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    25 Rogue One Fashions That Belong in Every Rebel’s Closet

    Rogue One stole our imaginations and took us on a great Star Wars journey, leaving us jealously eyeing a few fashions we would like to take with us into the real world. Turns out, we can! We found 25 Rogue One fashion items you can actually buy and wear every day. There is everything from […]

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    Starbucks Verismo V is the Pod Coffee System for Starbucks Die-hards (Review)

    The Starbucks Verismo V is the perfect home barista system for die-hard Starbucks fans. It makes both espresso and brewed coffee in a jiff, and can even froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The pods are a bit on the expensive side, but if you are looking to quit an expensive in-store Starbucks latte habit, it […]

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    Mophie Wireless Juice Pack Bundle Review

    There is a secret all us iPhone die-hards rarely admit aloud. We are totally jealous of other brands’ wireless charging capabilities. We love our iPhones, but we are still slumming it with archaic charging chords that aren’t long enough. Worse still, the battery life leaves much to be desired. Well, if by the middle of the […]

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    Elfy is a Smart Light to Make You Feel a Little Less Lonely (Review)

    Emie’s Elfy smart light is an adorably baffling little device. It says it’s a light, looks like a piggy bank, and it’s super cute, but what does it actually do? Well, the instructions were in Chinese with not much in the way of translation, so I took to YouTube to confirm what I already suspected […]

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    The Withings Thermo, A No-Touch, Incredibly Accurate Thermometer (Review)

    The Withings Thermo is a contactless, incredibly accurate, fast, and sanitary smart thermometer. Parents of young children no doubt know the frustration of trying to get a sick child to keep a thermometer under their tongue for long enough to get a good reading. Thermo makes things so much simpler by working without touching skin […]

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    Novosbed Mattress Review – Long Trial Period and Super Long Warranty

    In the increasingly wide array of factory-direct mattress choices, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. Novosbed manages to do so with especially long trial and warranty periods, but they probably don’t need either. Having tested the Novosbed firm full/double mattress, we can truly attest to just how great of a bed it is. […]

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    Vifa’s Oslo Bluetooth Speaker is Killer Sound Wrapped in Wool (Review)

    Have you ever seen a Bluetooth speaker wearing a wool sweater? Vifa’s Oslo Bluetooth speaker keeps those sick beats hot with a killer sound system and an equally impressive wool exterior that is reminiscent of its Danish origins — not Norwegian, despite appearances (all of Vifa’s speakers are named after Scandinavian capitals). Unboxing the Oslo Bluetooth Speaker […]

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    weBoost eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster Review – One Bar No More

    If you’re tired of consistently languishing in one to two bar territory, you might be interested in a signal booster. Did you know you can actually get a number on how strong your signal is instead of those vague bars? This is only one of the things we learned from the weBoost eqo cell booster, […]

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    Monster ClarityHD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

    Monster is a trusted brand for headphones, and they haven’t disappointed with their latest ClarityHD Bluetooth Headphones. It’s a crowded market, so it takes some work to stand out — while a lot of wireless headphones opt for physical controls on the earcups, the ClarityHD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are operated by taps and swipes using a touchpad. This […]

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    25 Geeky But Magnificent High Heels

    It’s no secret that we love high heel shoes. High heels are arguably the most fun purchase to indulge in for each outfit and thanks to the wonderful internet, even nerds can find the perfect set of heels that show off their geeky admiration and fandom. We dug around and found 25 more pairs of […]

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    Get Your Bod Summer Ready with these 25 Weight Loss Gadgets and Apps

    Losing weight is hard and every little nudge of help is welcomed. Fortunately, we live in an age that is exploding in scientific understanding of weight loss and in products that provide real, discernible help in achieving your fitness goals. Of course, nothing is going to melt off the pounds for you, but using some of […]

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    M3D Micro Printer Review – A Fantastic 3D Printer for Beginners

    The 3D printing revolution has begun and we are here to introduce you to all the cool stuff you can do with one. The M3D Micro is a small-as-it-gets 3D printer that is also one of the quietest on the market. As I write this, my little M3D Micro is faithfully printing an elephant from […]

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    Fitbit Blaze Review, The Best Fitbit Tracker Yet

    Fitbit is back and better than ever with their new Fitbit Blaze smartwatch. The Blaze boasts a vibrant high-resolution touchscreen, sleep tracking, automatic exercise recognition and tracking, and more. We got to explore the ins and outs of the Blaze and here is what we found. The Look The Fitbit Blaze most resembles the Apple Watch in […]

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    Jabra Sport Pulse Bluetooth Earphones Review – Rev Up Your Training

    CrossFitters and runners alike agree that next to coffee, music is what gives you that real boost you need to power through that last set or last mile. A good set of Bluetooth earphones is essential to a good workout, and the Jabra Sport Pulse comes out on top. It monitors your heartbeat through the […]

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    25 Superhero Bikinis and Monokinis to Show Off Your Heroic Side

    It’s warming up ladies, and that means swimsuit shopping. Sure you could go to a department store and pick through designers suits to try on under unflattering fluorescent lights, or you could try one of these 25 Superhero inspired swimsuits that are both fun and empowering. Supergirl Bikini & Swim Skirt Who doesn’t love CBS’ […]

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    New Brooks Brixton Tote and Shoulder Bag is a Masterfully Crafted Beast

    It is as big as my torso, but it folds up nice and compactly when I don’t need it — the new Brooks Brixton Tote and Shoulder Bag is all the bag I can handle. It’s made with supple, durable, and gorgeous Italian-made leather, and can be worn in a handful of versatile ways. Combine that […]