facebook Chat Notifications, a welcome improvement […]

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    Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Search and Find With Terra Explorer

    The Terra Explorer is an alternate web browser for Window 7 Phones that cuts to the chase for search engine users (so, all of us). It’s based around a search bar, which can look for and list the top 5 results for web pages, images, and, most importantly, wiki pages, among other things.

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    Sprint Cracks Down on Distracted Driving

    Sprint has unveiled a surprisingly forceful, but nonetheless very effective service to help stop distracted driving, keeping drivers everywhere safe from that one guy who is texting while going 70 on the freeway. The aptly named Sprint Drive First service is slated to be ready for business during Q3 of this year, and will be […]

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    LG Thrill 4G for AT&T Packs in Glasses-free 3D

    Unsurprisingly, AT&T isn’t going to stand idly by while Verizon finally gets its hands on the beloved iPhone. On the heels of the announcement that it is acquiring T-Mobile USA, AT&T has revealed that it has a new tantalizing exclusive on its hands: the LG Thrill 4G. What’s so thrilling about it?

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    Angry Birds Take Vacation to Rio, Don’t Look Pleased About It

    I guess there really is no pleasing those guys. If Rio de Janeiro doesn’t cure a foul mood, I’m not sure what will. Well, either way, it means we’re getting more Angry Birds, so at least we’ll be happy. Angry Birds Rio is now available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, in a classic piece […]