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Tiffani is a Californian who travels often and collects hobbies, among which are painting, surfing, learning languages, and touring Asia. Reviews for Chip Chick are a tasty diversion, less motivated by a need for incessant gadgetry, and more by a fascination with the organic nature of the human need to invent and love gadgets.

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    Fossil’s Q Line of Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Offer A Classic Look

    Fossil has expanded their brand with several smartwatches, without leaving behind what makes Fossil truly Fossil. A standout among them is the vintage aviation-inspired Q54 that keeps the analog look as a non-display smartwatch. Instead of an obtrusive and decidedly non-vintage looking display, the Q54 uses subtle filtered LED color coding and buzz notifications and is […]

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    Altec Lansing DJ Headphones Have a Camera Inside for Streaming

    Any decent concert with a DJ means a POV camera from the DJs point of view will roar into action at some point. The problem is that the DJ needs his hands to do his jams. That’s the perfect niche these headphones fill. The DVR DJ-Style Headphones from Altec Lansing have a hands-free action cam on […]

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    Enlaps’ Tikee is a Solar-Powered Time-lapse Camera That Can Run Forever

    If your camera’s battery can’t hang with the time-lapse photography you have in mind, Enlaps has a pretty interesting solution here at CES 2016. The photovoltaïc solar panel on their Tikee time-lapse camera means this machine really can keep going and going. Photos are wirelessly transmitted to the cloud to preserve space, so you can […]

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    Orbitrec is a Programmable 3D Printed Bike That Can Tweet For You

    Orbitrec is an app-connected, 3D-printed, titanium bike that is reinforced with carbon fiber tubes, resulting in a beautiful product that already has millennials rolling up the right leg on their skinny jeans. Built-in sensors keep track of your location, environment, and directional positioning of  your bike. This is all aggregated by the app for data […]

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    Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s First Serious Touchscreen Smartwatch

    Fitbit has a brand new smartwatch at CES 2016, and it’s starting to look a lot like a certain competitor. But, don’t confuse the Fitbit Blaze for the Apple Watch — this is still a fitness tracker first, with an integrated personal Fitbit trainer. Guided instructions and gif-like animated images spice up your workout right […]

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    Smart Shower Head Hydrao Changes Colors to Help Conserve Water

    Hydrao is your ally in the war against water waste. With several states experiencing severe droughts along with heavily tightened water control and the skyrocketing bills that come with that, being informed and in control of your water usage really makes a difference. The Hydrao shower head tracks water usage and informs you when the three-gallon mark […]

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    Sensorwake Wakes You Up With Delightful Aromas

    An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of coffee? According to the research presented by Sensorwake, this olfactory alarm clock woke users as fast as traditional sound-based alarm clocks. This is no surprise, because if someone is cooking bacon, no one stays in bed long. But, the inner workings of Sensorwake resembles […]

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    Parrot Pot is a Smart Pot for Smart Gardeners

    Parrot Pot is coming to the rescue of those of us without a green thumb. After showing off a prototype at CES 2015, Parrot has the finished version of their smart pot at this year’s show. The Pot measures the health of your plant and acts accordingly, holding roughly a week’s worth of water at […]

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    Vyoocam Clip-On Camera Picks Up Where Google Glass Left Off

    Vyoocam is a live streaming camera that clips onto any set of glasses. As long as you have Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, you can live stream with these. Hey, at least it’s not Google Glass, ahem, Project Aura. These are a tad more focused on the singular function of recording POV video. Say you […]

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    CHiP is a Robotic AI Dog That Plays Fetch and Soccer With You 

    CHiP is an AI robotic dog from WowWee that can play fetch, respond to commands and can even play soccer — all without the mess that comes with real dogs. Here at CES this year, we got to see what this dog is like in action. CHiP uses an array of advanced sensors and wireless tech […]

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    Brooklyn Bedding Review: My Bed Came in the Mail and I Liked It

    Brooklyn Bedding is one of an increasing number of direct-to-consumer online mattress companies (see: Casper, Endy, Leesa). Traditional mattress shopping is a mind-numbing and baffling task that combines the worst of garage sale haggling with the worst of used clothes shopping. You have to sit on countless mattresses that who knows how many others have […]

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    Jamstik+ Review, the Everyman’s Guitar Trainer

    Learning the guitar is a daunting task for many and a secretly held wish for even more, but the time and money required for lessons make it impractical for many. The Bluetooth Jamstik+ Guitar and apps take all those drawbacks away and throw in the additional bonus of silent practice. This means you or your […]

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    Orbit Key Review, Kill the Jingle of Keys with this Key Organizer

    Silence is not something you typically associate with keys, but Orbit Key has designed a brilliant key system that is compact, silent, and looks awesome. It is customizable, with add-ins like a USB key (pun very much intended), a bottle opener, and a wide array of bands. The design is so brilliantly simple, it makes […]

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    iRig Mic Studio Review, A Podcaster’s Dream Portable Set-Up

    The iRig Mic Studio from IK Multimedia has the functionality of a professional sound studio in a pint-sized package. We tested out this mic and were very impressed with how crisp the sound was, how easy it was to use, and how nice the app integration is. Available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, anyone […]

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    Sony’s Smart B-Trainer Review, Non-Runners Need Not Apply

    Somewhere, avid runners thought really hard and wished up their dream fitness tracker/headphones combo, and Sony’s Smart B-Trainer was born. It is a magical combination of Bluetooth earphones, a heart rate sensor, a curated built-in 16 GB MP3 player, an app, a fitness coach, a GPS tracker, and more. Size and Fit At about the […]

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    House of Marley’s Chant Sport Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Review

    At about the size of a to-go coffee mug, House of Marley’s Chant Sport portable speaker offers some big sound with a water-resistant design that makes it a great candidate for use by the pool, beach, or bathroom. Despite its almost literal pint size, the Chant Sport’s sound is quite impressive with two 4.5-watt 1.75″ […]

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    Goodbye Wet Dog Smell, Homedics’ Pet Plus Airmaster Review

    We all love our pets, but the harsh reality is that sometimes our “domesticated” friends leave some pretty onerous odors. Homedics’ Airmaster with Pet Plus Tech lends all of us animal lovers a helping hand, leaving our rooms smelling fresh with top-shelf HEPA filters plus two more filters. If you need a refresher on just […]

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    Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar 2 Has Ferocious Sound – Review

    The Creative Sound Blaster Roar blew us away the first time around — following it up wasn’t going to be easy. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that the portable Bluetooth speaker has been upgraded and is slimmer and better than ever as the Sound Blaster Roar 2. The Sound Blaster Roar 2 is sleek and slim […]

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    I Survived the Earthquake in Nepal, and then I Googled it

    I was in Nepal when the great earthquake hit on April 25. It was magnitude 7.9 and hit around noon, right in the middle of my blogging time. Needless to say, I stopped blogging and took cover. It lasted what felt like forever, but from the start to the last little shake, it was about […]

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    Handful Adjustable Bra Review, Sports Bra Done Right

    Handful recently updated their Adjustable Bra with some thoughtful touches. We loved it before but now it is more durable than ever. This sport’s bra’s same flattering shape stays, but now with better materials, and it’s also now made in the USA. What rocks about the Handful Adjustable bra is that it offers a very […]