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    iPhone App of the Week: Starbucks Card Mobile App Lets You Pay with Your Phone

    Starbucks has recently unveiled a brand new way to pay for coffee at their thousands (and thousands and thousands) of stores worldwide: via iPhone. With the new Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can load their Starbucks Cards to their phones. Payments are made with special in-store scanners that read information right off of your phone. […]

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    Android App of the Week: Spark Offers a Customizeable Home Page

    HipLogic’s Spark App for Android phones gives users a customizable home page that, to put it simply, makes life easier. The home screen provided by Spark is made up of modules that can be turned on or off at will, including weather, news headlines and shortcuts to often used apps. Social media is covered, of […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: eBay App 2.0 Features RedLaser Barcode Scanning

    Of course, the eBay app has been around for ages, but the recent version 2.0 release gives users a few more tools to use to manage their own personal online marketplace. In addition to keeping tabs on all of your items, whether you are bidding, watching, or selling, you can now list items and receive […]

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Get Popular With the 90210 App

    The 90210 BlackBerry app isn’t your average TV show app, with just a few weak trivia games and other small bits of fan service. With this app, you’ll be going head-first into the world of fabulous riches and luxurious lifestyles that is West Beverly High. It’s a full mobile game, where you try to scratch […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Djay Transforms Your iPad into a Virtual DJ System

    Algoriddim has released one of the best music apps for the iPad to date, with djay. This app turns your iPad into a virtual DJ system, complete with a realistic turntable interface, making excellent use of touch controls. You’ve got all kinds of cool mixing tools to use if you’re a seasoned vet, but if […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: AT&T Video Link with VRS Assists the Hearing Impaired

    Anyone who has loved ones who are deaf or have difficulty hearing knows that communication can be a major hurdle, especially when distance is a factor. AT&T is extending their excellent Video Relay Service (VRS) to iPhone users with a VRS app for the iPhone 4 called AT&T Video Link. VRS allows the hearing impaired […]

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    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wireless Provider

    With the increasing popularity of mobile broadband we have access to a handful of advanced mobile broadband devices such as wireless and USB modems, Pocket WiFi, Smartphones and touch screen tablets. In order for you to have internet access these devices need to be connected to a fast, reliable 3g or 4g network. Before you […]

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    iPad App of the Week: iScreen Transforms the iPad into an Extra Display

    Sometimes, iPads don’t get the love they deserve at home. It’s hard to justify using it, especially when you’ve got your Mac (that I’m sure is loved just as much as the iPad). Drahtwerk’s iScreen app gives your iPad a new role at home: as an extension of your Mac’s display. All it takes is […]

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    Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: WordPress Arrives on WP7

    Blogs have become extensions of many people’s lives. They can be soapboxes and social spaces, all in one. People don’t like being away from parts of their lives for very long. Finally, for WordPress users, going outside doesn’t mean being away from your beloved blog any longer. Windows Phone 7 smartphones now have a free […]

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    Android App of the Week: Brush Away the Boredom with TV Brush

    Does anyone really look forward to brushing their teeth? It feels more like a chore than anything (though the consequences might be a little more offensive for others than a few dirty dishes or a dusty dresser). Well, thanks to the industrious world of tech, boredom while you brush is a thing of the past. […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2010

    Sometimes, the little ones really are the hardest to shop for. Good thing we’re on top of the hottest gifts and gadgets made just for the younger crowd available this holiday season. Brighten up those faces with holiday cheer with the perfect tech gifts for the kids in your family, from the budding engineer to […]

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    The Ultimate Girl Gamers Video Game Guide for the Holidays

    With so many consoles and new accessories out, it’s hard to discern which games might suit your tastes. Do you prefer the riggers of exercising when it comes to the Wii, PS3 or XBox? Do you yearn for classic arcade style games or the ever popular music rhythm games? Don’t forget there is always the […]

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    Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entertainment Junkie

    Perfect for the couch potatoes and all the other lovers of in-home entertainment out there, these products are sure to amplify any experiences, from watching movies to listening to music to playing video games. They’ll make great gifts, and don’t be surprised if they’re being used within about ten minutes of them being received by […]

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    Smart Holiday Gifts for Students

    Check out these products for the younger crowd for this holiday season. They’ll be hits, covering needs from on-the-go music to on-the-go data to on-the-go communication. Students are always moving around, so get them some stuff that can move around with them!

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    Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

    Moms deal with too much stress in their day-to-day lives. Help them out a little this holiday season with one of these innovative new products that help make raising children, and remembering the little moments along the way, a whole lot easier.

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    Home Run Gifts for the Hard to Impress Techie

    We’ve all got that person who just seems to have everything. Well, don’t worry, you can still leave smiles all over their faces with these awesome holiday gift ideas that are sure to surprise and impress – even them.