Tiffani Buteau

Tiffani is a Californian who travels often and collects hobbies, among which are painting, surfing, learning languages, and touring Asia. Reviews for Chip Chick are a tasty diversion, less motivated by a need for incessant gadgetry, and more by a fascination with the organic nature of the human need to invent and love gadgets.

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    Goodbye Wet Dog Smell, Homedics’ Pet Plus Airmaster Review

    We all love our pets, but the harsh reality is that sometimes our “domesticated” friends leave some pretty onerous odors. Homedics’ Airmaster with Pet Plus Tech lends all of us animal lovers a helping hand, leaving our rooms smelling fresh with top-shelf HEPA filters plus two more filters. If you need a refresher on just […]

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    Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar 2 Has Ferocious Sound – Review

    The Creative Sound Blaster Roar blew us away the first time around — following it up wasn’t going to be easy. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that the portable Bluetooth speaker has been upgraded and is slimmer and better than ever as the Sound Blaster Roar 2. The Sound Blaster Roar 2 is sleek and slim […]

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    I Survived the Earthquake in Nepal, and then I Googled it

    I was in Nepal when the great earthquake hit on April 25. It was magnitude 7.9 and hit around noon, right in the middle of my blogging time. Needless to say, I stopped blogging and took cover. It lasted what felt like forever, but from the start to the last little shake, it was about […]

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    Handful Adjustable Bra Review, Sports Bra Done Right

    Handful recently updated their Adjustable Bra with some thoughtful touches. We loved it before but now it is more durable than ever. This sport’s bra’s same flattering shape stays, but now with better materials, and it’s also now made in the USA. What rocks about the Handful Adjustable bra is that it offers a very […]

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    Dell’s XPS 13 is the World’s Smallest Laptop

    Dell is announcing its smallest in the world 13″ laptop, XPS 13. It has a beautifully brimming edge-to-edge display that looks as borderless as an infinity pool. This little guy can keep going on one full charge for 15 hours due to its slender physique, all the while maintaining some killer functionality. Utilizing Windows 8.1, […]

  • Martian Watch Collection


    Martian Smart Watches Are Exploding With Features and Wow

    Martian Smart Watches just got more fashionable. They’ve partnered with Guess to create five stunning smart watches that integrate dual mode functionality with voice commands for connecting with tons of apps and programs for easy notifications. They don’t play favorites, either—they are compatible with both iOS and Android. The new watch lines are the Martian […]

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    Sony Walkman Walks Right Into Relevancy With High Res NW-ZX2 Walkman

    Sony’s vintage Walkman is iconic, but it has evolved and is back in the form of the ZX2 Walkman. Designed specifically for high-res audio playback, it claims it can reproduce master quality recordings. We got to go hands on with it at this year’s CES. It does this using the S-Master HX digital amplifier, which was […]

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    Android Now Offers Microsoft Office for Some Tablets on Google Play

    The long-awaited Microsoft Office has made its way to the Google Play store. The wait is over. It is available for those users with an ARM-based Android tablet running KitKat or Lollipop with a screen size between 7″ and 10.1.” Let the efficiency begin. Right now if you meet those qualifications, you can get Excel, […]

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    Move Star Wars Holograms Using Brain Waves, No Really!

    Toy company Uncle Milton has always tried to stay on the edge of modern and relevant toys and games, and they certainly do so with Star Wars Science – The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience, where brain wave sensors in a headset read and interpret your level of concentration. We have a fair amount of expectation […]



    Braven’s Fuse, Bluetooth Audio Mixer for the DJ On the Go

    The Braven Fuse is a wireless Bluetooth portable audio mixer that allows you to fade and mix multiple audio streams. You audiophiles out there know what that means—you can liven up any party with a last-minute mash up session. The Fuse can connect wirelessly to up to two audio sources and two speakers.  It is […]

  • The Reach 79 Case


    Reach 79 Smartphone Case Uses a Gold Antenna for 2X Signal Strength

    The Reach 79 Smartphone Case offers the very unique perk of boosting your device’s signal strength by up to double, optimizing its performance. It does this via an embedded gold-plated, micro-thin antenna that pairs automatically with your smartphone through passive coupling. This antenna system boosts your signal substantially. While it is capable of doubling signal […]

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    Drop Kitchen Bluetooth Scale is Like an Easy Bake Oven for Adults

    Drop Kitchen Connected Bluetooth Scale and Recipe App work together to bring you one-bowl recipes that work by adding ingredients slowly as instructed by the recipe, to avoid going through numerous measuring cups and getting inaccurate amounts anyways. Tons of recipes are formulated just for this scale and bowl, to make baking foolproof. For those […]

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    OKU is the First Health Tracker for Your Skin

    Oku is a first of its kind connected device that is there to monitor and nag you, whoops, I mean notify you about your skin. Once connected to the iPhone app, put the cube on your face, scan your skin, and see what it has to offer you. Think of it as a disapproving but […]

  • Wocket Wallet


    Wocket, The Smart Wallet with Secure Biometric Entry

    The Wocket is a standalone smart wallet that catalogs all your credit cards and loyalty cards without having to carry any of those physical items. This all works off of biometric voice approval, and is not connected to the internet. This works everywhere your physical cards would because there is just one card, the Wocket card, […]

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    Inmotion SCV is like a Segway but Way More Affordable

    The Inmotion SCV is pretty much a Segway on the cheap, but in a good way. Coming in at about $2,700, it is more than half the price of a Segway and does everything it can do and then some. The Inmotion SCV can rotate 360 degrees, hit up to nine miles per hour, and […]

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    FlapIt, the Social Media Analog Follower Counter

    Watch followers tick up in number old-school style with this analog flapper counter. This looks like it would be a fun gift for the social media obsessed or a fantastic motivational tool for a marketing department. However, we can’t guarantee against the inevitable sads that come when you lose a follower or ten. It also […]